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Happy Holidays, folks!

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So it really is funny that I stumbled upon this website. It's so great to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys G/T movies and G/T writing. :-) I hope that people enjoy my stories because I really do enjoy writing and getting feedback.

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The Traveler: Chapter Four

When MJ woke up again she found herself being cradled against a very toned and very tanned chest.  Her eyes went upward and before her was a beautiful man was holding her body with only one arm and pulling her closely too him as he navigated his way downward.  
"Not much longer now," he mumbled his voice reverberating through his and her body.
"Who are you?" she asked.
The man chuckled, "You are definitely not an Elf."
MJ was still puzzled, where was her pixie?  Who was this stranger who had taken her?  Suddenly she recognized the bright green hair and finally saw the color of Aldar's eyes.  They were as green as his eye and sparkled as he carried her down to the ground.  When they reached the floor of the forest Aldar kept her close to him as he waited for the change to take place.  MJ really could look at this pixie.
"You're beautiful," she whispered reaching up a hand to touch his chiseled face.
"You're not so bad yourself, whatever you are," he replied and then placed her gently on the ground and backed away.
"Where are you going?" she asked feeling helpless.  Surely he wouldn't leave her now?  She felt her fingertips beginning to tingle and the sensation caused her to pull back.
"You're changing back," Aldar explained from far away.  "Just relax, it will be over in a few seconds."
And Aldar was right, when MJ looked around again she was her normal size.  The forest looked big, but not nearly as terrifying as it did when she was being cradled in Aldar's arms.  Still, that wasn't all that bad…
"Hey," a voice interrupted her thoughts.
MJ was sitting on the ground now and Aldar was approaching her with hesitant footsteps.  Could it be that he was frightened of her again now she was able to move more freely?  MJ looked at the pixie in a different way now that she had seen him being his size and not her own.
"We should get going, the night is approaching and I like to be near a village before night settles in."
"Of course," MJ said and stood up.
"You know," Aldar began and jogged to catch up to her as she began to walk.  "We could get there a lot faster if you carried me."
"Huh?" MJ stopped in disbelief and watched Aldar struggle to catch up to her.  She fell to one knee and held out her hand and without even a moment's hesitation Aldar scrambled on and stood up in her palm.  
"Can't you fly?" she asked and held him up closer to look for his wings.
"Please, not so close Elf…MJ I mean," and MJ reluctantly pulled her hand away from her face and held him at chest level.
"What direction?" MJ asked instead and Aldar pointed.  "There, we'll go through the woods for a little while but the Elves should be in their own dwellings by now.  And no, Ms. Know-It-All I cannot fly."
MJ carefully started in the direction that Aldar pointed but looked down to see Aldar failing at maintaining balance in her hand.  "Are you alright?  Maybe you would feel better riding on my shoulder?" she suggested and Aldar looked up with as much dignity as he could muster sitting on the palm of a giant girl.  
"Yes, that may work out better." And then he jumped of MJ's hand and climbed up her shirt to sit on her should.  "Yes," he agreed and MJ felt him pat her almost like a well trained horse, "this is more suitable."
"Now, you must tell me," MJ began before Aldar interrupted.
"I do not have to tell you anything.  For all I know you are a Rejecten elf.  I would be giving you information that the elves could use against us Pixies.  Such a crime would be punishable by death."
MJ stopped suddenly causing Aldar to fly forward but not before MJ steadied him with her hand.  Aldar pushed it away and remained calm.
"This is what I am talking about Aldar.  I already explained to you that I am not an elf, but you are talking of things that I simply do not understand.  You have mentioned pixies, magic, wings, elves and even rejected elves, but yet you offer me no explanations?  How am I to trust you?"
"You are not to trust me and nor I you.  We must make sure you are safe to the lives of other pixies before I give you any information."
MJ found herself becoming increasingly more frustrated dealing with this tiny pixie, "It's just like the stories; you pixies are a weird and shifty little species," and began walking again sighing to herself.  MJ could feel Aldar shifting around, as if deciding whether to ask her something but she decided to ignore him.  She hoped that not all pixies were like him, crafty and refusing to talk to her about things that interested her.  Oh how she longed for a notebook and pencil then so she could write this all down!  She would write fantastic stories about this tiny pixie and his ability to shrink her.  MJ shifted her eyes so she could look him while she walked but before either of them could say anything else, MJ stopped again.
"Stop doing that!" Aldar shouted out, having to grab her shirt to steady himself on her shoulder.  He attempted to give MJ a glaring look but was silenced when he saw what the large being was looking at.
"Rejectan Elf camp.  Just be quiet and keep going." He whispered harshly.
"Not until you explain this to me." She whispered back.
Aldar actually began to shake and MJ became worried.  What was so wrong with these elves?
"MJ we move now or I make you move.  There are not options," he said in a shaky voice.
"No," MJ held her ground.  She had to know.
"You are not an Elf, at least I can conclude that," Aldar said and MJ looked over as his fingers began to glow again.
"No," she whined…but it was too late.
When MJ looked around she looked at Aldar standing over her.  He grabbed her arm then and jerked her away from the lights and deeper into the woods.  Surprisingly she stayed small until the camp was out of sight and quickly MJ found herself sitting against a tree while Aldar recovered.
"I cannot shrink you every time you get on my nerves.  Can you not understand what I tell you?  Am I not actually speaking your language correctly?  When I tell you to move, you move.  You or I have no business near a Rejectan Elf camp.  I have no desire to die, and for you I fear much worse."
MJ looked sheepish.  "I'm sorry, but you won't explain anything to me.  Even you agreed that I must not be an Elf…"
"Because an Elf would not be as stupid as you!" Aldar burst out and put his hands on his tiny hips.  "Look, I will tell you what you need to know, but you need to trust me…"
"I thought you said I couldn't trust you," MJ interjected.
"Though I personally do not believe that you are an Elf, there are rules, young one, which we pixies must follow.  I don't know where this love and interest of elves is coming from, but I can assure you that you version of Elves is not what you will find in this world.  I apologize about saying you and I cannot trust each other, so I will request that you instead trust me to get you safely back into my land and then, if you pass the trials, I will tell you what you need to know."
MJ raised a thin eyebrow and looked skeptical.  "I want to know everything about this world."
"And know you shall.  But now we must hurry.  Night is falling, and Rejectan Elves have been known to scour the woods for solitary pixies.  I must get back; you have taken what little magic I have for the night."
MJ stood up and looked down at the tiny creature staring up at her.  She had written so many stories of giants but never in her wildest dreams did she think about being a giantess herself.  And if Aldar was able to shout and scream at her, how big were the Elves which caused him to quake in her hand.  "You want hand or shoulder?" she asked hoping not to offend him.
Aldar crossed his arms and walked up to her feet barely able to see her face at such a low and awkward angle.  "Shoulder.  Sitting in your hands is creepy."
"Whatever" MJ scoffed but obliged.  As night fell the woods became louder and scarier to MJ.  She knew that Aldar could do some magic, but how helpful could a 6 inch man really be if something were to attack them in the night?  Furthermore, how big were the animals in this strange world?  Were they pixie sized, or were they closer to her own size?  MJ wanted to ask, but knew that Aldar was not providing any answers at this point.  Though the thought angered her, she did find some comfort that someone, no matter how diminutive, was with her as she was alone in this strange land.
"We're almost there MJ." Aldar said softly and her ears perked up.  "Many will be very curious about you and I do not want you to be frightened.  I would shrink you down but I am afraid I am done using magic for the rest of the night.  My body is not designed to be able to shrink something your size ever, let alone twice in one day.  I do not want you to be offended if some are frightened of you, they may see you only as an Elf at first, but with time, they will smell no Elf on your being."
"My being?" MJ asked.
"You will have to sleep outside tonight; there is no dwelling that could accommodate something your size in our world.  Do not say anything about the Elves…"
"I don't know anything about the damn Elves," MJ interrupted.
"And you must not reveal too much about yourself.  The trials will more than likely be held the next day.  After the trials are completed and it is found that you are indeed, not an Elf, we can begin to figure out what to do about you."
"What does that mean?" MJ asked helplessly knowing that Aldar would not give her answer worth listening to.  Much to MJ's surprise she felt him touching her cheek gently with his tiny hand as if to offer her comfort.
"I will find a way to get you home again.  This is no world for a being like you." He said softly and MJ blushed.  MJ felt Aldar pull his hand away.
"Your skin.  Why does it feel so hot all of a sudden?"
"No reas…"
"Shhh!!" Aldar whispered in her ear.  "Stop.  We are here now."
MJ froze and looked around.
"Amazing" she whispered back and stood in absolute awe of the pixies home.

* * *

When MJ and Aldar stopped there was a large clearing in the woods.  All around small houses were protruding from the trunks and bright lights glowed from within.  The homes reached so high in the trees that MJ could not see them all, but could see the trees glowing like New York at Christmas.  When she lowered her head again she could see more homes built into the trunks of the large trees with tiny porches and tiny chairs on the porches.  
"Like doll's furniture" she said to herself, hoping Aldar did not hear her.
All over the ground were tiny dirt roads leading to different trees and what few pixies were out and about screamed and ran for shelter in the trees.  MJ bit back the need to call out to them and tell them not be afraid of her, but she remembered Aldar's request to remain silent.  The town reminded her of a train set with all the little buildings and benches and walkways and roads.  She couldn't wait to see the town in broad-daylight and smiled thinking about how lucky she was even though she was a little nervous for the trials that awaited her tomorrow.  Perhaps, she should have asked Aldar what those were going to be like.
"Councilman," Aldar suddenly shouted and MJ tried her best to remain still.   "We have a strange and new visitor to our parts.  She will not harm others but she must be subjected to the trials."
"Who are you talking…" MJ whispered but Aldar slapped her ear lobe and MJ stopped talking.  
After a few moments a cloaked figure emerged from one of the small building and started walking towards MJ.  He looked smaller than Aldar but as he finally reached MJ's feet he suddenly began to float towards her face.  So the pixies could fly!  Aldar had lied to her, stupid pixies and their laziness!  MJ waited patiently as the creature floated up her, his wings slowly flapping like a large Eagles.  When he finally was at MJ's eye level, he took down his cloak to reveal himself.  MJ was shocked to see that this 'councilman' did not look much older than Aldar!  She had prepared herself for a withering old man with powers just like in the stories, but this pixie was even more attractive than Aldar.  This pixies had red hair the color or Shyla's  but falling smoothly down his shoulders.  His eyes, of what MJ could tell were also red and this new pixie looked to stand several inches taller than Aldar.  His face was sharp, but MJ thought he was beautiful.  Were all pixies going to make her feel like a mousy little school girl?
"Speak," the new pixie said clearly.  "Are you a Rejectan?"
"No," MJ said clearly and confidently.  "I am not…" but the pixie held up his hand before Aldar could silence her.
"I will ask the questions."  He continued slowly.
"Surely you do not mean to give the trial now?" Aldar asked.
"I mean…Searcher," the new pixie spat out with disgust, "That I want to talk to this…thing," and he turned his intense red eyes back on MJ who was beginning to feel scared.  The pixie suddenly looked surprised and to MJ's relief found his stare to soften.
"I do not mean to frighten you." He said softly.  "But as the councilman it is up to me to make sure I do not put my entire race in danger.  Am I scaring you?"
MJ bit her lower lip, embarrassed to admit she was.  This man seemed strong and powerful, and could probably perform magic circles around her so she thought she had every reason to be nervous.  She nodded and MJ almost felt bad for the saddened look that crossed the new pixies eyes.  He seemed kinder than MJ, at least towards her.
"I apologize.  I do not mean any harm to you if you are no Elf and judging by your heartbeat and rapid breathing, you are either no Elf, or the best performance of a kind Elf that I have ever seen.  Put down the Searcher," he commanded.
"You mean Aldar?" MJ asked.
"Aldar…the Searcher?  Yes, I do mean him." And MJ put her hand next to her shoulder so he could climb off.  After lowering him to the ground, MJ remained on one knee so to be closer to him but…
"Stand, you do not need to be so close to the Searcher." He asked and waved at Aldar.  "You will get your promotion Searcher, but be off with you now.  I will take care of your find."  Aldar nodded but impulsively MJ reached out and blocked his walking area.
"No," she exclaimed looking up at the councilman.  "I mean, please, sir, I am new here and he has been such a great help.  I may not be alive if it wasn't for him" a slight exaggeration on her part, but the thought of Aldar leaving her alone with the councilman made her nervous.  As gently as she could she scooped Aldar up in her hand and stood up to look at the councilman but kept Aldar below both of them at chest level.  The councilman's red eyebrows shot up in surprise at this brave and strange creature.
"You…desire the company of a Searcher?" he questioned.
"Just until I am more comfortable." MJ tried.  
The councilman waved his hand again as though the thought was not even worth arguing about.  "Very well.  Perhaps I was too rash about you Searcher.  Let the girl stay with you tonight.  Tomorrow at high sun we shall have the trials.  If anything happens to her overnight, your life will pay the penalty.  Furthermore, if this girl is found to be an Elf, your life and your sister will pay the penalty.  Do I make myself clear?"
MJ looked down at her cupped hands as Aldar hung his head.  "Yes, sir.  She will be ready when the sun is at the highest in the sky."
"Good then." And with that, the councilman began to float downward.
"But wait," MJ called out to him and he turned around.
"My dear?" he asked in a voice that almost seemed too kind for him to utter.
"How will I stay with them?"
The councilman laughed loudly then, tinkling and almost musical, "How silly of me," he scoffed and MJ saw his entire hand glowing bright red.  "Now I am sure the Searcher has shrunk you down already, but his magic is weak and pitiful.  You will stay the size of the pixies until early sun tomorrow," and with that he tossed a red fireball at her face and MJ felt herself falling to the ground.  Delicately, she landed on her feet and dusted herself off as Aldar and the councilman now stood before her.  If MJ were to say, in human numbers, how tall the two were, Aldar would be tall, over 6 feet tall, easily towering over her.  However, the councilman stood much higher than that, Aldar's head barely reached the councilman's armpit.  Both were so beautiful and strong looking and MJ could not hide her embarrassment, noticing that the councilman was looking her lustfully.  Slowly, he walked up to her and fell to one knee in front of her and MJ shook with embarrassment for being embarrassed and even more embarrassed for wanting him.
"Do not shake in front of me," he cautioned MJ.  "For some reason, your fear bothers me.  Why do I still scare you?  We are almost the same height now."
MJ shook her head, "We are not."
The councilman bit his lip and continued to look puzzled.  "You will find that I am quite trustworthy Miss…" he trailed off.
"MJ," she whispered.  
"M…J," he whispered back enunciating each letter as Aldar had first done.  He reached out a hand then towards MJ and she instinctively flinched away.  But rather than stop, the councilman reached out and gently touched her shoulder.  "I am Riya and I will not have you being scared of me.  If you are found not to be an Elf, I will do everything in my power so you are not scared of me." And with that the gigantic pixie stood up and ruffled her hair gently before turning away.
"Not a thing is to happen to this one Searcher.  If I find her disheveled, or violated in anyway your death will be on my hands; one of the bloodiest our town has seen in centuries."
"Yes, sir," Aldar said compliantly and watched Riya disappear back into the dwelling of which he came from.  Aldar slumped down then and MJ wondered if she should have let Aldar go back to his home so he wouldn't be put in this desperate situation.
"I am no Elf, Aldar.  You and your sister will be safe." She tried and Aldar straightened up to his full height, now towering almost a foot and a half above her.  He had nothing on Riya.
"I hope you are right.  My life may be in his hands, but if you are wrong and my sister is murdered, her death shall be on yours for all eternity.  But for now we might as well go to my home.  Now that you will fit and all," he scoffed with a half smile.  Carefully, he draped a long arm around her shoulder and pulled her into him causing her heart to race once more.  What was with these pixies?  
"I'm glad you are okay now.  I feel better knowing that you can sleep in a house and not out in the woods by yourself," and lead her to what must have been there home.  MJ shifted under his arm and tried to look up at him,
"That thing he kept calling you…a Searcher?  What does that mean?"
Aldar shrugged and looked down at him, "It's just my title.  Don't you have titles in your land?"
"Sure, we have jobs.  But he makes it sound as if that's what you are, and not just what you do."
"It's the same thing." Aldar muttered.  "But no more talk.  The trials will be over tomorrow and I will be able to answer all of your questions freely then."
"The trials!" MJ burst out and Aldar stopped.  "What will happen to me tomorrow?"
Aldar smiled and grabbed her hand, both were surprised at how MJ's hand disappeared in his.  
"You are tiny even for a pixie," he commented.  "The trials will just be the councilman asking you questions.  He is able to find truth hidden in lies and therefore will be able to assess if you are what you say you are.  If you are not Elf than he will probably allow no harm to come of you.  I do worry that he seems interested in you…"
"And why is that?" MJ asked attempting to be flirtatious but Aldar's eyebrow furrowed.
"The councilman is obsessed with immortality.  He is also a man who likes to trade with the Elves.  This is why he has so much power, there is no telling what he would do if he found…ahh I've said too much.  No more questions." He asked and stopped in front of a beautiful porch on ground level.  "Searchers get the ground," he said conclusively.  "Prime locations for nothings like me," and he laughed while pulling her inside.
MJ still didn't understand the logic of the pixies.  Nothing was what it seemed to her.  Perhaps Aldar wasn't lying to her when he said he couldn't fly.  MJ shook the thought away and promised herself not to ask Aldar any more questions until the trials were over.  
"It's not much, but since it's just me you can have my bed tonight and I'll sleep out here," and he grabbed a pitcher of water off a table and poured it into what looked like a large shell.  "Water?" he asked and MJ shook her head.
"It's your bed," she began, "I don't mind sleeping out here."
"No," Aldar said and put the water down and walked up to her in two long strides.  Suddenly Aldar did not look so tiny and cute anymore.  He looked manly and as his green eyes bore into hers she flushed and turned away from him.  She felt Aldar grab her shoulders and turn her around to face him.  "You may be a giant, but for now you are a guest in my home, a woman guest no less.  I will not have a woman sleeping out here while I sleep in a bed.  It is settled." And with a gasp Aldar swept her up into his arms like a child being put to bed and carried her into his bedroom.  Not too gently though, he dropped her on his bed and knelt beside it.
"Sleep." He ordered her and MJ obediently crawled under the covers so all that stuck out were half of her face and her two hands.  Aldar laughed lightly and stood up.
"The trials will be fine." He told her and touched her forehead.  Unlike with Riya, MJ did not flinch at his touch but rather lifted up her head slightly to feel it all the more.  Aldar looked embarrassed but smiled gently.  He lowered his head down and pecked her head before backing away and standing in the doorway.  "Good night." He said and left the room with no lights on.
MJ rolled over, knowing that the trials were going to be fine.  However, even though Aldar told MJ that he was not worried, as he walked into another room and kissed another forehead he could not help but feel that he wouldn't sleep a wink that night.
The Traveler Chapter Four
Four chapters in a day??  Haha, I hope someone enjoys them!
The Traveler: Chapter Three

MJ scanned her own brain, 'a borrower?' 'a pixie?' 'a fairie'?  She noticed that the small created was, at least in physical appearance, a young male with bright green hair that was spiked all around his head.  She couldn't see any wings, but that didn't mean that they weren't there.  His dress was almost like khaki shorts and a white-t-shirt if she were forced to describe it but the material didn't exactly fit the description.  He looked like he might be very attractive in his small form but his face wore a confident smirk as he stared at MJ.  The two continued to look at each other for quite sometime and MJ was fascinated that she was having such an awesome and realistic dream.  
"Don't scream," he said in perfect, surprisingly low-pitched English.  He didn't sound like what she thought a farie or pixie would sound like.  She always imagined them having high-pitched voices but this one was very low.  MJ must assume that this was a man who had found her in such a vulnerable position.  However, MJ didn't feel like listening, she wanted to get out of this dream and write it down.  She screamed as loud as she could and scrambled to unhook her parachute.
"No, don't!" the tiny man yelled and jumped onto her hands as if to stop her.  MJ stopped flailing for fear of hurting the small creature, a simple knock with her hands would either send him into a tree or down onto the ground where he could most defiantly die.
"What the hell?" was what she screamed instead.
The tiny being shook his hand and attempted to pat one of her, to him, giant hands.  The sensation felt weird because MJ could barely feel anything at all.  It was as if this thing was trying to comfort her.
"I wouldn't do that Elfling," he said still shaking his head.
"Elfling?!" MJ screamed which sent the tiny being falling backwards into her now cupped hands grabbing his ears.  MJ continued to feel worried that this, whatever it was, was going to get hurt because of her insensivities.  She had written so many stories about giants, but never had she imagined herself actually being one.  And now, here she was with a tiny man sitting in her cupped palms shaking from just the sound of her voice.  
"Sorr..," she began but the small man stood up and interrupted her.
"Not so loud Elfling.  How did you get up here?  This is not your territory."  
MJ was surprised at his questions and finally sat completely still.  The man still sat in her hands and she felt honored that he felt safe enough to sit in the hands of a giant.  MJ was a very nice and sympathetic person and would never intentionally hurt another person but what if she wasn't?  She could have easily crushed this person with just the flick of a few fingers.  Perhaps, if MJ and this being were the same size she could understand his confidence but they were not.  However, MJ could see that this creature was not that young either.  It looked to her as if he may be in his late twenties.
"Are you a faerie?" she tried asking him.  The being looked surprised but tried to maintain his composure.  He stepped out of her hands and back on the nearby leaves.  MJ assumed he was light but surely he was not so light that he didn't add weight to the delicate leaves.  Before he could answer MJ reached up and touched a leaf with one of her fingers.  It easily moved underneath.
"No, I am not faerie," the man said simply and hopped even farther away from her massive frame.  "Answer my questions, did you hurt your head Elfling?  What in the world are you trapped in?  I've never in my long life seen anything like that before."
"It's a parachute," MJ said nervously.  She couldn't help but feel as if this being was scared of her.  
"Pair-of-shoot," the being repeated slowly.  "Never heard of it, but it doesn't really matter to me anyway.  Elfling, what do you suppose to do to get yourself out of that tree?"
"Why do you keep calling me Elfling?" MJ finally dared to ask.  She wasn't sure why but MJ was a little intimidated by this tiny creature.  His ability to hop around the trees without showing any fear of falling was interesting.  However, she didn't like he was moving away from her, as if losing interest and he may be her only way to get out of this tree.
"Well," the creature began, starting to come closer again to MJ's relief, "you're obviously not a pixie, and though you are certainly one of the smallest elves I have ever seen, you seem more elf than pixie…"
"Pixie?" MJ interrupted, "that's what you are?"
The creature laughed loudly and danced through the leaves until he was level with her face.  "You really did hurt your head didn't you?" and pinched her cheek with one of his tiny little hands.  MJ gasped in pain and surprise at this gesture.  Without thinking, she grabbed the tiny man in her fist and brought him up to her face.
"That hurt!," she moaned.  MJ could feel the tiny create shaking in her grasp.  MJ felt horrible for snatching him up like that but by no means was she going to be bullied by a creature only 6 inches tall!  
"I'm sorry; you're not going to report this to the elves are you?"
MJ loosened her grip then and kept staring at the stranger person, "report to the elves?  What?  No!  I just don't want you to pinch me again.  That hurt," and with that the man scrambled out of her hand and back onto the nearby branch.  MJ could see that his knees were still shaking terribly and she regretted her actions.  The pixie cleared his throat and looked behind and around her into the woods.  For a moment, MJ feared that he would run away leaving her to be found by whatever else was in these strange woods.  
"Please don't leave," MJ whispered.  "I’m so sorry Pixie.  I don't want you to be frightened of me."  How bad of a fan writer was she?  MJ prided herself on creating gentle giants that won over the hearts of little folk and she was terrorizing a man who barely stood the height of her middle finger.  
The pixie turned and faced what he thought was a small, if not stupid, Elfling girl.  He also felt bad but he would not let his guard down again.  Her size was too imposing but at the same time she couldn't seem to get out of her 'pair-of-shoot' to get out of the tree.  She was in the pixies territory now and part of him wondered if she was a deserted Elfling.  Elves would often 'remove' the un-perfects from their society and just seeing how old this Elfling looked she was not the right size for the elves.  She was smaller than most Elfling children but she was obviously no child.  And as for her face it was too plain to be accepted by the Elves.  Finally,
"Your hair," he gasped.
MJ reached up her hand and touched her brown bob, "yeah what about it?"
The pixie shrugged his shoulders disbelievingly.  "It's just…well pixies usually have hair that exaggerates nature; greens, blues, and reds and the Elves carry the color of sunlight.  And yet you, you hang here before me with hair the color of dirt.  It's very rare to have a dirt-haired child, be it the Pixie or the Elf race.  It makes me wonder, if you are not an Elfling as you claim you are not, than what exactly are you?"
"I'm a human.  But you can call me MJ."
"M…J?" the pixie repeated.
"Uh, it's short for Mary Jane."
"Mary Jane, that makes a bit more sense to me."
"What about you?"
"Aldar," the pixie said proudly and pointed at his own chest.  Men.  They were the same no matter what or where they were.
MJ reached out and grabbed her parachute.  "Aldar, do you think you could help me get out of this tree?"
Aldar scratched his bright green hair and looked at the giant being in front of him.  True, she was no Elf but he still only stood as high as her finger.  She didn't seem to know anything about the elves so he wasn't so much worried about being reported but maybe he should just send her to the Elves anyway.  They were closer to her size and would be better able to protect her than he would.  Still, her hair worried him.  Elves were rarely accepting of 'dirt-haired' children and this girl certainly had dirt hair.  Maybe sending her to the elves wasn't such a good idea.  At least not right now.  Elves rarely liked to be bothered and were especially annoyed with 'pixie affairs.'  The Elves found the pixie race to be silly and too small to be of value, however, this being assumed that he could be helpful to her in some way.  That certainly was not normal for an Elf.  Aldar had found Elves before in the woods that turned away his help, choosing to die rather than admit they need help from a pixie to survive.  Perhaps, he could help this…human.
"I suppose I will let you come with me." He said slowly.  
"Great!," MJ smiled at him.  "Thank you so much Aldar!"
"So what exactly are you going to do?" MJ asked.
"There's only one thing I can think of.  I can't undo the parachute because the fall may kill you and I may not be able to slow you down quick enough.  I don't do this very often because Elves would not allow it, but you claim to not be an Elf so it should be okay."
MJ couldn't hide the nervousness on her face.  "So you are going to…"
"Shrink you."
"WHAT?!," MJ screamed and Aldar grabbed his ears.  "Sorry, but what do you mean you're going to shrink me?"
"It will only last a few minutes.  My magic doesn't last that long.  But if I shrink you, I can pull you out of that 'pair-of-shoot' and bring you over to the ground so you can follow me to my house."
"That sounds terrifying," MJ mumbled.  "I don't want to shrink.  What if you can't bring me back to my normal size?"
But Aldar was already rolling up the sleeves on his white shirt revealing muscle definition that even MJ could appreciate.  Suddenly she saw the tips of his fingers faintly glowing and he turned to her with a much more intense face.  
"Aldar just wait a moment," she sputtered but the suddenly a light flashed before her and she passed out.
The Traveler Chapter Three
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The Traveler
Chapter Two

The taxi door closed and Shyla settled next to a very excited MJ.  After handing the taxi driver the directions, location, and half of the fare, Shyla tentatively grabbed MJ's hand and smiled.
"I'm going to miss you so much."
"Sweetie, I'll be gone for three days!  You won't even have time to miss.  Why don't you go on a date or something?"
Shyla rolled her eyes.  "I wouldn't be caught in public with one of those Neanderthals.  What if word gets around that I can tolerate pigs?"
The two of them sat in silence for a while as the taxi pressed forward to the airport.  MJ looked so excited, smiling to herself, her small frame in the taxi draped in a loose white dress with grey cropped leggings.  Her fingernails were freshly painted dark blue to match her heavy eyeliner.  She wore her red converse sneakers today, her feet being only a size five and she kicked her feet nervously as they hung over the seat.
"You don't need to fidget," Shyla offered.
MJ looked over at her and smiled.
"I know, it's just I forgot to tell you something, but I'm afraid if I do, you'll worry too much."
This did catch Shyla's attention.
"Oh gawds, now what?" Shyla asked looking at her best friend.
"I'm not actually going with Andrew or Michelle on the plane," she began slowly but Shyla jumped up in her seat nearly giving MJ and the taxi driver a heart attack.
"Please miss!" her voice rang out, glaring at the two girls through the rear-view window.  
"I'm sorry!" Shyla stuttered and turned to MJ.  "You can't tell me that you are going to Europe by yourself."
"No! No, just on the plan.  Michelle and Andrew are taking different flights.  We're all going to be at the same hotel by the evening."
But Shyla still wasn't satisfied.  Not that it mattered.  MJ shrugged as the taxi driver came to stop in front of the airport.  This really was happening way too fast.
"No big deal Shyla, I'm a big girl," she commented as Shyla got out of the car and stood in front of her petite friend.  MJ broke out into a huge smile. "You know what I mean, damnit," she laughed and rolled her suitcase up to the airport doors.  Shyla jogged to catch up with her friend.  How strange was it that she was taking the flight all by herself and she was only saying this to her now.
"Did you tell your dad?" Shyla asked.
MJ kept walking but shook her head no.  Shyla couldn't believe she was hearing this.  Her dad would have never approved her taking a flight to Europe by herself and this was probably why she didn't tell him.  Questions flooded Shyla's mind as she struggled to wade through the crowd to keep up with MJ.  Who would she talk to on the plane?  Was some one from the school going to meet her at the airport?  So many things to worry about, and as Shyla watched her friend navigate through the crows, her protective instinct took over and she caught up to her easily with a few long strides.  Draping her arm around her shoulders Shyla looked down at her friend and squeezed her tightly.
"Well this is it.  I get on here," MJ said and for the first time in a long time, MJ sounded nervous.  "It's a shame my family couldn't see me off also."
"I'll be your family, "Shyla offered.  "It's just I can't shake the feeling that this is happening so fast.  To make me, your family, feel a little better can you at least admit that this is happening a little too quickly?"
MJ looked up at her friend slowly and dared to show some vulnerability.
"It's happening too fast, but it's such a great opportunity Shyla.  I would be a fool not to take it.  I've been looking for so long to find a way for people to taking my writing seriously, not having even written a full book.  Yes, its fun to write online, but I want to be a real writer Shyla.  This could be my big chance to get the tools and training I need."
"Okay, okay," Shyla laughed and crouched down to press her forehead against MJ's.  MJ was more nervous than she would have ever let on.  Shyla wrapped a hand around MJ's head and instead brought her into a hug.
"I'm going to miss you so much," Shyla whispered. MJ wrapped her own around Shyla and buried her face into her shoulder.
"It's only a few days," MJ said, but it sounded more like she was trying to reassure herself than Shyla.
"Just a few days," Shyla repeated obediently.
When the two released one another, both of their eyes were wet.  MJ sniffed loudly and turned away before saying another word.  She couldn't bare this a minute longer and if she looked at Shyla again she may just decide to wait for Andrew and Michelle.  Suddenly, riding a plane alone and being in a different country by herself, even if only for a few hours, sounded rash and lonely.  But, MJ had always prided herself on being the stronger of the two of them.  So rather than cry openly, MJ jerked around and started walking toward her flight.  Shyla called out to her, but MJ just lifted her hand and waved goodbye and kept walking until she couldn't hear her anymore.
Eventually MJ settled into her seat, angrily wiping away her tears.  She wouldn't open her laptop to check her website until the plan took off, so instead she pulled out her MP3 player and drifted off even before the plane took off.
"It's stupid really.  Crying for only a few measly days," she mumbled before closing her eyes.

* * *

Shyla knew that MJ was proud, but when she pulled away and left without looking at her again, Shyla felt hurt.  Slowly, she reached and ran her fingers through her bright red shag and allowed herself to smile.
"That's freaking MJ for you at her finest.  Always so proud" and shook her head and walked back to catch another taxi to go back to school.

* * *

When MJ woke up, she knew something was wrong.  She jerked upward and looked at the man sitting next to her.  He was whispering loudly into his cell phone MJ couldn't help but feel nervous.  His eyes looked hysterical and wild when he turned to look at her.
"What's happening?" she asked while at the same time wondering why he didn't wake her up.  The man stopped then and gave his full attention to her.
"Oh…miss I was hoping you wouldn't wake up.  Plane's been hijacked, no idea by who.  The men don't seem interested in ransom, so who knows what they're up to," he grabbed her shoulders and shook her violently.  MJ shoulders rocked, tossing her brown hair out of place.
"Okay okay!," MJ screamed trying to release herself from his steely grip.
"Here," he said in a more steady tone and handed her what looked like a backpack.  "Parachute, when we can, rather if we can get out of here."
"You mean jump out?" MJ asked not even bothering to play it cool.  She reached into her pocket, grabbed her phone;
"No fucking service?!" she screamed not liking to curse.
"PUT YOUR CHUTE ON!" the man shouted at her and MJ obeyed.  "Word has it, that one steward is pretending to be a passenger.  Damn idiots didn't catch him.  He's gonna' open the door and then it's everyone for themselves.  I gotta family, I can't die today.  You remind me of one of my daughters so I can help ya in anyway…" and he trailed off putting a meaty finger to his lips as if to shush himself.
MJ peaked over her seat, but couldn't find anything suspicious.  Still, now wasn't the time to do something stupid.  MJ hunched back down in her seat and waited for the man next to her to give another command.
"This is it," he whispered roughly.  "Steward's makin a move, be ready girl cause I'll run ya over if I have to."
MJ looked over at the man.  "You're not running me over," she answered, "I'll be…"
"Go!" he screamed loudly and pushed her forward.  Everyone started screaming then and MJ remembered getting shoved off the plan and flying through the air.
She screamed before remembering she had a parachute and tugged on the cord as she plummeted toward the ground.  The chute opened up loudly and momentarily pulled MJ back up higher into the air before pushing her back down again.  The fall was slower then, and she looked around and watched the plane disappear from eyesight.  She couldn't see if anyone else was jumping, but as far as MJ could tell, no one was.  What the hell had just happened?  She looked below her feet and through the clouds she could finally see where she was going to land.  The island looked small, but full of forest.  As she crashed through the trees, her parachute got caught and MJ gasped as she realized she was snagged in a tree probably fifty feet or so off the ground.
"HEEEEEEEEEELLLPP!" she screamed.  She looked around but all she could see were trees.  How high up was she?  She couldn't see the ground but it wasn't as if she could spend all day in this tree.  Darkness would be coming soon, so with shaking fingers she went to un-strap herself.  As she fumbled around with the buckles she couldn't help but notice a small sound in the distance.  Stopping, she darted her eyes to look into the trees.  What could possibly be in the trees way up here?  An animal?  A bird?
"Hello?" she asked nervously.  The branches and the leaves rustled again.  "Please, if you trees can hear me please know that I'm not going to say I'm crazy and ignore you.  In fact, I'm a writer so I will believe just about anything," she finished off with a hint of desperation in her voice.  After finishing her speech MJ finally saw more definable movement.  Something IN the trees was moving, not the trees themselves.
"Please," MJ pleaded, "whatever you are, don't hurt me and I won't hurt you.  Not that I am sure I even could seeing how as whatever you are can move in the trees and I'm stuck in this parachute," MJ's whole body began to shake then.  She was scared.  The ruffling in the trees was getting closer.  "Please, I just want out of this tree.  If you can help me, I'll just leave the woods and you won't ever see me again."
Again, the leaves just shook, even closer still.  MJ gasped.  Just what was she dealing with here?  So many stories she had written, why was her mind only now drawing a blank?  The rustling kept coming when suddenly she swore that she saw a small figure jumping from leaf-to-leaf…no…no that wasn't possible.  This was a dream.  
"Too many fan-stories," MJ mumbled to herself and looked to her side.  MJ loudly sucked in her breath taking in what was now right next to her.   Hovering around her shoulder now stood a small man, maybe only 6 inches tall standing on a leaf.
The Traveler Chapter Two
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The Traveler: Chapter One

And as she stepped into his awaiting palm he brought her up to his face, his piercing blue eyes searing into her small grey clouds.  She could feel the warmth rushing to his cheeks and she reached out a small hand to touch a small part of his great face.
"No matter what the size, I will love and protect you always Kaylee," he whispered to the small and beautiful companion in his palm.
"I know that you will.  I trust you."  Kaylee mumbled and braced herself for one of Brin's gigantic and yet comforting hugs.

* * *

MJ stopped reading to herself and shut her laptop with a satisfying thump.  She released and audible sigh and thought about the high hopes she had for her latest new fan fiction, taken and twisted from Mary Norton's "The Borrowers."  In MJ's story rather than the girl who stood only six inches tall running away from the human beans forever, she decides that her friendship with the boy has turned into love.  She eventually determines that her love for the boy is so strong that the two stay together always.
It was typical writing for Mary Jane, or MJ for short as she liked her friends and some professors to call her.  MJ had a talent for creating beautiful story lines around already existing characters.  She always knew that writing was her talent and though she did also enjoy hearing herself singing in the shower and in the dorms she knew that writing was something to take more seriously.  MJ was only nineteen and had already written hundred of fan fictions for many of her favorite fantasy stories, but her favorites lately now involved faerie-tale lands involving giants, dwarves, wizards, elves, dragons, pixies, and sprites.  However, MJ had been known to surprise her 'fans' by tackling short stories involving post-apocalyptic futures and robots.  And though she never liked to admit and would complain openly on her website about it she found a certain charm about vampires and werewolves.  You couldn't ignore what was popular.  Most of her stories had borderline romance undertones but MJ rarely attempted girl on girl or boy on boy action.  Deep down MJ was a vanilla romantic and though she mentioned this, many times, her readers were always requesting storylines where famous warriors got in on like Greek warriors.
Speaking of which, it is important to note that MJ does have fans.  However, most of them would never refer to her as Mary Jane or MJ; online she was known as ImmortalElfGoddess15.  Online, ImmortalElfGoddess15 was famous.  Every week, thousands of readers would look to see what her newest fan fiction was about on her website.  Readers would lose themselves reading about familiar characters doing unfamiliar things.  They would look to see if their current favorite vampire had found a way to become mortal for the woman he loved to spare her from eternal damnation.  They would look to see if a humanoid computer had proposed to his human creator.  Readers would actually post fan art to her website in relation to her tales and a comment on her latest story and even provide suggestions for her next piece.  Every week something new and exciting and yet something familiar and loved.
In MJ's mind she really did have it all.  On the internet people would come to read what she was writing and for that she found a great amount of pride.  However, in real life things were a little different for MJ than ImmortalElfGoddess15.  Mary Jane was actually college student at her local state school majoring in English Literature with a focus on Middle English.  It sounded like a great degree on paper but MJ's closest friends and family knew that MJ only took this major so she could take classes like 'Science Fiction' and "Young Adult Literature' so she could harness her craft as a writer.  MJ knew that she loved to write and had no problem telling everyone around her; her talent was considered special enough not to keep quiet about it.  Her fan fiction website was fun, but deep down she knew couldn't make a career out of it.  Eventually, MJ would have to grow up and get a job or become a famous writer.  If there was a way that MJ could become a writer she would do it, but for all her great fan stories she had trouble writing longer tales and creating her own worlds with accuracy that most would find tolerable.
Once in high school, MJ had tried selling her fan fiction to her readers.  That definitely did not go well and MJ hated the idea of even losing a few of her readers.  However, something's were looking up for MJ.  Either today or tomorrow MJ was expecting a very important letter in the mail.  By some freakish chance that she couldn't explain MJ was being offered a chance to study abroad at a very "Oxford-ish" like university.  It was the chance of a lifetime coming to a girl in a state school and only two other students would be chosen.  MJ smiled to herself, writing was her passion after all, and she was being offered the chance to be serious about it.  
"Any mail yet?" MJ asked the minute her roommate walked into the dorm room.
"Sweetie, it's 10 in the morning.  Are you working on your paper?" MJ's roommate Shyla rolled her eyes as she settled onto her own laptop on the bed clicking away loudly.
"Huh," Shyla's voice began in mock suspicion, "I see were writing, but what you were not writing was your paper."  Shyla turned to face her friend who was wearing a sheepish expression.  "A new story MJ?  Really?"
MJ blushed in a way that a person only should when caught sneaking around with a boyfriend.  Nope, MJ was thinking about her story.  She opened up her own laptop again and opened her website, her eyes widening with surprise.
"Wow!  I only posted this a half hour ago and already 37 hits and 5 comments!  Yeay!" she squealed.

• Great Story!
• Nothing but the best from you ImmortalElfGoddess15!! 
• You rock!
• I am going to read "The Borrowers" right now!
• Do your paper

MJ snapped her head up to look at her roommate with a sharp look but Shyla was already reading her newest story.  MJ let Shyla read her work until it was finished.  She loved her best friend's honest opinion about her stories and even though she didn't appreciate the comment on her site, she knew that Shyla would offer her some great insight to her story.  Some of the stories that MJ had written in the past were only after Shyla's request.  MJ was the writer of the two of them, but Shyla read like the world was coming to an end.  This was hardly where their differences ended.
Shyla and MJ didn't even really look like an obvious pair but the two of them had been inseparable since elementary school.  Shyla had bright red hair cut in a severe "anime-school girl" style shag.  She loved to wear tight jeans, various colors of low Converse Chuck-Taylors and graphic t-shirts.  Guys on campus would flock to her because she was total laid back hottie.  Not everyone could dress the way Shyla did and still look sexy but Shyla secretly took her body very seriously.  Every morning before most college students were even awake Shyla would go for long jogs and after getting back to the dorm would do yoga for about a half hour to keep her arms and stomach taut and toned.  Shyla had a couple of small tattoos hidden under her simple clothes and over 10 piercings throughout both ears but her face remained clean.  She preferred dark eyeliner around her sleepy hazel eyes and cherry flavored Chapstick.  She smoked more heavily than MJ would have preferred, but she couldn't deny that smoke mixed in her musky often masculine perfume gave her an irresistible woodsy and smoky scent.
MJ may not look as flashy as Shyla but she had her good points as well.  MJ's hair hung delicately on her face as a modernized page boy haircut with heavy bangs sitting on her eye brows.  Her hair was a very deep chestnut brown that worked well with her pale skin and dark brown eyes.  Delicate was a word that many would use to describe MJ.  She had soft features and was more than half a foot shorter than Shyla and barely carried 100 pounds on her tiny frame.  However, that shouldn't cause a misunderstanding!  MJ had her share of tattoos, some hidden, and some not so much.  On the underside of her write was "Live and Love the Fantasy" written in French.  On the back of her neck, almost hidden by her hair was a small pair of fairy wings.  In her nose, she normally wore a delicate sterling silver ball that glistened in the sun.  Shyla and MJ made quite a pair on campus.  They weren't your typical beauties but few men could deny their overall sexiness.  They were the type of girls that guys went for when they were tired of the blond bombshells.
"An elf and a pixie," was how MJ would describe it.
And though Shyla wasn't exactly into writing and pure fantasy like MJ was, Shyla openly supported MJ by reading all of her stories and finding published works that may inspire her.  Shyla had read everything MJ had ever written and was there when MJ first started talking about posting her stories on a blog.  She was there cheering her on as her stories became the most popular thing on the entire website and encouraged MJ when she asked whether she should just start her own website.  After it started and MJ became uber-sucessful, Shyla forgave her after she realized what a diva she was becoming.  Finally, Shyla was there when they decided to go to college together and be roommates.
And now, Shyla was waiting for her best friend to receive the opportunity of a lifetime, while losing her for a year if she did.  What would she do without her best friend?  Almost everyone else in the dorm drove her nuts and every guy in the dorm?  That was the most annoying of all.  Every time some guys on her floor went out drinking or partying she literally had to lock herself in her dorm they wouldn't try to ask her out…or worse.  From the look of it, it would seem as if the tiny, delicate fan writer MJ was the more dependent or fragile of the two girls, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  MJ was tiny, and mouthed off constantly about it but she was strong in spirit and determination.  MJ convinced Shyla to get tattoos, to get the piercings, and work hard enough in high school so they could get into the same college.  She was Shyla's rock and she couldn't imagine a year without her.
Shyla let out an audible sigh.
"What?" MJ asked with slight apprehension.  Was it possible that Shyla didn't like her new story?  That would be a first.
"You're good.  Another success I'd say," Shyla said in a simple tone and shut her laptop. Rolling out of bed then she walked over to MJ, "Now you…" she continued while grabbing her friends hands and pulling her off the bed to stand up, her small hands disappearing in Shyla's, "lets get breakfast, I'll nag you so you'll write your paper and the mail will be here before you know it."  Shyla smiled down from her 5' 9" frame, MJ barely reaching her shoulder.  MJ returned the grin and knew that what Shyla had suggested really was a good idea.  The letter would come, and the paper needed to get done.  

* * *

The large manila envelope lay on MJ's bed, as if taunting the two girls looking at it.  They clearly knew who it was from and what it was about, but MJ, for the past two hours refused to open it.  There was so much pressure riding on her now, and she was not usually the one who stressed about things.  When Shyla was waiting for her acceptance letter from college she would call MJ crying hysterically every night wondering if maybe the school had forgotten her.  It was annoying to calm and comfort her every night but MJ played the role as the anchor in their friendship and consoled her to sleep.  When the letter finally did come, MJ had to deal with the awkward hugs from Shyla who had a bad habit of scooping MJ off her feet to pull her closer.  Nothing angered MJ more than being reminded how short she was.
"Obviously, if you weren't accepted they wouldn't send you a large, puffy envelope.  It's probably filled with forms, information and documents you have to fill out.  Just open it so you can call your parents and then finally get started on your British Lit paper."  It wasn't like Shyla to speak so boldly, but she was getting worried about her friend.  MJ looked up at her face with fierce eyes.  Odds were, MJ knew that Shyla was right.  No way could this school deny her and then send her a jam-packed envelope.  MJ took a deep breath, her small shoulders rising up and down.
"You're right," she concluded and snatched up the envelope, tearing it open in the process.  She grabbed the opening paper and abruptly turned away from Shyla for some false feeling of privacy.
Shyla stood there hopelessly, wondering what to do if she MJ were actually rejected.  Would MJ cry?  She rarely cried, so if she did, it would definitely be awkward.  Would she expect Shyla to comfort her somehow?  Would she…
"I'm in!" MJ's excited voice rang out loud and confident.  She danced around the room an image of a dancing pixie came to mind, one from one of MJ's stories.  Shyla smiled, embarrassed for enjoying her friends happiness so much.  So much she wished she could share a small part of her friend's joy.  Suddenly MJ's happy face was bouncing around her chin, she looked down, startled.  MJ's usually calm, stoic face beamed with happiness.  MJ reached up and grabbed her friend's shoulders, pulling her down so they could be eye-to-eye.
"Thank you!" MJ said slowly and hugged her.
"Congratulations, "Shyla returned, enjoying the embrace.  "But what are you thanking me for?"
MJ squeezed her even more tightly, "Because you were always there for me.  Telling me to keep writing, keeping up on my website, helping me write these stupid college papers.  Thank you Shyla.  I can't believe it!" and then MJ released her friend.
 "I'm going to Europe!" she screamed and punched her fist in the air, much like an over-excited child.
"When will you leave?" Shyla asked, the reality of this moment finally sinking in.  MJ was leaving for a year.  She couldn't even imagine it.
"The actual studying abroad thing won't happen until the end of the summer, but…" she looked down at her paper and frowned.
"But…" Shyla prodded not liking where this was going.
"But they're giving a complimentary tour of the campus.  They even included a round trip plane ticket," holding out the actual tickets as if she couldn't even believe it herself.
"For when?" Shyla asked feeling desperate and inwardly shaming herself for doing so.
MJ's frown lowered even more.
"The day after tomorrow."
"Now that's just weird!" Shyla accused which immediately put MJ on the defensive.  The frown left her face as quickly as it came and was replaced with pursed and pouty lips.  Not a good sign.
"And just why is that so weird?" she challenged.
"It's…it's just so sudden…" Shyla stammered.
"So you think it's weird that a school like this would want me to visit their campus?"
"Or do you think it's weird that they would want me at all?" MJ asked marching right up into Shyla's personal space.  The height difference didn't matter, at least not with Shyla at this intense moment.  Shyla didn't want to upset her friend.  Not when something so huge and so great was happening to her.
"You're right," Shyla said slowly, and held up her hands accepting defeat.
MJ's lower lip quivered for a moment and for a split second it looked as if she might cry after all.  Instead she turned around, sat on her bead, and flipped open her laptop clicking and typing furiously.
"What are you doing?" Shyla asked.
MJ looked up at her and smiled, obviously having already forgiven her.
"Emailing my Brit Lit professor.  Erik will be so excited that I've been given this opportunity that I may not even have to work on that paper until I get back."
Shyla sat next to her on the bed.
"That's probably true, but I wish you wouldn't call him Erik.  His name is Dr. Miller."
"Oh please!  You crack me up sometime Shy.  No professors want to actually be called Dr. Anything anymore!  OH!  Good he's on FacePage, and look," she exclaimed happily tapping the screen:

Don't worry about the paper.  
Congrats and I'll see you when you get back

"Well that's good then I guess," Shyla replied unable to hide her sulkiness.
MJ closed her laptop once again and gave Shyla a hard look.
"Do you really think it's that weird?  The plane tickets I mean," MJ asked.
There were so many things Shyla wanted to say to that.  She was excited for her friend, but she had to admit that things were happening a little too fast.
"Hey," MJ interrupted her in a soft tone.  "The tour is only for a couple of days.  I'll be back by next weekend.  I don't actually leave for 3 months!  We can hang out all summer.  You watching me work on my site, "she laughed out loud.
"That's true," Shyla conceded.  MJ ruffled her friend's red hair playfully, a hilarious act to any onlooker.  MJ walked away from her then and grabbed her cell phone.
"I'm going to call my dad.  Let him know the big news.  Probably won't see him even before I leave.  When I get back you can help me pack okay?" and smiled broadly.  
Shyla smiled back, as MJ shut the door behind her.
Staring at the closed door, Shyla still wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel about MJ leaving the day after tomorrow.  Excited?  Of course she was excited for her best friend.  This was an amazing opportunity.  But did she have to leave Sunday?  The whole thing seemed so rushed.  They lived in Maine, so was crossing the ocean, wouldn't the school think she might want to see her family before she left?  Furthermore…didn't MJ want say that two other students were being picked?
Shyla poked her head out the dorm window and looked down.  MJ, obviously still on the phone was bouncing around a lot, laughing and talking loudly.  Shyla turned around and leafed through MJ's stack of papers from the school.  Finally, Shyla found what she was looking for:

Andrew Carson Jr.
Michelle Walters

Darn.  Shyla knew who Michelle was.  She had Child Psychology with her.  Good writer, just like MJ.  It made sense that she was picked.  Now Andrew, she had never heard of him.  She opened up her computer and pulled up her FacePage.  And there was Andrew Carson smiling back at her.  Both Michelle and Andrew's pages indicated their excitement as well.

STARTING TO PACK!!! – Michelle's page
TOO EXCITED TO TYPE!! -  Andrew's page

Shyla slammed her laptop shut.  Just what was she hoping to find?  Fake names?  Something to upset MJ about?  She was overreacting.  MJ was leaving Sunday and she would be back on Thursday.  Life would go on until the start of next year.  That's what should Shyla should really be worried about.  This campus tour was only a few days.  She would be gone for a whole year soon.  What would she do without her?  She rubbed her cartilage piercing thoughtfully just as MJ burst into the room, smiling ear to ear.  She ran to her closet, pulled out her bright green suitcase and starting throwing in her clothes.
"Your dad cool?" Shyla asked.
"You know it," MJ said.  "He say's he's going to wire me some more money.  I'm going to take a taxi to the airport on Sunday morning.  Wanna come with?  See me off?" and she smiled coyly for effect.
"I'll be there.  Hey…MJ?"
MJ turned around.  "What is it?"
But Shyla decided to let it go.
"Don't you dare pack your red scarf.  It's ugly," and pulled it out and held it over her head.  This was uncharted territory for MJ with anyone else, but both girls laughed as Shyla kept the scarf away from her.
Neither of them knew that Shyla's hesitation may have prevented what was going to happen next.
The Traveler
This is story OLD. It needs a lot of work and it needs a lot of editing, but I really wanted to share this story and see what you guys think. The whole thing is finished and is almost 180,000 words... but I still want to know what you guys think. Chapters won't always be posted promptly, but I'll drop a chunk off today and see what you guys think. I know I've been busy with publishing, so I just wanted to give back. And yes... this is a modern retelling of Gulliver's Travels... with a twist.

Have a wonderful night guys and any advice about this story would be helpful and appreciated!!
What $10 US or 800 Points will get you!! by cewilson5
What $10 US or 800 Points will get you!!
Check it out, guys! Real paperbacks! And if you live in the US, I can ship you one!
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Other than that, have a safe and happy holiday week, folks!! I wouldn't enjoy writing so much if not for you guys!!


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I love your story's! Especially the Take Me Home: Aimee story's. Please make more of those story's.
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Hello, thank you so much for the fav :heart:
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Sat Jun 28, 2014, 9:53 AM
I need to start posting again. Hopefully I'll get some more up of Take Me Home Aimee next week. :-)
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