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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 18, 2015, 5:54 PM

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I have no idea what's going on, but I did this right.

Song Challenge

C “Candy Rain” by Soul for Real

E “Ex-Factor” by Lauryn Hill

W “Waterfalls” by TLC

I “I Still Believe” Mariah Carey

L “Last Night” Az Yet

S “Sweet Love” 112

O “One Mic” by Nas

N “Never Gonna Give You Up” Rick Astley

5 “5th Symphony” Ludwig Van Beethoven

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So it really is funny that I stumbled upon this website. It's so great to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys G/T movies and G/T writing. :-) I hope that people enjoy my stories because I really do enjoy writing and getting feedback.

Favorite genre of music: Southern Rap
Favorite style of art: Shoujo Manga
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M Academy: Lark Cresswell XV

Julian still looked reluctant but he pulled his hand away from the couch and brought it closer to his chest as he fell back into a crouching position, rocking back on his heels.  She could practically feel the wheels turning in his head.  He was terrified of ruining the weekend because of something SHE requested.
“I promise I won’t get scared like before,” she said, still flushing wildly.  “I just… I really want to see you from this angle.”  Her eyes cautiously lifted to meet his.  “I want to see how much bigger you are than me.  Call it weird, but it’s kind of giving me butterflies just thinking about hovering by your feet.  I’ll… I want to try and follow you back to your bedroom.  I’m sure you’ll be long changed by the time I get there.”
“Soo… can I try, Julian?” she asked in a nervous voice.  “If you’re really worried about me, I’ll stick to the walls so you can come out and find me.  I just want to feel the rumblings of your steps… I want to feel small with you.”
She didn’t dare tell him, but part of the reason she wanted this was to serve as a reminder of how truly out of her league he truly was.  Giant or not.  Maybe this would remind her to get her head of the clouds and remember that guys like Julian glided through the skies while girls like her hovered on the ground and took what they could get.
"That's a very specific request..." Julian mulled it over. On one hand, the idea was still rather enticing. The sheer power, benevolently wielded or not, was practically unfashionable. But the first time, she had run and hid under his bed. He really didn't want to coax her back into trusting him again. They had made it so far.
"I'll leave you in the hallway," he finally said, his expression unreadable. His thick fingers curled inwards instinctively as he stood, cradling her as he strode through his apartment. He flicked on the overhead light and crouched down, depositing her amongst the carpet fibers. "I'll keep an eye out for you. But..." His eyes danced over her form, looking so tiny already. "… stay along the walls."
With that, he stood up and walked to his bedroom. He didn't dare look back.
“I will!” she called up to him just as he started to unfold.  It was insane.  Pure madness to watch him stretch up into the sky.  At such an angle, she could never see his face until he lowered his chin and even then… there were no guarantees.  Three inches was so small.
A part of her was relieved when he didn’t turn around.  She could focus on his body openly now, from the thunderous steps moving away from her, to his long denim clad legs, to his thick leather belt… and after that… it got tough.  She almost felt over from arching her back to try and find his shoulders and she didn’t even try to find anything higher than that.  Whoa.
Before Julian had a chance to worry, she quickly jogged to the wall and pressed her tiny body against it as she tried to wade through the thick carpet.  It was so strange to see carpet this way!  Each thick ribbon was actually several ribbons of fabric tied together.  But she didn’t want to focus on the carpet.  Quickening her pace, she jogged (as best as she could) towards the open room where loud rumbles resided.
Those rumbles were Julian moving around.
Poking her head through the door, she finally had a chance to gawk at him openly.  It was a strange angle and level, but it was nice to see him this way.  Now that she was no longer so frightened she could take him in for who he was.  As a person.  Not simply a kind and doting giant.  He moved effortlessly throughout his room and his pace seemed hurried.  And goodness… he was still so attractive.  Her heart ached for something more.
He stood out of sight in his pajamas for a moment of privacy. He loved every moment of her eying him up this far, but for a moment... he started to get sentimental. That was dangerous. His cousin Evan warned against getting attached right away not to not ever get attached to a single tiny. It closed your horizons. But... Julian still wanted Lark all to himself, and it made his blood boil to think of her with anyone else.
Donning a faded shirt and loose sleep pants, Julian sighed and shuffled into the bathroom. He left the door open so she could hear him if she wanted. He brushed his teeth and ran some water over his hair and face. After a few minutes, he couldn't resist. At axing next to his bed after carefully chosen steps, he looked for her.
When she finally heard him call her name, she stopped lurking in the doorway and stood there openly.  It was odd… she wondered if he could even see her from where he was.  He was looking… but he didn’t seem to be able to find her. The idea was almost too scary to think about.  She was standing right in the open but because of how low she was to the ground she wasn’t that easy to find.  His steps rumbled slightly as he continued a light search and she couldn’t help but smile at the slickness of his hair.  Various strands were standing up and away, giving him a bit of bedhead.  It was cute.  Trying not to focus on the fact that she was starting to have feelings for an adorable giant, she finally she cupped her hands to her mouth.
“Here I am!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.
Her cheeks actually grew a little red from attempting to raise the volume.  Lark was usually a soft spoken girl.  She could be sharp…but her voice was still soft.  She saw Julian freeze immediately and she couldn’t help but giggle a bit.  She was all but invisible to him and for once…she didn’t mind.  She actually got to see a hint of worry cross his features.  She called out to him again and finally his eyes landed on hers.
It was hard to ignore the joy on his features when their eyes met.
“So are you going to pick me up, or what?” she asked in a loud voice, holding her hands high above his head like a child.  She would be interested to see what would happen next.  This was going to be their actual first night together.  It wasn’t a date…but it still felt a little intense.  And why shouldn’t it?  The man was beautiful… and as much as she didn’t want to be… she was interested.
He didn't move right away. It still bugged him that she had been so hard to spot. Her red hair and clothes had blended in a bit into the pattern of the rug in front of his bed. He had never given the whole size change thing more serious thought than being a diversion. A turn on power play. But Lark... she was a sweet person. And if she got any smaller... it was going to be difficult to even communicate with her. Three inches was as small as he could possibly handle – and even that proved to be a bit much.
Pushing those dark thoughts away, he padded over to her and let her climb onto his extended palm. He rather liked being able to feel her little knees and hands digging into him. He picked her up and leveled her with his face.
"You look a little perkier," he remarked. "How was it? Watching my boring nighttime ritual?"
“I feel a little less frightened,” Lark said with a smile before shrugging.  “I dunno what it was about watching you.  I guess I’m not thinking of you so much as Julian, the big scary giant.  But you’re a person, just like me.  From this far away, I could see all of you and not just pieces.  At this small… and this close,” she said with embarrassed affect, “I can only focus on small parts of you.  Your eyes… your hands… your mouth – eh!  I mean… just in general.”
She flushed wildly as Julian smiled.  Oh goodness.  He was just already so used to all of this.  Used to girls like her flocking all over him.  He probably didn’t even think much about her words.  The thought was a little deflating but she tried to keep her spirits high.  There were no guarantees after Sunday.  What Julian chose to do…was up to him.  But who was to say she couldn’t push her luck a little?”
“I think I’m going to stick with this,” she said as Julian got into bed.
He was already getting so good at doing most things with one hand.  As he looked at her curiously and tilted his head, once again Lark fell victim to just how adorable he could me.  Several dark pieces of hair fell across his grey eyes and he flicked them again.
“M Academy, I mean,” she continued once she gathered herself.  “I think I’m going to try another weekend and see what happens.  I hope I don’t get stuck with that Micro guy again, but I’d like to push myself.  I think I like…I think I like being tiny.”
Julian nodded, momentarily looking down at a point somewhere below her on the bed. He had asked her out once already. She didn't want that, so he had to be careful how he worded it.
"Well, if you ever get assigned to me again, it'll be a welcome surprise," he said. There was no teasing this time. He quickly reached over with his other hand and turned off the light.
"I hope you're not afraid of the dark," he announced playfully. The room was shrouded in darkness as he rolled onto his back and gently settled her onto his chest.
“It’s not a matter of assignment,” Lark said quickly.  “It’s a matter of a giant wanting to work with me… at least this early on.  I don’t have pull like Alona does… or even your friend.”  She laughed with a hint of embarrassment in her voice.  “I just kind of have to go where the people want me.  I’m worried though because I think… I think Kennings is still upset that I called the Academy on you.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to hook me up with another client who doesn’t necessarily have the same needs at me.”
What she wanted to say was that she wanted to be with Julian again.  But he was just so blasé about the whole thing.  She couldn’t blame him.  He was new to this world as well.  He was probably looking forward to being with a new tiny…or an experienced tiny.  One who was a bit more confident.  Or prettier, perhaps.  She tried not to let her disappointment show.
“I’m not scared of the dark,” she said in a low voice.  “Other things scare me, though…” she trailed off before realizing that she was getting too intense again.  “I mean… what about you, though?  Second weekend trying this out… even if it doesn’t necessarily count because it’s with me.  What do you think about being a giant so far?  Do you like it?”
"Excuse me –" Julian cut her off, gingerly pinching her waist and holding her over his head. "It does count with you, stop trying to downplay everything. Tonight has been awesome, don't you think?"
Catching a glint of fear in those tiny eyes, he lowered her to his chest again and set to work rubbing her back with two fingers. She rocked slightly with his touch and he quickly lightened up so he wouldn't feel so... big. "I like what I've gotten out of this shindig so far. I can do something. I feel like I can do everything."
Lark couldn’t stop the tiny yelp of surprise when those digits pinched delicately around her waist.  It wasn’t enough to hurt but it was certainly enough to catch her off-guard.  She couldn’t believe how high she was off the ground when it was merely the drop from his pinched fingers to her chest.  She couldn’t help but wonder what the fall would feel like when Julian’s words caught her attention.
“I’m not trying to downplay everything,” she said, trying not to let her voice shake.  It wasn’t meant to be a power play, and she knew this, but there was something so terrifying about being so helpless dangling above a man who was so beautiful.
“I’m just trying to be realistic.”
Relieved to be back on solid ground, or as solid as a human being could be, she quickly took a seat on his chest and looked up at him.  He was laying at a surprisingly pleasant angle, not too much chin and he wasn’t looming over her as much as he could.  They were able to hold a conversation.  
“Tonight as been amazing,” she admitted at last.  It was getting more difficult to focus as those fingers started to work their magic against her back.
“In fact,” she said, gripping her hands into tiny fists as she worked up her courage.  “In fact, Julian… I…” she lowered her head, letting some hair shield her expression from his view, “… I would really like it if you requested me next weekend.  Only!  Only if you want to, though.  I…I understand that you’d want to see someone else.  But if you can’t make a decision… I’d… I’d really like to spend another weekend with you…” she made sure to take care that she wasn’t coming across so desperate, “… like this, I mean.  I’d like to spend another weekend with you like this.”
Her stammering voice would normally be annoying. But the more time he spent with her, the more endearing every of her actions became.
"I could go for that," he said simply when she had finished. "Hope you're not disappointed if I haven't come up with new material by then, though."
His chuckle tremored beneath her like a pleasant earthquake. He dropped off into thoughtful silence, leading away into scattered thoughts he couldn't share with Lark. Her body beneath his fingertips... those tiny shoulder blades, the dip of her back... even the smooth curve of her behind. Everything was compacted and accessible with a mere swipe of his finger.
She shook her head quickly, surprised at how easily his touch was lulling her to sleep.
“I couldn’t be disappointed in you,” she said in a low voice.  As her eyes started to grow heavy she would wonder later if he had heard her…
M Academy Lark's Encounters XV
New chapter!  Enjoy!
Thanks goes out to :iconobsess-confess: for co-writing!
Take Me Home Aimee IV: One

Heath started out his morning at a leisurely pace. He leaned down to see behind the sheer curtains; just part face filling up the opening. Aimee looked like a tiny, slightly frizzy, sleeping beauty. He let her be. The millionaire shuffled into the kitchen and poured himself the remainder of the dark green protein shake leftover from yesterday. Leaning back against the counter, he sighed, enjoying the morning sunshine illuminating the glossy counters and immaculate hardwood floors. Then he caught sight of the clock.


There weren't many things he worried about being exactly on time for, but a meeting with the board of directors was definitely one of them. He didn't need to give them a reason to be anymore apprehensive of him. Heath guzzled the rest of his breakfast and left the glass on the counter. He got dressed in a whirlwind, his actions quick and lacking his usual grace.

Within ten minutes, he looked presentable, but he had to be there in twelve more. It took him fifteen, on a good day. He was on his way out of the room when he stopped short, staring at the little four poster bed. Seconds ticked away as he deliberated. He didn't feel comfortable leaving Aimee alone with no explanation. She'd be worried... but she was still sleeping. He was torn, but in the end, he slid his hand under her and slipped her into his sports jacket pocket.

The door shut hard, and the engine of his sports car started up with a thrum soon after.

Aimee woke up with a start, loud sounds affecting her but she simply covered her ears.  What the heck was going on?  It didn’t sound like a storm, but loud noises were going on all around her.  Still in her sleepy state, she blinked slightly only to find darkness.  She figured she must be having a dream or something.  With this thought, she stirred and nuzzled up in the fabric around her and was fast asleep again before she noticed the familiar sounds of Heath’s heart or the car engine roaring.

Heath thought he would be able to keep count of how many times the tiny lump of his friend's body bumped against his chest as he walked. It was disturbingly easy to tune out her presence, though. While he never forgot she was there, it wasn't difficult to focus on business matters at hand. The board meeting was discussing the budget, and occasionally presenters resenting different areas of the company would show their ideas for the coming year.

Heath was skeptical about the human-promotion division from the start. It was a new, puny division he had started last year just to shut the hippies up. But the fact was, his company focused on giant clientele.

"So as you can see, we've being brainstorming..." The young man clicked the slide show. Stretchy, colorful leashes, miniature rooms divided up like a lunch box, accessories like cat ears or a cute curling tail...

"Absolutely not."

Heads turned to see the handsome executive officer leaning forward in his seat, an intent look on his face and jabbed a finger towards the presentation. "You're going about it from the wrong angle. We don't need to make more cheesy pet supplies. Even kids don't want that, come on. If you want to revolutionize the human-owning demographic, we need to open a human-sized mall or something."

The murmurs of conceding nods changed to laughter.

"Are you serious?" one person snickered.

"There's no profit in such a risky endeavor." One elderly board man shook his head.

"I disagree," Heath said. "If we can integrate it into a pre-existing shopping center, people would come just to see it for themselves. It's a novelty, and the humans get a little quality time with their own species. Everyone's happy."

They were actually beginning to consider it.

Aimee stirred more in her sleep as voices washed over her.  Was she…was she not at home?  She stiffened slightly when she heard Heath and decided not to say anything, hearing the volume and the sternness in his voice.  He must have been… somewhere.  At work, most likely. She huddled a bit closer into him, assuming she was in his pocket. She could feel his breathing and his heartbeat so she realized she must have been close to his chest.  Still, she was too nervous to say anything until he spoke to her directly in case something was going on.

She caught the sounds of loud clicking going on, but Heath didn’t seem to be the one in charge so she simply remained silent, listening as some people spoke.

Cheesy pet supplies? She thought to herself.  What was going on?  What was Heath talking about?  Her stomach fell when she heard him say something about the human-owning demographic.  They were talking about humans?  Aimee felt a shiver go up her back and she looked up towards the opening of the pocket.  Heath was talking about humans…and though she couldn’t exactly understand the workings of what was happening, she could tell that whatever Heath was talking about, he was in the minority.

"We don't have the resources to take on a project of this magnitude right now." A senior member finally decided for the group. But the air had changed, because Heath did being up a good point on how it could be profitable.

"Run surveys, gather data. We'll take a year to statistics survey the area," Heath instructed.

A few people made notes. A few looked at him with distaste. A few were actually smiling. Heath raised his eyebrows and made a minimal shooing motion with his hand to dismiss the presenter.

"Alright then, moving on."

Aimee had mixed feelings about the discussion going on around her.  Now that Heath was no longer speaking she had a chance to reflect on what had happened.  A human sized mall?  Who… what?  Her mind was so busy at work with trying to understand it, that she almost started to ask Heath, a crack arising from her throat before she quickly covered her mouth.

Instead, she gently pat his chest to let him know that she was awake.  As she did so, she felt him jolt lightly in surprise, but other than that, made no more at first to acknowledge her.  It was hard not to feel as small as she was looking up at the underside of his chin before he slowly lowered his head as though he was getting ready to cough and their eyes met.  They blinked at each other and she could only wave softly to signal that she was awake.

As the next presentation began (health services), Heath pulled out his cellphone. It looked like he was replying to a short email, no more than ten seconds in total. He tucked the phone away in his breast pocket when he was done and returned his gaze to the screen. On the still unlocked cell phone screen was a short message:

Hang in there for 30 more minutes? Then we can grab some lunch.

Aimee nodded, seeing no reason to answer to the message.  Instead she leaned away from the cell phone into another part of the pocket and got comfortable.  She had only just woken up so there was no way that she could sleep, so she listened to the voice talking.  Ugh… how could Heath deal with this stuff?  She was so bored out of mind that she thought she was going to scream.  But… on the risk of ousting Heath… and kept her breathing slow and silent, trying to remain patient, occasionally watching Heath’s phone screen flicker.

Finally, the meeting was adjourned. The boardroom was cleared at a record pace, as the stiff members raced to stretch their legs after hours of sitting still. On his way out, a hand stopped him.

A portly man with a receding hairline gave him a cold smile. "Don't think I don't know your angle on this."

"You know I only act out of best interest for the company's future," Heath replied crisply.

"Oh really? And I supposed your little pet has nothing to affect your...personal interests?"

“She's not a pet,” he quickly corrected the man,  remembering Aimee was close by.

The man smirked.  “Oh, that's right.  I forgot.  I've been reading the papers.  She's your little... girl toy, is it?”

Heath remained composed, but he said nothing. He was trying to figure out how much he knew.

"Look, if this isn't about the budget, I have nothing further to add.”

"If you can't keep your pet and business separate—"

Heath stepped closer, eyes flashing dangerously. "Don't talk about her like that."

"So it's true, then? You're as deluded to think that you're having an actual relationship with one of those things? Do you realize how bad that could look for the company?" He smirked.  “Or yourself, for that matter?”

Heath grit his teeth, but bit his tongue.

When Aimee heard the meeting or whatever it was come to a close, she couldn’t help feel herself relax a bit.  She felt Heath stand up and he shot her a gentle smile before he started to look straight ahead again, and Aimee rocked slightly in the pocket as he moved.  Just as Heath started to lower his hand again, something caused Heath to jerk backward and she lost her balance in the pocket staggering against his chest.

As she listened to the conversation, Aimee couldn’t help but shudder.  She had heard this voice before.  It was the same man who had given her and Tate a hard time in the cafeteria.  She hated how frightened she felt, but at this point, she started to break out into a cold sweat.  He didn’t know she was here.  He didn’t know.

Her eyes widened with the strange man’s words.  H-He…he knew about her and Heath?  Or was he just making assumption?  She didn’t know but she clamped her hands into tight little fists and listened like her life depended on.

A pet he had called her.  She had heard it before, but hearing someone say it to Heath, it really bothered her for some reason.  She heard Heath trying to defend her …but…was this really all she could do?  Cower in a pocket like a frightened child?  He had called Heath deluded…and…she couldn’t take anymore.

Standing up in the pocket, her head poked out and though her eyes watered with fear.  “Stop it,” she said, trying to keep her voice firm.  “P-please… stop it.  There’s no relationship so you don’t have to talk to h-him l-like t-that.”  Her voice grew more trembling as the man looked surprised to see her, huffing.

Before Heath or even Aimee knew what was happening, his hand shot out and grabbed her by the top of her shoulder between his finger and thumb, plucking her from the pocket and she let out a terrified scream.  The pain was like nothing she had felt in years, the pinching on her collarbone as she felt herself lifted as the man grunted.

When her body lifted into the air, she felt herself starting to slip through his fingers as Heath lunged towards her and the stranger pinched her even tighter.  The sound her upper arm made sounded like the popcorn Heath had made for her before but the pain that seared through her arm was like nothing she had felt before.  She screamed out in surprise at first and with no filter she started to cry, gasping for breath as she did so.

“Well if there’s no relationship, then perhaps he won’t mind if I take a look at you,” he said, still holding her over sixty feet of dead air, only holding her between his stale sweaty fingers as Aimee felt something cracking.

Heath instinctively made a grab for her, but the man swung her precariously out of his reach. He heard a tiny "pop" and then the heart-wrenching sound of her crying. Heath held still, channeling a cold rage. "Drop her. Now," he growled.

The man arched an eyebrow at him, trying to remain condescending. But the human was being a cry-baby about it, and he knew Heath had the resources to pull a whammy of a human resources investigation on him for this. Seeing the look flashing through the young man's eyes, he reluctantly dropped Aimee into his hands.

She reached her free arm up to touch the spot but the man holding her seemed to think she was faking the whole thing, grumbling and mumbling about something and the smell of sweat and tar filled her nostrils.  Her pain was blinding but she could still hear Heath talking…and finally she felt herself tumbling onto a new surface.  This one smelled like spice and water and immediately she knew she was back with Heath.

"Stop sniveling," he muttered to her.

"You hurt her…" Heath gathered her up close, using extra care. It was hard to tell where she was hurt, but she was clearly still in pain. His eyes snapped up coldly.

"Apologize to her.”

"What? To a human?" he scoffed.

"Yes, she deserves ten times the respect you'll ever pay someone off to give you."

He clenched his teeth and glared at Aimee. "I'm sorry," he spat.

She let out a choking cry of relief as she felt her body being brought up to him but she couldn’t bring herself to move.  Everything hurt and her left arm felt numb all the way down to her fingers.  What… what happened?  She sobbed, but tried to calm herself down as she noticed other people in the room turning to look at what was going on.  Some were curious.  Some looked like they pitied her.  And others just shook their heads and tried to ignore it.

“It looks like he might have dislocated her shoulder, Mr. Windstrom,” she said quietly.  “You’ll have to have someone pop it back in.”  She shook her head again, as several other people whispered to her to ‘not get involved’ and ‘such nonsense.’

After the man started to turn away after his half-assed apology, someone came up to Heath as she continued to cry against him.  Why did this hurt so much?  It felt like a searing pain, but nothing looked broken!

"The apple falls very far from the tree in this case. This little human-only endeavor is exactly the type of hare-brained scheme that's going to send this company into the toilet!" The snotty man made to have the last words.

"That's a compliment, coming from you. My father was too close-minded to consider evolving. Tell me what company thrives by not moving forward?"

Heath had him beat, and for now, he made his leave. Immediately, Heath brought Aimee closer again, though she seemed to be having trouble focusing on him. He started down the hall at a quickened pace. People stared, rumors already forming in the workplace. He didn't give a damn.

"Does... does she need something, Mr. Windstrom?" His secretary was hovering hesitantly in the doorway, eying up the situation. A curt shake of his head sent her back to her regulated duties – though she glanced over her shoulder, looking like she was considering disobeying orders in this case.

“I’m s-sorry, Heath,” she bit out, not sure what else to say.  “I sh-should have k-kept my mouth shut.”

Heath brushed hair off her shoulder and she winced sharply. He suspected her arm was dislocated. He kissed her forehead briefly but caringly. "You did nothing wrong. Try to stay focused for me, okay? You're doing great..."

Heath shifted again, and Aimee was trying to blink away some of the blurriness in her eyes, but it was starting to become impossible with fresh tears forming.  It hurt.  The hurt reminded her so much of when she was knocked off a table but instead of her legs, the pain shot up through her arms.  She looked up as Heath entered an elevator and of all things, she felt terrible for making him deal with this after an important meeting.  

Through the pain Aimee felt Heath’s presence near her, comforting her as always.  She felt something gently brush her hair away and the touch of Heath’s lips grazed her forehead.  She was in too much pain to blush but she appreciated the sentiment nonetheless.  Even as he said that she did nothing wrong, Aimee knew that he was being polite.  She should have stayed in the pocket.  She should have kept her mouth shut.

“Hey, watch your mouth!” Heath heard one of the younger employees snap at the man.  “Can’t you see that you hurt her?  Human or not, that’s terrible,” he said huffily.  The snotty man waved him off which made him red-faced.

Aimee blinked, listening as the giant’s voices cascaded around her, making her uncomfortable.  So many people were talking at once!  It sounded like a thunderstorm now in her ears and she couldn’t lift her one arm to cover them.  She felt Heath shift and looked up to see his already large face, growing bigger.  He must have been bringing her closer.  She squinted up at him through her tears.

She nodded to his words of comfort.  How could she be doing great?  She made a sound that sounded like a choke and a strangled laugh.  “I… I’m trying…” she moaned, before the tears started to fall again.  She tried to gather her voice together.  “I… I like what you said in there earlier.”

"Poor thing..."

"Did you see what happened? What a jerk, right?"

Murmurs that did not pass by Heath's ears.

The elevator went agonizingly slow for his liking. He looked down again. It was increasingly evident that seeing Aimee hurt was painful for him. He gave a small half-smile, realizing she must have been awake during the human discussion. Go figure. He didn't really answer her comment, more focusing on her current state. "Breathe deeply, if you can."

Following his instructions she tried to take a deep breath but found that the pain went all the way up to her shoulder and she let out a violent cough of surprise, trying to keep her shoulder steady.  Still wanting to listen to Heath, she tried to focus; focus on the deep breaths so maybe she would stop crying.  The pain made it difficult but she was finally starting to calm down as as a rush of outside air hit both of their faces and Heath began to jog.

The elevator touched down and he rushed to his car. He was aware that his steps were not a gentle for her as usual, but it would be worth it soon enough. Finally, solitude at last. He let her off delicately onto his lap, leaning over her.

"I think your arm is dislocated. I'm going to take you to a doctor regardless, but... " He hesitated. What if he made it worse? "I can try to pop it back in myself right now if it's too painful for you."

Several noises and car doors shutting and finally she felt herself being lowered to a familiar place which always brought her comfort.  Heath's lap.  She sucked in some air, and looked up to see his soft face gazing down at her.  He looked so upet.  She wanted to crack a joke...and then her face fell.  Before she had a chance to back out...she wanted instant relief from the pain.  Aimee looked up at Heath and their eyes met.  “I want you to try...I trust you more than a doctor,” she gasped out, closing her eyes as she couldn't take that saddened look on his face.

A barely perceptible nod. The weight of her words settled heavily on his shoulders. His lips became a thin, concentrated line as his hands hovered over her. He wished she'd said no. He wished he didn't have to do this.

He wasn't a doctor by any means, but he knew enough to do it safely. For giants, anyway. He'd never dared to try something like this on a human, but necessity was the greatest teacher.

He was so scared to hurt her, but his hands were steady. Her view was obscured to an extent as his right hand pinned her down with an index fingertip pressing down just below her good shoulder and his thumb stretching to press down her thigh. His left finger and thumb slid up her upper to yank down the sleeve, leaving her shoulder bare and visible.

Her first instinct to being pinned down like this was to try and escape.  Run!  Get away!  This wasn't a good idea!  Aimee tried to look up at Heath as he continued to tell her focus and stay calm, but how could she when a single hand of his completely immobilized her?  She felt so frightened and scared even thought it was him.  With her vision blocked by one of his hands, she willed her body to calm down but it wouldn't have anything of it.

"I'm going to count to three, alright?"

“N-no,” she cried in her tears.  “I...I don't think that I can...” her voice was so small and weak that Heath must not have heard her, instructing her on what was going to happen.  She squirmed under his hand, but the grip tightened, frightening her even more.

His grip on her upper arm tightened to the point of being painful.

"One... Two..."

When he said the first number, she was already starting to be reminded of Heath's strength and absolute power over her.  There was no way she could move and with wild, frightened eyes like an animal she looked up at him.  She could tell that he didn't want to do this but he was pushing himself forward nonetheless.  She wanted to be strong for him, but as she saw her arm raised, she let out a tiny cry as the bones shifted under Heath's grasp.

Heath...wait,” she cried out, helpless now as he continued to count.  “Heath, please!  NO!”  She whimpered as he pushed against her, a new tiny pop stinging her ears and bringing tears to her eyes.  

The pressure increased, and he angled the socket back in with a sharp push. She writhed as the socket was forcibly reconnected. Her crying tore him up inside.

Take Me Home Aimee IV: One
Final story arc!  So excited for their story to come to an end.  Wait... and so sad! I love these two and I hope you guys enjoy their story as well.

Credit goes to myself and :iconobsess-confess:  :-)
M Academy:  Lark’s Encounters XIV

“W-what?” Lark squealed as her feet landed on the carpet.  She staggered backwards to find Julian still kneeling in front of her.  Hell, her face was still hot from his promise not to hurt her!  And now he expect her to…he was counting!  Oh God!  “I’m going!  I’m going!” she squeaked loudly as she waded through the carpet to get away from him.  “This is a sick game of hide and seek, Julian!” she shouted over her shoulder.  But it wasn’t a malicious cry.  Honestly, she was shocked that the full-grown man was actually counting.
And where was she supposed to hide?  Once Julian’s looming form finally covered his eyes and started counting backwards from fifteen again she realized that he was completely serious.  Her eyes darted around the floor and tried to find someplace.  The stairs?  Too far away.  Under the couch or chair?  To predictable… but wait!
She ran to the couch anyways and her head shot up.  Bingo!  There were a couple wooden planks to support the chair and any occupants.  By climbing up there and hiding there was no way he could find her so easily.  She wouldn’t be on the ground…well…she still sort of would be…but he probably wouldn’t think to look there.  He probably didn’t think she would brave enough.
She finally began to understand why Julian wanted someone athletic as a tiny.  Slightly thick or not, Lark was surprisingly strong and easily hoisted herself off the floor and tucked herself on top of one of those wooden planks.  She practically stopped breathing when she heard Julian finish his counting.
Let the games begin.
The first step was the loudest. The floor creaked under his weight and for the first time he was aware of it.
"How far could those little legs get you?" he thought aloud for her benefit. The first place he checked was under the couch, then under the coffee table and the chair.
To hear his thunderous steps around her and know that he didn’t even know where she was…it was incredibly exhilarating.  In her hiding spot she felt safe…but she had still almost let out a squeal of surprise when his huge face filled the gap under the couch as he looked for her.
"What are you going to do when I find you?" He drawled in a lazy voice, eyes scanning the floor as he listened for any sound.
Under the couch prooved to be a good hiding spot.  He had missed her somehow!  She beamed proudly when his face pulled away and those loud, powerful steps filled her tiny ears again.
It was actually kind of fun.  It wasn’t like being ignored.  In fact, she could tell just how much he wanted to find her.  But she wasn’t going to give herself up so easily.  But then his question made her snicker quietly and she quickly had to cover her mouth with her hands.  What was she going to do?  Or rather…what was HE going to do?  She tried to hold her breath as she heard his shoes shift on the hardwood floor.  Had he somehow heard her?
Julian frowned, swiveling his gaze here and there. He looked behind the lamp, even flipped through the pages of the newspaper on the low, bottom shelf of the coffee table. He did the math in his head.
"I know you're in the living room. I'm gonna find you eventually," he promised her. Three entire minutes had passed. He thought this would be super easy but… "Damn you're good at this." He took a seat on the edge of the couch – and immediately jumped to his feet.
For a moment she was so sure that he had given up.  As she was inwardly patting herself on the back a heavy weight rocked overhead and she let out a shout without thinking.  Of course he would sit on the couch eventually!  Why hadn’t she thought that far ahead?  As she quickly covered her mouth she realized it was probably too late and as her head shot up to look ahead she noticed those massive shoes planted on the carpet and eventually his knees.
She tried ducking farther into the shadows but it was no use.  A hand…a hand that almost looked entirely too large to be real was coming right at her!  She let out another scream, half-joking, half-serious as those humungous fingers closed around her and she as completely smothered in warm, darkness.  She was so small that she could fit into his fist.  It had taken some effort last week but this Friday…it was effortless.
That had been a squeak. A human noise, under the couch. He dropped to the floor and swept his arm under the dusty space until he spotted the organic shape amongst planks.
"Gotcha!" He grinned, pulling her out and completely closing her inside his fist.
“You…you got me!” Lark said in a loud voice as her world shifted as the giant moved.  She was a little overwhelmed by the quickness of his movements and it was especially disconcerting in the dark.  But she did her best to remain strong as she finally felt Julian stop moving around.
But he didn’t open up his fist quite yet.  A thrill of nervousness ran through her.  “What…what are you going to do now?”
"Mmm... Hard to say," Julian's voice rumbled through her confinement. A gentle smirk tugged at his lips as he sat up on the floor, sitting against the couch. "There's a lot of options..." He held his hand under eye level for a moment, focusing solely on the tantalizing feeling of her tiny breathing, her heart beating under his coiled fingers. Slowly, he opened up his hand and revealed the three inch girl curled up within.
"There's nothing like it, you know...holding you like this," Julian admitted, his heart beating steadily.
“I bet,” Lark whole-heartedly agreed.  She glanced around her surface area and relished in the idea that it was only the surface of his palm.  “Your hand looks so much bigger even than last time…” she trailed off as she started to slide her own hand around in his.  She could feel every twitch, every groove and every callous.  “It’s actually…sometimes a little overwhelming to be this small,” she said with a smile.  It wasn’t that she as scared, just making conversation with a moving mountain.  “You wouldn’t think an inch or two would even be such a big deal…but I would love to be the size of that friend’s tiny right now.”
"It really changes things for you that much, huh?" Julian answered with a contemplative expression. He scratched the side of his stubbly jaw with one hand and pursed his lips.
She sighed slightly as she continued to trace over the intricacies of his palm, changing back and forth from her palm, to her fingertips to even the back of her hand.  “You’re so warm,” she said, fascinated by it just the same.  “I mean like literally…I’d probably start sweating if I’m too close to your skin for too long.”  Her eyes flickered up to his.  She couldn’t believe how far away he looked even when she was in his hand.  “It’s crazy, isn’t?  But…it’s kind of awesome in a total kick-ass type of way.  I mean…you’re like a giant,” she said with a giggle.
"You do seem more fragile this time around. More breakable. You must be the size of a mouse, I'm guessing. And a baby mouse at that!" A small disbelieving smile tugged on one side of his mouth. The skin beneath her creased and folded as he cupped his hand more protectively around her.
“You have no idea,” Lark said, watching with fascination as her breathing space seemed to close up on her.  “I thought I was small when I saw you last week and now this.”  She shook her head at the memory.  “And my friend Alona…she’s kind of like that Micro guy.  She likes her men to be smalllll...” she said, droning out the word for effect.  “In fact, at the G/t gala next month I know she’s planning quite an entrance.  She’s already talking to me about it.  She actually wants me to go to the damn thing but I think I’m too nervous.  I couldn’t…” she shook her head and started to laugh.  “I just couldn’t go to one of those events!”
When he didn’t answer her immediately she started to lift up her head.  “Are you going to go?” she asked innocently.  “I don’t really know much about the event, just that it’s like a formal party type thing.  A black and white affair and all those who want to be giants show up with tinies.  I bet your friend knows about it.  He seems quite familiar with the G/t scene.”
"I was planning on it," Julian said, lowering his voice more naturally now to suit her tiny stature. He rested his occupied hand on a bent knee before him and let the other leg stretch out across the carpet. "But I was hoping I'd be more of a natural at this whole giant gig. I mean, I'm barely managing to keep you happy. I don't want to be that klutzy new kid on the block."
“I’m sure in one month’s time you’ll be a natural,” Lark said honestly.  And it was true.  Already he was learning to make adjustments for a tiny.  He could only imagine how he would be when he could really test his power and strength with a more confident tiny.  “You still have three more weekends until the event.  You’ll hardly be a klutzy kid by then.”
He shrugged as he said this, as if he couldn't care either way. But his eyes betrayed a kind of hope, a want. "Why do you mention it? You got a date with that Micro guy?" Julian joked, and then grimaced a little at his own wit. "Sorry. Too soon?"
She glanced over at him, trying to get a read on his face.  Lark had already felt silly for bringing up the gala.  Honestly she wouldn’t have even known about it if it wasn’t for Alona.  Only the top giants and goddesses were invited but they always got to handpick their tinies.  Many giants were allowed more than one for the event since it was only a night and not an entire weekend.  Lark tried to imagine Julian walking confidently into the room.  He was a newbie, sure, but the man obviously had connections and was well-off.  He would be amazing.
Lark shivered at his joke about Micro but tried to play it off, tucking a piece of vibrant red hair behind her ear.  “Oh.  No, it’s not too soon.  It was early tonight.  I…” she sucked in a tiny breath, “…I’ve almost forgotten him.”  She smiled.
“I guess I have you to thank for that.  And no…my friend…Alona?” she asked, looking for recognition on his face.  When he nodded for her to go on, she continued.  “She actually wants me to attend the event.  That’s the only reason I know about it.  But Alona…she can be a bit extreme,” she said with an uneasy laugh.  How could she explain that while she loved Alona as a best friend she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be with her as a tiny?  “But it does sound like a lot of fun.  I’m like you, though.  I don’t want to be a newb and embarrass her.”
Julian grinned down at her with soft, almost tired eyes.
"Yeah, well... I'll keep you posted on that." Something occurred to him and he shifted a bit, bringing his other hand over to her and beginning to stroke down the length of her ridiculously delicate arm. He lingered on her hand, and then began the process anew.
"We're going to have an encore night after this impromptu weekend, aren't we, little bird," whether it was a question or a directive was unclear.
“Hmm…” Lark mused to herself.  She watched with fascination as a single finger traced up and down her arm but she couldn’t help but feel a slight bit of disappointment.  She had brought up the gala for a reason but he didn’t seem to be catching on the hint.  All as well.  It wasn’t like he would even look at her in that way.  She was just…something precious to protect for the evening…or even a weekend.  It wasn’t like he’d actually want to be seen in front of other giants with her.
“I can talk to Alona for you,” she said at last, ignoring his statement.  “She’s been with most of the popular tinies in the community.  I’m sure she can set you up with a date if you’d like an experienced tiny for such an event.”  She gave him a week smile.  “I’m sure you and your friends have been to fancy events like this before, even if they didn’t necessarily involve tinies.  You two certainly both look the part.”  She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to imagine him in a three-piece suit or goodness…even a tux.  Maybe she would take up Alona on her offer to go just to see him dressed up.
Julian chuckled. "No, thank you. I think I can find someone on my own..." he trailed off, giving her an odd look. "What do you mean I 'look the part'? You're saying I look like one of those suckers who suit up to kiss ass?" He grinned wickedly at her, goading some sort of reaction out of his challenge.
Lark laughed, covering her mouth up immediately with her tiny hands.  She couldn’t help herself.  “I mean, come on!” she jeered.  “You must know what you look like.  You like strut around in a full suit and tie!  The first time I saw you it was like out of one of those romance novels where the billionaire shows up with his expensive shirt sleeves rolled up at the elbows!”
Her laughter started to die down as Julian arched a brow at her playfully.  “I mean, don’t get me wrong.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Guys like you are lethal to girls like me.”  She blushed shyly and swept her hair up to pull it into a ponytail so less strays were away from her eyes.  “I bet…I bet you won’t have any problems finding someone,” she said in a softer voice.  “Lucky girl,” she said, practically whispering.  There was no way he caught her words.
Julian gazed down at her with a burning curiosity. Would she have said such bold things if she hadn't bed guaranteed his undivided care and attention? Probably not... but she had said them all the same. She thought he was the crème filling to a romance novel. Damn...
"I want to see you on Monday," he said out of the blue.
Lark immediately bristled, sitting up straight in his palm. "But—"
"I know," Julian held up his other hand to silence her protests. "I know, I only get you for the weekend... but everybody gets a lunch break, right?" He raised his eyebrows at her. Her tiny face remained unclear, so he went on, surfing the hand the held her by moving it closer to his face. It was surprisingly staining to be constantly seeking detail in such a minute body.
"It could be interesting, you know. Seeing each other as... well, each other. Instead of this whole setup here." A little smile tugged on his full lips as he waited for something from her.
Monday?  As in…outside of this?  Why?  The questions flooded Lark’s mind with an almost desperate quality as she felt him shifting his hand.  Bringing her closer to his already enormous face.  Why was he asking this?  Was it because of what she said?  She knew she shouldn’t have called him attractive, guys like him always just wanted to play and have a little fun with a groupie.
“Everyone…everyone has lunch breaks,” she said, not sure where else to start.  “That…that’s true.”  And then it dawned on her.  A way to make the conversation less…intense.
“But you’ve already seen me, Julian.  Outside of this, already,” she said with what she hoped was an easy laugh.  She knew that she was feeling uncomfortable.  Julian was nice, but she was not about to be toyed with for his amusement.  “The setup is a good thing though, isn’t it?” she asked, hoping to make him smile.  “This is a lot of fun.  It gives people a chance to interact with people who…who they wouldn’t normally interact with, you know?”
"Yeah, but that was only for a second!" Julian argued halfheartedly.
“A second is more than enough, Julian,” Lark said, still keeping up her easy going demeanor.  He couldn’t have been serious about wanting to see her…could he?  For a moment she thought she saw something in his eyes…but it couldn’t have been anything.  If anything, he probably just wanted a comparison to how she looked in real life.  That…that had to be it.
“But if you were serious…” she trailed off as his voice boomed in her ears, easily changing the subject.  Oh.  So he wasn’t actually being serious.  If he had been, he would have asked her more formally.  Not just blurted out that he wanted to see her.  Of course he wasn’t being serious.  
In the back of her mind, she knew there was no way that someone like Julian would seriously want to hang out with her outside of this situation.  He was kind.  Almost too kind.  Kind to a fault.  The fact that he was willing to indulge seeing her outside of this situation just made her heart pull more for him, and break simultaneously.  His kindness was just one more thing that she really liked about him already.  And there was already so much to like!
Julian’s disappointment, though only visible for the span of a few seconds, flickered through his huge grey eyes. A clench of his jaw and he was behind a wall erected to distance himself. He had misread her. She was just doing this for the bedroom stuff, and didn't have a head to consider the man he could be outside of the Academy.

He loosed a low chuckle and glanced away. "It's fine, I probably would have to bail on you anyway, I've got a new clientele tomorrow afternoon.”
“New clientele?” she asked.  “On Sunday?  That means…”
“We’ll have to cut things a bit short tomorrow,” Julian said.  “I’ll have to take you to Evan’s.  But don’t worry.  I won’t leave you alone with him.”
“Julian, but if you were serious—”
He quickly waved off her rejection. "But I don't want to talk about work tonight..." He lifted her chin with a single finger, feeling the bony structure of her jaw more delicately than a baby bird.
"Distract me."
A few minutes later she was stunned into silence.
“D-distract you?”  Her voice came out almost like a squeak.  From the suggestion in his tone to the finger dipping under her jaw, she felt warmth rush to her cheeks and butterflies flutter in her lower stomach.  She eyed up his lips.  If he wasn’t serious…if this was all just for fun…maybe she could take advantage of the beautiful man in front of her.  “Lean forward,” she said, surprised at how raspy her voice sounded.  “I’ve never kissed a giant before.”
Julian said a silent prayer of gratitude that he wasn't holding her to his chest at that time – for his heart about leapt from his chest with the quiet thrill of the moment. Everything about this...everything about Lark felt forbidden and right to him. So he didn't hesitate to lower the hand away from under her chin. He bowed his head towards her slowly, edging closer bit by bit until her tiny hand touched his chin. His lips parted and clamped together, tingling in anticipation.
“Alright,” Lark said, as though almost pumping herself up to take on such a task.  His lips were huge!  The length of them was half as tall as she was!  Talk about an intimidating task!  And they were perfect.  Not too moist.  Not too dry.  Her fingers brushed against the skin and she let out a tiny gasp of surprise.  It was like his skin, but the texture was so different.  It was more delicate.  More sensitive.  She could feel each and every groove from this angle.
“You have beautiful lips,” she couldn’t help saying, whispering into the crevice of where the two pink pillows met.  She saw one of the corners of his mouth crook upward in a hesitant smile and she felt like she was going to pass out in his hand before she even got to try.  “Alright, I’m going to kiss you now…” she bit her lip as she leaned forward, remembering something at the last minute, “…sorry if you don’t feel anything…”
With two hands she grasped his lower lip as though a woman might grab a man’s face if they were both full-sized and leaned forward.  It didn’t take much and immediately her face was pressed against him.  Oh God.  Even his lips smelled like grapefruit and bergamot.  And now there was just a hint of peach and pie crust left on his breath.  She inhaled greedily and pressed her lips to his lower one again before frowning slightly and pulling back.  “Could you…” she slumped slightly, “…I bet you couldn’t even feel that.  I’m too small to kiss you, aren’t I?”
Time stood still. It couldn't have been more than an instant of contact between their lips but it felt so monumental. The bizarre combination of touch receptors on his lips were in a frenzy.
"No," he croaked. He pulled her away just a little bit, enough to glimpse her face. "You're wrong... I can feel everything."
His eyes darted to her tiny lips again. This didn't have to mean anything in the long run. No fear of commitment – just one weekend. But he wanted more.
He pulled her back to him and kissed the side of her soft neck, dragging up to the side of her face.
“O-Oh,” Lark breathed out when his lips made contact against her skin.  She couldn’t help herself and started to chew on her lower lip.  Wow.  Despite being a giant right now…it was obvious that the connection was there between them.  He couldn’t…he couldn’t kiss her like this unless he felt something for her, right?  Right?  She was so afraid to ask again about how mentioned meeting her on Monday…she didn’t want to come across as desperate.  He had thrown the idea out once and she just couldn’t believe it.
As his lips softly came together and pressed in an area that was around her cheek, jaw, and neck she let out another gasp in surprise.  So intricate.  So careful.  She couldn’t believe that he was able to locate such a small space with just his lips.  It wasn’t like he could open his eyes and even if he could, what would he really be able to see with her so close?
She reached out and touched whatever skin she could find, surprised to find her hands pricked by the soft stubble growing on his jaw and around his lips.  She couldn’t hold him, or help him, but she just wanted to feel him.  She wanted him to know that this wasn’t one sided.  But whatever it was…she had to keep telling herself…
It was only for the weekend.  What they had… it couldn’t be real.
"Everything," Julian breathed out gruffly, marveling at the minuscule details he could feel under his lips. A bit of his training subtly crept into his speech. But he was getting better. It didn't seem like training seemed natural.
"This must be overwhelming for you," he whispered, his breath hot on her skin. A few strands of dark hair began to disobey their orderly style as he kissed her shoulders next, lingering on each place. It was hard to aim, as each kiss encompassed much of her three inch body.
She nodded though her eyes were closed.  “Yes,” she croaked out, hoping her voice was loud enough for him to hear.  “It’s… you’re like… everywhere…” she smiled as his lips cupped the end of her shoulder, lingering there for a moment.  “This is… I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else—” she stopped abruptly, realizing her verbal slip.
“I mean…of course, not right away,” she said quickly.  She couldn’t see much but she saw his teeth shoot out for a moment to gently bite his lower lip.  Probably contemplating what to say next…if anything at all.  “I just mean…” she slumped against him as she decided to take a chance and lean into his lips this time, pressing her neck against those soft pillows, “…I just mean I can’t imagine it ever feeling as good as this, you know?  It’s like having a first love.  No matter what else you have…” she trailed off and pressed her cheek against his lips slightly, “…you’ll always compare it to your first.”
"Good," Julian finally said. He turned her back to him and just rested the corner of his lips and part of his chin against the back of her tiny body. "I'm glad it's not too much for you at this size... I like to make lasting impressions."
“Truh…trust me,” Lark said, spilling out her words as her body felt like it was being set on fire again simply by his touch.  “You’re making quite an impression on me.”  She glanced over her shoulder to steal a look at him, but at this size, at this close it was almost impossible to remember that the living, breathing, mountain behind her was a man.  She nibbled on her lower lip as he kept his lips there on the top of her back, flexing them now and again.  Even with his lips…she could feel the strength behind him.  A kiss could knock her over.  Easily.
And yet…with just a slight pucker here and a slight pucker there, he was strategically placing raindrops of kisses up and down her back. “Training really has treated you well,” Lark said in a breathless voice.  “Maybe…maybe I should go to training and see if all giants are as good at this as you are, huh?”
The lips spread into a smile against her.
"This wasn't a part of my training," Julian rumbled. "This is...improvising." He silently applauded himself for his own allure. This girl was putty in his hands. Considering how frigid she had been initially... maybe he wasn't so bad at this giant thing after all.
“Improvising, hmm?” Lark asked with a slight tease in her voice.  “Lucky me, huh?  All the giants in the world I could have ended up with and I ended up with the improviser.  You’re…” she sighed happily as his lips traced up and down her back and…something…she wasn’t even sure what…parted her hair in the back so her neck and shoulders were exposed.  
"I just couldn't leave things the way they were between us after the first night," he admitted, finally raising his head a little so he could look at her again. "And I have to say, I still think you're great at being a tiny."
“I’d say you’re pretty good at this,” she said with a smile as his lips managed to touch bare skin again.  “You’re going to make a lot tiny girls very happy.”  She sighed slightly and there was only a trace of sadness in it.  “Very happy, indeed.”
Still nervously biting on her lip she tried to keep the conversation going so she wouldn’t dwell on the fact that he wasn’t going to be hers for much longer.  There was Saturday… but then she would have to go back to his friend’s on Sunday.  And then… who knew what would happen after that.
“I think I’m getting used to this whole ‘being a tiny’ thing,” she said, doing her best not to let her voice shake as she felt his warm breath pressed against her back and recede again.  Damn.  The man was only breathing and it was sending shivers down her entire body.  “M-maybe… maybe not this small… but it’s not so terrible with you.”
"Thanks," he said, eagerly accepting of her praise. Julian beamed privately at her little head of red waves. "I'm glad you feel safe, little bird... you deserve that."
He pressed one more fleeting peck to the crown of her head before sitting up. "I'm going to go change real quick. It's getting late." Julian stood up with a growing patience to caution and lowered his palm flat to the middle couch cushion. "Go on. I'll only be a minute."
“N-no, actually,” Lark said, scrambling back against his fingers to steady herself.  “I’d…I’d like to try what we did earlier.”  When she turned around and saw the look of confusion on his face she flushed slightly with the attention.  “The…the ground play.  I know I was scared before but when I was hiding…I didn’t feel as scared.  I’d like to try again.”
Julian couldn't hide his shocked expression.
M Academy Lark's Encounters XIV
New Chapter!  Enjoy.  Co-written with the lovely :iconobsess-confess:
Take Me Home Aimee III: Five

Despite her nerves, she had really just said that Heath could sample her like a desert. Heath raised his hand so she could climb off him. Her little body slid down his pant leg and soundlessly landed on the counter. He was surprised with the ease with which she did so.

When Heath realized what she had just given him permission to do, he didn’t hesitate to comply.

He bent down over her, grabbing the edge if the counter for support. His other hand came over to gently pinch her elbow, and guide her hand to his mouth. His experience with women shone through in the slow, drawn out pace of his motions. He closed his lips around her mid forearm and slowly let it slide back out as he raised his head an inch.

"Tastes good to me."

Aimee let out a breathless sigh. She had finally done something for Heath.  With the size difference she had thought that he would have to initiate everything, but somehow…she had let the words come to her mouth.  Heath didn’t hesitate; didn’t give her a chance to back and she was glad that he didn’t.  Wes would have wanted to talk about it, make sure that she was okay, but Heath always pushed her.  In a good way. He always made her want to do more.  To try harder.

In an oh-so-fabulous way.

As Aimee felt those fingers wrap around her elbow, she gasped out in surprise, smiling and giggling in a way she couldn’t remember before. His lips touched her skin. So soft. She flushed wildly, but didn’t move, too enraptured by his movement to escape.  She wasn’t sure if she’d ever want to escape this man. She watched as Heath briefly closed his eyes to taste her skin and the melted gelato, goosebumps freckling her skin all the way to the fingertips until he pulled away.

Her eyes shown with happiness that he complimented her.  “I’m…I’m glad you like it,” she said, rubbing her fingers together, enjoying the feel of the sticky ice cream…and Heath.

He smiled, remembering that she was still so inexperienced and it didn't help that he was a giant. He raised his head more so she could see all of his face instead if just part of it. His hand re-gripped the edge of the counter.

"The gelato's good, too," he added with a smirk.

He swiped his finger in a little droplet puddle, and then wiped some of it on her cheek. Her mouth opened in shock, but he kissed the offended cheek before she could say anything. When he pulled away THIS time, there was a cross between tenderness sand mischief in Heath's smile.
She hummed in thought as he pulled away, smiling as his face grew further away and more in focus.  Swallowing slightly, she was in awe of his size for a moment and her hands trembled nervously.

“Heh…w-well, I’m glad,” she said, looking up at him.  “I haven’t tried it yet—” she was cut off when Heath easily reached over her and picked up some gelato on his fingertip and dabbed in on her face.

“What gives?” she squeaked in surprise, going to wipe it off right before Heath’s face lowered to her level again and she felt some safe soft, if not slightly sticky lips brush her skin.  The offending gelato was kissed away, leaving only a tingling on her skin.  She touched the now empty spot, looking up at him.

“H-Heath,” she whispered, running up to his face and pressing her lips against his in a kiss.  A girl could only take so much.  She knew it was awkward, but she tried to make it less so by wrapping her hands around the curves of his lips and occasionally slipping a hand inside.

His spine was curved down to meet her at angle that would make a chiropractor cringe. But he endured it silently, lips parting instinctively in surprise for a brief moment. He made a quiet noise of surprise the first time her nimble fingers slid through the seal where his lips met.

She said sometimes she wondered if he could feel her.

In that moment, he felt everything. Her breath, her kisses from lips so small it made his head spin. He pressed his lips together a little more and brought his free hand behind her to steady her.

She touched his tongue, and the texture was surprising at first, but Heath’s hand kept her close and gently she rubbed her fingers along the surface, enjoying the fact that Heath hadn’t pulled away.  Could…could he actually be enjoying this somehow?  Though her face was practically in his mouth, she didn’t dare move, happy to share this moment with him.  She knew this was what love felt like.  It wasn’t lust.  It wasn’t an infatuation.  And it wasn’t to replace Wes.  

Wes never made her feel like this.

So desired.  As a woman.

She gently traced Heath's upper and lower teeth before she pulled her hand out, needing a bit of air.  Her face was a little glossy from Heath’s lips but she didn’t care, wiping it away with the back of her hand.

“I…I just really wanted to kiss you suddenly,” she blurted out, her face pink.

"I can see that." He joined her in a soft laugh.

“Sorry if I surprised you,” she said sheepishly, letting out another girlish laugh.

"That was... Wow." He ran a hand through his hair, somewhat ruining its coiffed style. It looked more frazzled, closer to his hair looked like when he first got out of bed in the morning time. Pretty much for the way his heart was racing under his white dress shirt. That had been just crazy… And weird... And incredible.

“Wow in a good way?” she asked nervously, craning her neck to look up at him as he soared out of her direct eye sight.  Her hair was slightly damp at the roots where Heath’s lips had touched her, giving her the appearance of being slightly sweaty.  Her eyes grew hopeful as she drank him in, noticing that this hair looked disheveled as well.

"You're improvising, aren't you?" he said, sitting up. The strain on his back demanded a change in position. "You're way ahead of me on this."

Aimee was still shocked that he had let her kiss him in the first place.  He knew that she liked her, but she was worried all the time about crossing some sort of physical line with him.  She never knew what was okay and what wasn’t.  It was exhausting…and amazing.

“I’m trying my best,” Aimee said, taking a step backwards to continue to smile up at him.  “I honestly have no idea what I’m doing so I’m…I’m just trying to do what feels right.”

He turned his gaze down to meet hers. He noticed with a twinge of compassion she looked exhausted from the single kiss. At the same time, he wanted to laugh for some reason. Heath tilted his hand behind her, letting her topple gently into his hand.

Like falling backwards into a swing, Aimee tumbled into his palm, with a yelp.  “A little warning?” she teased.  She knew that Heath wouldn’t usually give her one and she didn’t mind.  It was just too fun to laugh at the situation sometimes.  She was the size of his hand.  And yet…he still cared for her.

"I messed up your hair again," he noted with a half-smirk. His other hand came to try and smooth it down best he could. He twirled almost the entire length around a fingertip, the let it drop to her back.

“You’re always messing up my hair,” she said, reaching up immediately to try and fix it.  “You’ve had a problem with that since day one.”  She sucked in a breath as Heath tried to repair it, only making it worse.  “Dangit, Heath!” she mock groaned, smiling as he kept his finger close and twirled a piece of her mess hair around.

She pressed her hands into his palm to steady herself, practically leaning into his touch.

"If you keep wearing that dress, I think red is going to be my new favorite color." He flirted as casually as breathing air. Heath slid off the counter and put the gelato away.

“Hmmm…I’m glad, then,” she said.  “Because I’m starting to like red, too.  Especially when I know you’ll look at me like that when I do.  I’m not sure what my favorite color on you is, though, Heath.  Grey?  Navy?  Black?  White?  So many lovely choices.”

"I'm a walking rainbow," he said with a wry smile. He fathered up the pieces of his phone and held them in his other hand.

“I would hardly use those words to describe your wardrobe Heath,” she said, smiling back at his own joke.  “And look what you did to your phone.  It’s not broken is it?” she asked, actually wondering if something was wrong with it.  To her, it looked unsalvageable, but she supposed that Heath would never destroy his cell phone.  It was something that was just too important to him.

"No, I just pulled the battery out," he assured her. "Surprised you're not already out, with that bucket of Sangria you drank." He teased shamelessly. He closed his hand almost completely around her as he meandered to the bedroom. It sounded bad, but he just liked to feel all of her at once sometimes, knowing she wouldn't be going anywhere.

“Haha watch it!  I’m not indestructible!  You’ll feel terrible if you break a bone!” she blurted out, enjoying the gentle squeeze as he smiled down at her.

"I know what I'm doing." Heath waved off her accusations breezily.

“You won’t be saying that if you break one of my bones,” she teased again.  She noticed a slight hint of apprehension in his face and smiled.  “Heath, I’m kidding.  I know you would never do anything to hurt me on purpose. “

On purpose.

Heath swallowed hard at the thought of one of Aimee's bones shattering in his hand like the little china cup.

“Heath…” Aimee said, noticing his strange expression.  “For what it’s worth, you’ve never even come close to me.”  She reached out and touched his fingers with her hands.  “These hands…have been nothing but calm…” she kissed the tip of one finger “…patient…” another kiss “…and gentle.”  One more kiss to his third fingertip.  “I feel so lucky to be with someone who can be as kind as you.”

“And hey, when are you going to learn that I can hold my drink just fine?” she answered back, sticking out her tongue.  “I may be a lightweight, but I can sober up pretty easily.” As she felt his fingers close around her, she practically purred at the sensation.  She was practically surrounded by him.  “You having a good time there, boss man?” she teased, wrapping her arms around his fingers.

The tie came the rest of the way undone, hanging loosely around his neck. He snatched up a remote with countless buttons on it. Somehow he had committed them to memory. He pressed one, hardly looking at it. At first it was so soft, it could have been imagined – music. His favorite classy type of stuff.

"I want to know something juicy about your past. It's only fair, after all." He relaxed into the wall of pillows and held her out in front of him in an open palm.

Heath smoothly moved into the bedroom and music wafted into her ears.  Heath’s kind of music.  She recognized it immediately and it instantly brought a smile to her face as he lifted up his hand to get a better look at her.

“Something juicy about me…” she mused.  “I…I’m not really sure.”  She took a seat in his palm and started to think about it, tracing over the grooves in his palm as she did so.

Suddenly her face lit up.  “I’ve got it!  I remember one time…Wes and I went to go to a birthday party for one of his younger nieces.  And I guess she was a little upset because a clown couldn’t come?  Or something like that.”  She waved it off.  “The point is before the other kids came…we wanted to do something to make her feel better.”  Her cheeks reddened.  “So we dressed up in costumes,” she said with a laugh.  “Wes dressed up as a dinosaur and I dressed up as a cavewoman and he pretended to chase me around the house while she watched.”  She smiled fondly at the memory.  “His niece was one of the nicest girls I ever met!  She kept trying to step in and save me…it was…it was so much fun.  Weird.  But fun.”

She chuckled again, and then looked up at Heath.  “Something tells me that you don’t see that story as juicy though.  But honestly, think of me in a Tarzan costume and it probably will help things…” she said with a wink, fooling around with her dress.  “I was skinnier then and I wasn’t so self-conscious about my legs either so it was seriously up to here,” she explained pointing to a spot several inches (for her) above her knee.

His eyes remained warm, focused as she told her story.

"You'd be a cute Tarzan. You sound like such a wild child back then." He grinned at the thought. His eyes darted to her tiny hands on his, that it wrested look coming over him. "Sounds like Wes was great with kids."

“Ha!  No…Wes was just good with some of his relatives,” Aimee said.  “He…he really didn’t trust me with anyone else.  He was always a little protective.  It was something that I got used to.  I figured that there was no way I wouldn’t worry about someone if they were as small as I am to you.”  She shrugged lightly.  “Maybe that’s why so many people always tell me I’m different from other humans.  I don’t know.  I don’t really think about it as much as I should.”

She smirked when he called her a wild child as an afterthought. “I really probably wasn’t that cute looking back on it.  I just didn’t think so much about things back then.  I was still pretty naïve about most things and so was he so when things started to happen…we just kind of reacted how we thought was most appropriate.  Even if it wasn’t appropriate in the least.  I really wasn’t that wild…Wes just had this way of making me feel…” her face warmed for a moment.  “Free.”

He gave her a bemused smile, lowering his hand gradually against the slope of his chest.

"I wish I could have met him." Heath said reverently. "For what it's worth, I'm grateful that he took care of you, showed you how to be happy before I could find you. I'd thank him for that."

He lifted her up to his chest and she pressed against it with her hands.  “Not to change the subject, bu I love hearing your heartbeat,” she said softly, nuzzling against the stiff fabric of his shirt.

“I really do think you would have liked him,” she continued.  “And hearing you say that, Heath…” she pulled away from his chest to look up at him as she best could considering the awkward angle, “I can’t tell you how much that means to me.  Because I wouldn’t have been like for you, without him.”

Heath didn’t know what to say. Very few times in his life had he ever been treated with such pure tenderness. With such love. It left him speechless, and he could only look at her with that heart-achingly softened gaze of his.

"I know," he said kindly. A fingertip slid up under her curtain of hair to stroking from the back of her neck to between her shoulder blades.

He felt kinda funny, tilting his head to his chest to see her. He knew despite her praise, that this was not the most flattering angle. But he was willing to work past that for her.

"Our past can't be excluded from the future," he mused.

She could tell that Heath was shocked by her words, but she couldn’t help herself.  Even with Wes she always felt the need to speak her mind when she was feeling things.  And she certainly felt things for Heath.  But…as she looked up at him, never once did she worry that the didn’t appreciate her words.  He looked so thankful.  She wondered if anyone had ever spoke to him the way she did.  Or Sarah, too.  It seemed that they both loved him.

She turned her cheek back to his chest as she could tell he was feeling a little awkward looking down at her from such an extreme angle.  But that didn’t stop her from shuddering like crazy when Heath’s gentle touch ran behind her hair.  “H-Heath,” she whispered, hiding her face in the folds of his shirt so he wouldn’t see how flustered she was from just the touch of his fingertip.

“I agree…” she said softly.  “Which is why I have to ask…” she trailed off a bit, gripping his shirt even tighter.  “I want to know about your past too.  I’m not saying you have to tell me everything.  But…I’d really like to know about your father, Heath.”

The tension was immediately evident. He inhaled sharply and let it out again.

She felt the large, usually confident man suck in a gasp from her surprise question and for a moment she thought about retracting it.  Maybe it wasn’t the time…but then the words started tumbling from his mouth.  Aimee remained close to him as he spoke, trying desperately not to focus so much on the gentle touch running down her back.

"Everything seemed perfect when my mom was alive. Probably just rose colored glasses talking, but it seemed that way." The stroking continued, but at an irregular pace. "She had this garden... Flowers, vegetables, you name it. She had a real green thumb from what I remember. My dad was still not MVP of parents or anything, but we kept it together. Took me fishing once a year..."

“Your mom sounds nice…” she mused.  “A garden…” she trailed off, quietly impressed, before her facial expression darkened.

"Do you know what he said to me when she died?" Heath gave a short, scornful laugh, eyes close to glistening. "He said 'only the strong survive Heath, remember that'. I think he was angry at her for leaving him like that. Angry at me because I was the only one left to blame. Which y'know would have been fine for like a year. I could forgive him for that. But he never... I was never good enough for him. Barely even blinked an eye when I graduated from Princeton with honors. He was a machine, not a man."

“That...that’s a terrible thing to say about your mother,” Aimee whispered, for some reason upset to hear it.   Why did she feel like crying for him?  This didn’t affect her in anyway but she felt such a strong pull for Heath about it.  He didn’t deserve to hear something like that after he lost his mother.  This pain that could be felt by giants was so new to her.  She knew that giants were people, but sometimes it was hard to see them that way.  They were nothing more than immense beings who went about their lives and could be cruel or kind.

But Heath really reminded her how much truth there was in Skylar’s statement.

They really did hurt the same way.

“I’m so sorry Heath,” she said after he fell silent.  “I wish I could say more, but I…I just don’t understand how hard that must have been for you.  I know you’re probably tired of hearing me say this, but for what it’s worth, I think despite it all you turned out great.”

Deep down, she wanted to know how his father actually passed and how that was like.  But she didn’t push.  She knew that Heath would only reveal so much of himself at a time before he stiffened up and started to drag his feet.  She wouldn’t push him so instead she started to rub his chest with her hand, hoping it would sooth him.  “Thank you for telling me, Heath.”

Though he was uncomfortable with being this vulnerable, Aimee's kindness worked wonders in calming him. For a moment, he closed his eyes, allowing her to comfort him. It felt surprisingly good. Peaceful.

"What about your folks? You remember much of them?"
She shook her head, growing a bit uncomfortable herself.  “N-no…” she said.  “I mean I know I have parents…that would make sense…but any memories I have them are pretty much gone.  I don’t know…” she mused.  “When I was younger I could have sworn that I still remembered them in pieces.  A bit here or a bit there.  A touch.  A hug.  Maybe my mother’s words saying things to me but I think I was too young to remember.  And now…I really don’t remember anything except maybe remembering…if that makes sense.”

Heath frowned, opening his eyes. Intelligent conclusions were being fired off and drawn.

"So… As far as your memory is concerned, you've been in the shelter system your whole life? Just moving from family to family?"

She nodded carefully.  “I mean…yes…as far as I know,” Aimee said in a slow voice.  “I mean the earliest memory I have is…” she stopped for a moment…thinking hard.  “I think I was at a retirement home when I was really young.  Humans were there to talk to the older people and give them some company.  I think it was good?” she said with a sheepish chuckle as she tried to remember any details, but all she could remember were faces and loud voices.

“I think it was when I was around ten or twelve that I was placed in a shelter to make me available for families to adopt and then it becomes a bit clearer.  So yes…I guess you could say that I’ve been in the shelter system my whole life.”  She gave out another nervous laugh.  “Lucky me, huh?”

He let out a sigh overhead. The life of a nomad from such a young age... He tried to picture Aimee as a youngster briefly, but it was too small a size to fathom. After so long... She finally had a sense of security. Firmly planted roots somewhere she could call home. Or so he hoped.

She felt Heath’s chest rise and fall as he let out a sigh and she wondered if she was being a downer.  “Heh, but it’s honestly not so bad,” she said sheepishly.  “I mean I’ve had some good memories and bad memories just like anyone else I think…” she trailed off as she heard Heath speak.

"I… I'm glad I have you now." It wasn't what he intended to say, but he had to stop himself from saying something drastic.

“You…” she pulled away from his chest to look up at him, despite his discomfort looking down at her like this.  “You really are?” she couldn’t help asking, her eyes wide.  She couldn’t help it, after talking about her past and hearing all about Heath’s she felt so vulnerable in his hands.  Her look softened.  “I’m glad to be here with you, Heath.  For what it’s worth.”

Despite her attempts to downplay it, Heath remembered how terrified she had been when he first opened that box. That was not the natural state of well-balanced individuals. Hearing her past made her more real to him in a sense. She had grown up, been other places besides the here and now. It was interesting to say the least.

He felt her move and angled his chin down sharply so he could see her. He didn't smile, but his eyes were tender.

"It means more than you think, Aimee."

“Hmmm…I’m glad,” she muttered, returning her cheek to his chest and simply relaxing for a moment.  The two remained silent for a few moments, only the gently tracing of Heath’s finger working up and down her back.  Aimee sighed…it…it was good to be like this.  For a moment it had felt that Heath was going to say…she wasn’t even sure what.  Her nose scrunched up in thought but she couldn’t figure out what he could have possibly wanted to say to her.
She felt him shift and glanced up to see him looking around.

He glanced at the clock, no doubt looking for an escape from the heavy conversation.

"I'm going to take a quick shower. You need anything from the bathroom?"

“Oh okay,” she said, sounding a bit sleepy…a bit too comfy for her own good.  “Yeah, I should probably take a bath and wash this gunk out of my hair.  Skylar put a little gel in it to help keep my ponytail smooth.”  She reached up and touched her messy loose locks.  “So much for that, huh?  Do you mind just dropping me off at the sink?”

Heath felt her lurch a little in his hand as he stood up. Just inertia, but he had become more observant since adopting Aimee.

He filled up the water for her and made sure she had a fresh washcloth laid out before heading around the corner to his own shower stall. Some people might gawk that he would go about such things so casually with a human, but he rather liked the routine they were falling into together.

The shower heated up in seconds, and he stepped under hot steam, letting the water provide more therapy than a shrink ever could.

Once Heath was in the shower and out of sight, Aimee slipped out of the new dress Skylar had bought for her and went into the water.  It felt amazing.  She dunked her head under quickly and scrubbed the sticky gel away from her hair and felt the own texture of her hair coming through again, her bangs soaking around her eyes when she bobbed back to the surface.

The water was warmer than usual so she didn’t bother to get out right away, just listening to the sounds of Heath in the shower and her own wading around.  It felt so good to relax and know that he was close by.  The water felt great after that conversation and the small smile never left her face as she continued to move around in the soapy bubbles, moving them around as she swam.
After a few moments of wading around, she curled up in the corner of the sink, treating as one might treat a hot tub and rested her arms on either side of her to prop herself up, keeping her chest covered just in case Heath appeared when she wasn’t expecting it.  She still needed to put a little conditioner in her hair, but for now, this was nice.  She laid the back of her head against the counter, staring at the ceiling before she closed her eyes, simply enjoying the moment.

"Hey, Aimee?" he called over. He waited, standing still in the shower to hear a faint reply.

Her eyes open lazily when she heard Heath’s voice, but she kept her head in place.  It was just too comfy to move.  “What is it?” she called.

"So I was thinking... There's this annual charity fundraiser coming up in a few weeks. Mostly it's a lot of booze and socializing with people... I was wondering, I guess... You up to breaking a tradition and come with me?"

She remained still as he explained what was going on.  Charity fundraiser?  Booze?  Other people?  She swallowed.  Though, she remembered that things had gone well with Corey and Skylar.  Maybe they would even be there so she would have other people to talk to.  She pondered it for a moment before closing her eyes again.

“Breaking a tradition?” she called over, wondering if there was any way he could possibly hear her.  “What do you mean?”

Heath had to stick his head out of the shower for a moment to hear her clearly.

"Oh, I've just uh…never seen anyone you there. I think it would be fun to get a reaction out of em." The shower turned off, and a towel was pulled off the rack out of sight. "Y'know...Let me show you off a bit." His voice was laced with laughter near the end, no longer distorted by the running water.

A reaction?  She knew Heath didn’t mean anything by his words, but it still kind of made her a bit uncomfortable.  Still though, it would be nice to get out of the house and do something with him that a normal girlfriend would do.

Her face grew pink.  Was she really calling herself his girlfriend?  She smiled gently at the thought of it, thinking that is was okay.

“Show me off?” she called, still keeping her eyes closed, enjoying as the water went from hot to just pleasantly warm.  “I…I guess we could do that.  I don’t mind going places with you, Heath.  I’ll be happy to go if you want me to.”

The idea of no humans there made her nervous but she knew that Heath would always help her acclimate to different situations.  She was willing to try doing anything new so long as he was there.  She sighed against the bubbles in the water, listening as Heath finished up his shower.
Take Me Home Aimee III: Five
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