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August 11, 2012
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Wesley grabbed his necklace, letting a tear fall to the floor of the box. He'd never see her again, all because of these damned giants... and now he'd probably suffer the same fate. Stuck inside the box, he sat in the corner and hugged his knees.  Well... maybe if it was male he'd have a chance at least. If it was another female giant though... he shuddered at the thought. His heart nearly jumped out of his throat when he heard the door open, making him squeeze his eyes shut. He couldn't be another pet, he wouldn't.
"Oh!" Katrin burst out as she opened the door and her eyes fell on the tiny box in front of her.  "Sis?"  She called back into the house.  "Did you order something?"  It wouldn't have surprised her if she did; her older sister Rakel was always ordering new things for work.  She didn't want to disturb her, but there was a small chance that the box was… "Can I just bring it in?"
"Do whatever you want Katrin...I'm busy!" Rakel's hurried voice came from inside the house.  "No…if something is wrong with how he is being taken care of, I want him pulled out of that house!"  She disappeared down the hall so her sister wouldn't hear her arguing with another case of human abuse.
Two?! Two females!?  Wesley actually felt physically sick from fear. If one got bored, the other would just pick him up and take over from there. He had no chance, he would have no breaks, and he would certainly have no free time. He'd wind up dead... just like her.  He huddled into his ball even tighter, fearing the worst when he felt the box lurch.
Katrin's heart pounded with excitement when she heard tiny sounds coming from the box.  With a smile, she ran past her older sister who was still talking loudly on the phone and ran to her room, shutting the door behind her.  Climbing into bed she set the box in her lap and pulled open the lid.  As her eyes widened, she smiled down at the little human in the box.  
"Hey there!" she tried to say in a bright tone, hoping that this would please the tiny human.
Wesley's head shot up, eyes locking with the giant girl's. She was so cheery... that was never a good sign from past experiences. He stood up and tried to move further back in the box before remembering he was already huddled in the corner. He couldn't take anymore, he just couldn't.
Katrin's face crumbled slightly at the display but she shook it off.    "Aww,'s okay little human," she spoke softly, reaching down to ruffle his hair with her pointer finger.  She tried to make her touch gentle but the tiny human's body rocked slightly.  "Oh!  I'm sorry little one...I'll try to be gentler.  Are you okay?"  
"N-No!" He'd blurted out, seeing her hand get closer, only her finger able to rock him forward from the impact. Feeling the rough ruffling made him crouch back down and away from her touch. She was trying to take his head off! Instinctively, he grasped his necklace like a security blanket. The cool medal trinket was still comforting to him.
Katrin, not sure what else to do decided to reach both hands in the box, cupping him as gently as she could.  "Hey!  You don't need to be scared of me," she cooed.  "I'm not going to hurt you."  She tried pulling him closer, hoping that he would eventually stop squirming.
Wesley frowned, still trying to get away from the girl's cumbersome fingers.  'Don't be scared... I won't hurt you.'  Lies.  All lies to fool him or to give him false hope. He wouldn't believe them though... or her!  
He mustered up his courage once he felt himself lifted up and out of the box, figuring that he'd probably be beaten for this later.  He dove out of her hands and onto the bed, quickly looking for someplace to run next. Making his way to the end of the bed he started climbing down to get away from her as she squeaked out with surprise. About halfway down he lost his grip and landed on the floor with a terrible thud.
Katrin's large face peered down at him.  "Are you okay?" she asked and started to reach for him.
Wesley quickly pulled himself together and got as far under the bed as he could.
H-hey!  Little human!" Katrin's voice called out with surprise as she saw him land and scamper under the floor.  What was wrong with him?  Why was he so scared?  She thought about trying to go under the bed to get him, but instead heard her older sister ending her phone call.  She gently set the box aside and walked towards the door.  
"I'm going to get my sister," she said, crouching down to look under the bed.  "Just stay there, little human."  She stood up again and left the room, closing the door so he was trapped.
Wesley watched her go, letting his worries start to consume him.  So she'd be back with the other one, most likely can't think of a good enough punishment for him running by herself. The small ray of hope he'd found when she left was immediately snuffed out by the door shutting. She was smart, trapping him like this. She'd expect to find him here though, so he might have time to find a new hiding spot. Someplace more obscure. He stood up, his back protesting at the movement, and looked around before spotting a rather low sitting dresser. There'd be no way they could get him under there. He moved across the room and ducked underneath, scooting against the wall.
Katrin returned only a few minutes later dragging her older sister along with her.  
"Katrin, what?" Rakel spoke in an exasperated voice.  "What is so important that you have to show me?  I was in the middle of an important call-"
"Shut the door!" Katrin blurted out and shut it quickly.  "He might try to escape!"
"He?"  Rakel muttered.  "For the last time Katrin, your imaginary friend is not real.  If he wants to escape, than he will."
That's not that it is!" Katrin said and started to lower herself to the floor, looking for the human.
Wesley backed further under the dresser, hoping to hide in the shadows. This older one sounded, not as excited as the younger one that he was in their home. That was worse. Any little thing could piss her off at this point. With them being sisters she'd probably punish him twofold for running from the other girl.
"Help me look!" Katrin said with desperation. and started pulling Rakel to floor.  "I don't want him to get hurt!"  She started to snap her fingers, as though beckoning for a lost puppy.  "Here human...come on out little guy…"  She continued to crawl around on the floor before her eyes finally settled on a slight movement under the dresser.  "Sis!  I think I found him!"  Her face lit up with joy.
"W-wait," Rakel said, leaning down.  "Did you say human?"  She frowned.  " there something that you want to tell me?" Rakel said in a firmer voice.  She finally lay down on her stomach to see if what Katrin was saying was the truth.  Her heart fell as she saw the shaking figure in the corner.  "So you did get a human," she said in a low voice.
"Oh god no..." He trailed off under his breath, looking frantically between the two giants. He was trapped, truly trapped. The best that he could do was stay out and hope they couldn't reach him. From the way the older on was talking though, she didn't even want him here. If he was caught she could very well just dash him to the ground and be done with it.
Wesley was pulled from his thoughts by a slight sound behind him. Turning around, he sucked in his breath as he saw a massive spider nearby. Screaming out in surprise, he acted on instinct and ran out from under the dresser, inadvertently smacking into the younger one's face.
Katrin's eyes widened and without thinking she cupped the human close in her hands, and immediately stood up.  "Now, hold still little human," she tried to calm him as her sister stood up as well.  "You're a lot higher in the air and I don't want you to get hurt."  Readjusting her hand, she held him in a lose fist and started to pet his hair, hoping this would have a calming effect.  "Sis?" Katrin asked, sounding slightly desperate.  "Am I doing something wrong?  Shouldn't he be purring or something?"
"Those are nekos, Katrin.  This looks like a human," Rakel said, keeping her voice low.   "And I think that you're scaring him out of his wits."  She kept her distance from the human and muttered.  "Are you okay?" she tried to ask him.
"I-I'm sorry!" Wesley said immediately, squeezing his eyes shut.  He was caught and that was that. The best he could do was beg for his life.  His back was still killing him from the fall too, only feeling worse being in the girl's fist. He couldn't let them know though, they'd only exploit it.  "I'm sorry, j-just please d-don't kill me."
Both Rakel and Katrin looked surprised and Rakel held her hand up to cover her little sister's mouth before she could speak.   "D-did you just say don't kill you?" Rakel asked, sound a bit surprised and looked down at Katrin.  " didn't say-"
"I didn't say anything like that!" Katrin burst out, pulling away from her sister's hand, her face red.  "I wouldn't threaten to hurt the little human!  Tell her!" she said, to the human in her hands.  "I wouldn't hurt anyone!"  She said defensively and held the human closer to her cheek.  "I'm sorry little human...I would never hurt you!"
Wesley was growing more and more puzzled.  What the hell was she doing now?  Some sort of psychological torture?  She still wasn't punishing him yet for running off, and was even pretending to care. Why didn't she just get it over with?  He tried to struggle away for a moment before giving up, and giving in.  "J-Just... just g-get it over with." He tried to plead with the two giantesses.
Rakel was getting more confused by the minute.  "Okay," she said after a deep breath  "Katrin...for one...please stop doing that...I don't think he wants to be hugged."
Katrin lowered the human away from her face, pulling him away to look at him more closely in two hands.  "I-is that true, little human?  You don't like to be hugged?"
Rakel rolled her eyes, resisting the urge to cover her own face from embarrassment.  "Ugh, and stop calling him 'little human'," she prompted.  "That's just plain weird."  She looked back over at the human.  "Look, we're not going to do anything to you.  This is all just a big misunderstanding.  If she puts you down, will you tell us your name?"
"No!" Katrin burst out, holding him close again.  "If you put him down, he'll run away again!"
"Stop it Katrin.  You're acting like a baby."  Rakel said and then looked back at the human.  "What do you say, if she puts you down, will you tell us your name?"
Wesley winced when she brought him close again, hurting his back further. Looking up at the older human, he couldn't help but find her a bit more intimidating. The young one would be more direct, but this older one could be even more dangerous.  More devious.  He nodded though. If it meant being on the ground, than he would agree to the terms.
Rakel smiled slightly at his agreement.  "Alright, you heard him...put him down," Rakel said, looking at her sister.
"B-but," Katrin stuttered.
"Now, Katrin," Rakel said in a firmer voice, feeling bad because she knew that it would scare the human, but she had to get him out of her hands.  Katrin was harmless, but not exactly harmless to a human.  
With a pouty lower lip, Katrin placed the human on the end table next to her bed and hopped onto her bed.  "There!" she said proudly.  "I did it.  Now," Katrin turned to the human, "can I please know your name now?"
After the girl set him down, he quickly backed away to the edge of the end table that was against the wall. These giants... what were they planning? And the older one... that voice... It was just like hers!   They'd made a deal though and set him down.
He gulped, taking a moment to calm his breathing.   "... W-Wesley..."
Katrin inched a little closer to him, her smile growing wide again.  "I'm Katrin!" she said becoming a bit happy to hear him talking.
Rakel waved from a few feet away.  "Rakel," she said simply.  "Now, may I ask, exactly did a human end up in our home?"
Katrin looked a little sheepish.  "I was bored 'Kel!" she said in a childish voice.  "I was playing on the computer and he was cute!  The cutest human I've ever seen and I wanted him to play with me."  Her explanation was simple enough but Rakel couldn't help but notice that the human was shaking, even wincing.
"Hey...are you alright?" Rakel asked slowly, starting to step closer but thought better of it.  She decided to keep her distance.  There was something about this human that told her that she shouldn't get too close to him right away.  "Is something wrong with your back or neck?"
He sucked in a breath, shaking his head hard. "N-No! I-I'm ok!" He said, not wanting to give away his injury. He wouldn't let them exploit it.  And... play with? Even if she didn't plan on hurting him, the thought of playing with a giant girl, especially one so energetic, terrified him. But if he didn't do as she asked than that could get him in trouble too.
Rakel furrowed her brow, not really believing him but not sure what else she could do.  She didn't like humans.  Not because she didn't respect them, but because the whole idea of keeping them as pets was strange to her.  She saw that her little sister didn't quite feel as she did so instead of pressing the issue, she tried something else.  "So Wesley, how old are you?"
"Oh I know!" Katrin said growing a bit excited.  "I bet he's ten like me!"  Her smile grew wider and she looked at the Wesley.  "I bet we're the same age!"
"Somehow I doubt that," Rakel muttered and tried to keep her attention on the human.
Oh gods... the first time he had to disagree with one of them. Wesley gulped, preparing himself. "N-No... I'm a-actually 18." He said nervously, not wanting to be hurt for telling the girl otherwise.
Katrin's face fell.  "You're older than me?"  She said, sounding a bit sad.  "But you're so small."
"He's a human, Katrin," Rakel tried to explain from behind them.  "He's not a kid and so you shouldn't treat him like one.  His size has nothing to do with how old he is."  She couldn't stop watching him though, standing there obviously in pain.  Had something happened to him?  " didn't drop him or anything like that did you?"
Her young face grew red.  "No 'Kel!  I swear I didn't drop him!! But he," she winced a bit, as she remembered.  "He fell off the bed earlier."
Wesley's eyes widened.  So now they knew about his injury, they had their method of punishment. He looked around, desperately hoping for some way to get away.  He had to escape!
Rakel held up her hands as she saw Wesley start to look around.  "N-now, h-hold on," she said, stepping a bit closer, hoping not to scare him too much.  "W-what's wrong?  Did one of us say something wrong?"
"Yeah, litt...I mean Wesley!" Katrin said proudly and titled her head to the side.  "I mean you did fall off the bed, didn't you?  I saw you slide off the covers and hit the floor before you ran away."  She started to reach for him, but Rakel shot her hand out and pushed it away.
"Don't grab him," she instructed to her little sister.  "I think he's hurt.  Will you please just let us know what we can do?  We're not going to hurt you," Rakel said in a soft voice.  
This was another reason she didn't like the idea of one race owning another.  Humans in general would look at giants as though they were monsters unless they met someone good.  And even then, sometimes it was just too late to change their minds.
He gulped, flinching seeing Katrin's hand reach for him. Thinking about Rakel's words though, he couldn't help but think she sounded sincere.  Maybe... maybe she was trying to fool him...but maybe not.  He shook his head; of course she was trying to trick him.  Upon realizing this he scooted as far to the edge of the desk as he could.  "I-I'll be f-fine. I-I've had worse b-before."
Katrin pouted slightly at her sister pushing her away, but she did not reach for him again.  Now that she was watching him more closely, she saw that he was wincing a bit of pain from something.
"Fine is not good enough," Rakel said.  "I think you should put ice on whatever you hurt," she explained.   "I'm going to ask you come closer for a moment, but I don't think that you'd come to me willingly, but can you at least tell me if you hurt yourself?  You've got me worried about you now."
"Me too!" Katrin chimed in.  "I don't want my new friend to be hurt!"
In Wesley's mind he couldn't help but think that something was just so off about these two.  Why where they acting this way? Giants didn't think this way, they didn't care about humans. He sucked in a breath, his back hurting him again. "... M-My um... back... I-I landed on it." He said, looking between the two to see what they'd do next.
"So you did get hurt!" Katrin said, her face crumbling again.  "I-I'm sorry Wesley," she said in a sad voice and looked at her sister.  "I-I didn't mean to hurt him 'Kel.  I'm sorry."
Running her fingers through her little sister's hair, Rakel tried to look at the bright side.  "Now I'm sure the whole thing was just an accident Kat.  Don't be upset about it."  
But Katrin was already pretty sad about the whole thing and buried her face against her sister's shoulder.  "I don't want to hurt the human!" she said in a small voice.
Rakel looked over at Wesley, a little sad herself.   "It was an accident right?" she whispered to him.  She had to ask.  She wanted to make sure that he was safe around her little sister…that is...if he was going to stay with them.
He nodded, not wanting to blame the girl. She seemed young and innocent enough, if dangerous. "Y-Yeah, I hurt m-myself t-trying to run away." He said, preparing himself for the possible punishment for attempting to escape.
Rakel continued to take care of her little sister but kept her attention on Wesley.  The younger girl still seemed to be pretty upset about the whole thing.   "So...she really didn't do anything did she?  Katrin's a good girl you know...she means well.  She's just…well she's just young."
Wesley nodded, not wanting to say anything. He'd heard that sort of thing before.  Katrin seemed... sweet enough. But she was still so young and energetic, it was still dangerous.  "Sh-she didn't hurt me. Really."
"Well that is good, but you did hurt your back didn't you?" Rakel asked, growing a bit concerned.  She turned her attention to her little sister.   "Say, Katrin, why don't you get Wesley some ice for his back so he starts to feel better okay?  Do you think that you could do that?"
The girl smiled, pulling away, nodding and wiping her nose and eyes with her sleeve.  "Yes," she said with a smile and started to get up off the bed.  Stopping in the door way, she looked at Wesley.  "I'm sorry you hurt your back, I'll get the stuff to make it feel better."  And with that she disappeared, loudly thudding down the stairs to the kitchen.
He visibly relaxed, seeing Katrin head downstairs. As innocent as she was, she made him nervous. He turned his attention back to Rakel.   "Y-You don't have to worry about me. L-Like I said... I've had worse." He shifted position, again wincing because of his back.
"Worse?" she couldn't help asking.   "Are you saying that you've had accidents before?"  She bit her lip.  "Or are you saying that they weren't accidents in the past?"
He looked down at the table, unable to look up at her. Why did she have to look at him with such concern? It just didn't make sense.  He shook his head though.  "I-It's nothing. You don't have to worry about me."
"Well if you decide to stay with us...than I most certainly am going to worry about you," Rakel spoke clearly.  "I mean neither Katrin nor I is going to force you to stay, but while you are here, there's nothing wrong with us helping you out right?"  She dipped her chin slightly, trying to make eye contact with him.  "And neither of us bite, you know," she said offhandedly.
He looked back up at her, jumping bit to see her trying to get a look at him. She wanted him to stay?  Psh, please.  Acting nice and being nice are different things and there are no nice giants. He grasped his necklace again, shaking his head.  "... W-What are you," he took a deep breath, preparing himself.  "...What are you p-planning on d-doing?"
Rakel looked a little surprised at his reaction and immediately looked away.  "I-I'm sorry that you don't want me looking at you," she said with a slightly red face.  "And d-do?  We weren't planning on doing anything to you.  Other than give you a home, I guess.  I mean you're here and Katrin really seems to like you."  She smiled a bit.  "But I won't let her treat you like anything but an equal.  You're not going to be a pet if you stay here!"
That was it. He hated it when they lied, and right to his face too. If they were going to do something, then why didn't they just do it?  He stood up, looking up at her with angry tears in his eyes. "Will you quit lying to me?!  Seriously!  I-I'm sick of it! You giants think you can just toy with us, lock us up because we're smaller, because we can't protect ourselves! So if you're going to do something... just do it, dammit!"
Katrin came into the room with a small ice bag in her hand, and her face dropped when she saw Wesley yelling at her sister.  Glancing over, she noticed that Rakel looked a little hurt by the whole thing.  "We're not going to hurt you," she tried to say in a calm voice but Rakel stood up off the bed and wrapped her arm around her.
"No no...Don't worry about it," she spoke to Wesley and her sister.  "He..." she shook her head, trying to gather the words.  "I don't think that this is the right place for him.  I don't think that he will ever trust us."
Katrin looked a little hurt and looked over at Wesley.  "B-but...we didn't do anything wrong," she said quietly and held up the ice bag.  "I even got you some ice for your back," she explained and set it down as far from Wesley as possible so not to scare him more.  "We're not bad."
"And we're not going to lock you up," Rakel said, her face still a little hurt.  "Come on Katrin, I'll make you some lunch."  She looked back at Wesley, "I'm assuming that you don't want to join us?"
The whole scene was baffling to him. The little one was actually helping? He'd actually... hurt the older one?  Looking at the two, he suddenly felt terrible. These giants seemed so... different. He sat back down, holding his head in his hands, "I-I'm sorry."
"You don't have to be sorry," Rakel said.  "I can't even imagine what we must look like to you.  And from the sound of haven't been treated like an equal."   She shook her head angrily.  "Fucking ignorant giants," she couldn't help muttering before turning back to look at Wesley.  "If it helps...and I'm not sure that it does, I actually work for a company that is looking to give human equal rights."
"Kel is going to make it so humans can't be pets!" Katrin said, her face growing happy again.  "So you really don't have to worry about being a pet here with us!"
"Well," Rakel muttered, "Kat, I don't know how much longer that Wesley is going to stay with us.  I probably wouldn't look good to have a human living here that is terrified of us."  She frowned, "I mean, that probably won't help the case of helping humans live their own lives and one is living in my home that is absolutely terrified of me."
"So you're not going to stay?" Katrin asked.  "Wesley, I promise that I'll take good care of you!"  She started to say but Rakel placed a hand on her shoulder.
"I don't think it's just about that," Rakel said slowly and looked at Wesley.  "You have been abused I'm assuming?" She asked, her face growing serious, only then just noticing the necklace that he kept clinging on to.
He looked up at her, nodding.  "Yeah... I-I know some humans get lucky, kind owners. But Miranda and I... well, we didn't get so lucky."  He shook his head after a moment, trying to smile up at her.  "I-I don't want to bother you with that though."
Rakel frowned.  "Katrin...why don't you go over and see if Mark has any supplies.  He has a human doesn't he?"  She looked apologetically at Wesley, but if she was going to talk to him, she didn't want her sister to hear any details that might upset her.
"I don't want to leave!" Katrin started to whine but her sister grew serious.
"I want to talk to Wesley for a bit in private....can you at least go play outside for a bit?"  Rakel held up ten fingers, and then closed and opened her hands again.  "Twenty minutes?  Pllllllllllease little Kat?" she said, her face growing soft and laughing.
Katrin relented, starting to giggle.  "Okay!  Okay!  I'm going!"  She turned around and smiled at Wesley.  "But I'll be back in twenty minutes!"  She said proudly and took off towards the stairs.
"Now...who is Miranda?" Rakel asked, keeping her tone soft.
He watched as Katrin left, glad if he had to talk about this stuff she wouldn't have to hear it. Looking back to Rakel, he walked over to the ice and sat against it. "You know how sometimes giants get two humans?  Keep each other company?"  He started, "well... years ago my first owner brought her home.  Somehow or another we always wound up being adopted together, which was no problem for either of us. She was always so resilient.  So tough... not like me," he sniffed, tearing up again.
Rakel's face crumbled.  "So..." she trailed off, almost afraid of what his answer would be.  "So what happened to her?  Because you guys aren't together anymore."
Wesley took a deep breath, composing himself.  "Our last owner... She had a certain attraction to me."  He said with an obvious shudder.  "Miranda tried to stand up for me, but... our owner didn't appreciate her 'pet' talking to her like Miranda did.  She..." he shook his head, not wanting to reveal too many details to the stranger.   "One of her neighbors saw what she did and called to have me taken from her.  Three days later, here I am." He looked up to gauge her reaction.
"I...I'm so sorry," Rakel said, her voice cracking a bit.  "I knew that things were bad...but I didn't know that some giants were acting like that."  She narrowed her eyes.  "If I ever see her..."  She shook her head, trying not to let her anger overwhelm her.  " that's why you hate us so much."  She ran a hand through her dark hair.  "I'm really sorry for all that you've gone through."  She reached towards Wesley's box and picked up the stray piece of paper.  "I'll call the shelter back, and make sure that you're set up with a good home...maybe one with a guy.  Would...would that be any better than this?"
He shot up, ignoring the pain in his back* "N-No! Y-You don't have to call!"  Wesley then realized that this was probably the best he could hope to get, this home.  Katrin and Rakel... they both seemed so nice... so different.  He didn't want to leave.  "I... W-would you still want me to stay?"  He tried hopefully.
Her face softened.  "Of course Katrin...and I would love for you to stay!  It was kind of a surprise, but..." she shrugged lightly, "I mean sometimes a surprise can be a good thing, you know?"  She looked at him closely; his cheeks still covered with tears and started to reach for him but immediately pulled back.  "Heh," she said, feeling a little embarrassed.  "But yes...long story short, it would be great if you could stay.  I think that you could build a good home here with us.  It's just Katrin and I.  It might be good to have a man around the house," she laughed softly.
He couldn't help but flinch on instinct when she brought her hand close. He wanted to trust them; he definitely wanted to start trusting these two.  It'd... most likely take some time though. He wiped his tears away, laughing as well.  "Heh, not sure how much of a man I could be for you two... but I'd appreciate it if I could stay. I feel I can trust you both."
"You're going to stay?" Katrin said in a happy voice, standing in the doorway.
Rakel laughed, "I said twenty minutes," she replied and looked at her watch.  "Did you even go anywhere?"
Katrin shook her head.  "Nope!  I went downstairs!"  She looked proud for a minute and walked up to where Wesley was and tilted her head to the side.  "Can I please just try to hug you?" She said, trying her best to look as calm as a ten-year old girl could.  "I promise I will be gentle, but I'm just...I'm happy that you are staying with us.
"Kat, I don't think that he wants a hug," Rakel muttered but tried to look at Wesley with a small smile.  Maybe...just maybe he would allow it this one time since she was there to keep a close watch.
He gave it a moment of thought. He wanted to start trusting them... so maybe this was how to start. He smiled at her and nodded.  "S-sure Katrin. I think a hug'd be... nice actually."
The young girl beamed and looked at her older sister.  Once Rakel gave the nod for the okay, Katrin gently scooped him up with both hands and brought him to her cheek.  "See...I can be nice," she said in a soft voice, rocking back and forth.  She set him down again and looked at Rakel.
"What is it?" Rakel asked as she smiled once Wesley was safely back on the table.  "Is something wrong?"
"He still didn't purr," Katrin said in a slightly pouty voice, but still smiling.
"For the last time Kat...that's nekos," Rakel laughed.
Wesley couldn't help but chuckle at the girl. After a moment's thought, he did his best to replicate a purring sound. "That work for you?" He asked her with a smile.
She beamed. "Yup!  But next time I hug you, you should try purring then!"
"Hah, I'll be sure to try." He said to her. He looked back to Rakel, still smiling. "So Rakel... any way I could help with lunch?"
"Oh...uh sure," Rakel said with a smile, still finding the whole scene really adorable.  "I was just going to make sandwiches or something.  Is that okay with you?"
"Kel makes mine with tomatoes, ham and cheese," Katrin interjected with a smile.  "What do you want on yours?"  
"Ummm...Have you got turkey?" He asked.  He'd never really liked much sandwich wise, aside from turkey sandwiches.
Rakel noticed the change in his expression, if ever so slight.  She was used to gaging the expressions of humans, but now that one was staying in her home, she was much more alert about if he looked happy or frightened.  "Are sandwiches actually okay?" she asked him carefully.  "Because we could order something.  I mean we do have reason to celebrate.  A new member in our home, right Katrin?"  
After she nodded, Rakel continued.  "Now, what do you like to eat Wesley?  Anything you want, I can order it for you.  I'm off today, so don't hold back on the suggestions."
He couldn't hide his surprise. He'd been given giant food before, sure. It had just never been his choice. He searched his memories for something he liked.  "Oh!  Would pizza be alright with you?" he asked.
Rakel smiled.  "Pizza certainly sounds good to me.  I left my phone downstairs though," she looked at Wesley.  " you want to come downstairs?  That's where the kitchen and the TV and the computer are at least.  Or do you want to stay up here with Katrin?"
"I want to go downstairs and play on the computer," Katrin said.
"I see...well then Wes," she said, already using a nickname but shaking her head.  "I mean Wesley; it's your choice then.  You want to come downstairs?"
"I'd like to come downstairs with you guys, actually." He smiled at her. "And Wes is fine."  He looked back at Katrin, smiling. "Mind if I watch you play on the computer?"
She shook her head.  "Uh uh!  That's fine with me," she looked up at Rakel and then at Wesley looking a bit confused then.
"What's wrong?" Rakel asked.
"C-can I...can I carry him downstairs?" she asked in a hopeful voice.  "I promise to be careful!"
"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Rakel said and motioned towards Wesley.  "I mean he's sitting right there, you don't always have to ask me, but you do always have to ask him for permission.  He may not want to be picked up without being told about it," she laughed.
Katrin looked at Wesley.  "Can I take you downstairs?  I promise to be careful!"
Wesley hardly had to think about it, and immediately gave her a nod. That hug proved she really could be gentle if she needed to, even for a ten year old girl. "Sure thing. If you don't mind having to carry me downstairs anyway," he said with a chuckle, walking across the table towards her.
She shook her head.  "I want to carry you!"  She started to reach for him but Rakel cleared her throat.  "Oh!  No grabbing!" she said and held out her two hands towards him like a platform.  "This is better right, Kel?  Like you taught me?"
Rakel nodded, standing up off the bed and leaving the room.  "I'm going to order the pizza and turn on the computer.  You take your time Kat, and be careful."  With that she left the room and headed downstairs.
He looked down at her hand, taking a deep breath and stepping onto it. He took a seat in the middle of her palm and looked up at her.  "A-Alright, I'm ready," he said, setting has hands at his side and wishing he had some form of support.
Katrin smiled at the fact that he had willingly come to her.  Seeing that he looked a little uncomfortable, she remembered not to grab him, but instead cupped her hands a bit closer to him so he had something to hold on to.  "I-is this better?" she asked, her voice growing a bit nervous.  She didn't want to mess up.
Wesley reached out and held onto the sides of her hands, nodding and feeling much more secure.  As much as he wanted to trust the two giantesses, he was still nervous being in their hands.  It was such a vulnerability issue to him.  "Yeah, that's better... And Katrin?" He looked up at her smiling.
"Hmmm?"  she asked, bringing him a bit closer as she started to walk down the stairs as slowly as she could so not to jostle him.  "Yes?"
"Thanks for getting me... I think I'll like it here," Wesley said up to her.
The girl beamed as she stepped down the last step, she couldn't help herself.  She pulled Wesley up close to her cheek and hugged him again.  "Yeay," she said softly. "I think you will too."
Just wanted to post something for Hug a Tiny Day! Just finished this rp with :iconkorutokumori: and I tried a different way of turning the RP into a short story so if it seems a'm sorry. I just really wanted to share this story today!

I really do hope that you all like it!!
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