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Hey There, RPers

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2015, 7:23 AM

So... I just watched the new version of King Kong for, like, the umpteenth time and I can't this idea out of my head.  Would anyone be interested in trying an rp story with me loosely based off this plot?

The idea would be this.  There's a giant who has been cast onto and island by a 1st world government system to fend for himself.  He's a medical experiment gone wrong and, rather than risking other countries finding out about him, they place him on this un-civilized island.  There are inhabitants, but they see the giant as a punishment from their god and 'sacrifice' beings to him once every few months.  At first the giant doesn't do anything with them, but when the inhabitents start to grow brave and try to attack him, he realizes that he must do these horrible deeds to save his own life and keep the natives of the island away.  He becomes an almost brutal monster, and though he vagely remembers his own language, it has become disjointed over the years.

However, on one particular night of the sacrifice, he realizes that the girl they have sent does not look anything like the others from before.  She has blonde hair like him, and stirs something up about his past that he hadn't thought about in years.  He is crude, but the girl, despite being afraid of him, tries to remind him of what he once was and what he could be.  Thus, kinda following the King Kong story.  Other details will be explained to those who are interested.

Any takers?

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So it really is funny that I stumbled upon this website. It's so great to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys G/T movies and G/T writing. :-) I hope that people enjoy my stories because I really do enjoy writing and getting feedback.

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Hey There, RPers

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2015, 7:23 AM

So... I just watched the new version of King Kong for, like, the umpteenth time and I can't this idea out of my head.  Would anyone be interested in trying an rp story with me loosely based off this plot?

The idea would be this.  There's a giant who has been cast onto and island by a 1st world government system to fend for himself.  He's a medical experiment gone wrong and, rather than risking other countries finding out about him, they place him on this un-civilized island.  There are inhabitants, but they see the giant as a punishment from their god and 'sacrifice' beings to him once every few months.  At first the giant doesn't do anything with them, but when the inhabitents start to grow brave and try to attack him, he realizes that he must do these horrible deeds to save his own life and keep the natives of the island away.  He becomes an almost brutal monster, and though he vagely remembers his own language, it has become disjointed over the years.

However, on one particular night of the sacrifice, he realizes that the girl they have sent does not look anything like the others from before.  She has blonde hair like him, and stirs something up about his past that he hadn't thought about in years.  He is crude, but the girl, despite being afraid of him, tries to remind him of what he once was and what he could be.  Thus, kinda following the King Kong story.  Other details will be explained to those who are interested.

Any takers?

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Take Me Home Aimee IV: Four

Aimee's blue eyes widened as she continued to research while Heath was gone, keeping track of every sound around her.  She didn't want Heath to see what she was up to.  Aimee smiled as she watched different couples go about different ways to confess.

How had she even done so with Wes?  It had been only a few years ago, but she was having a difficult time even picturing it.  Picturing him.  All she could think about was Heath.  That had to count for something.

And then something occurred to her like she had been plucked from Heath's pocket again.  She remembered.  She now remembered why the word 'love' was on her mind so much today.  Right before she had passed Heath's car.  She said it.  She was almost positive that she had.  

But deep down she hoped she was wrong.

Because if she did say it, why couldn't she remember Heath's response?  Did he even have one?

A little over twenty five minutes later, the roar of a sports car died in the driveway. Soon after, the front door was opened. Heath was singing a quiet tune lazily to himself as he came to the office.

"Hey." He appeared in the doorway with a white plastic bag with a blue smiley face on it. There was something sparkling in his eyes now as he came over. He glanced at the screen off-hand, but was more involved in digging through the bag for her prescription. He pulled out a giant bottle faith just the bottom covered by absolutely miniscule tablets.

"Your meds are so tiny!" He shook the bottle a bit to separate the tablets. He turned a look to her, as if she should be amazed by this, too. Settling the bottle down on the desk, he reached into the bag again.

“H-Heath!” she blurted out surprised that he had managed to sneak up on her.  Quickly and gingerly she closed the screens she was on as she caught the sounds of Heath rummaging around in the prescription bag.  Once all evidence was hidden, she stood up and smiled.  “They're just tiny to you,” she teased, laughing as he shook the bottle.  “They'll probably be difficult for me to swallow...”

"I got you something." It was a box of chocolate truffles. "I know you're feeling like crap, and chocolate is basically a cure all." He grinned. "Sarah and I used to play this game; we'd hide the guide and take a guess what flavor was which as we went."

“ got me a gift?” she squeaked, walking close to the edge of the desk to see what he was up to.  “Chocolates!  Oh!”  Her face lit up at the idea.  Something he and Sarah did?  If it was anyone else who said something like that she would have been offended, but with Heath, she felt honored that he would want to try something with her that he used to play with Sarah.

“That sounds like fun,” she said, looking curious.  “There's no reason to do so in here...let's go to the living room so you can sit on the couch and get comfortable.”  She didn't say it out loud but she kind of wanted to relax as well and the couch was much more comfortable than the desk.  Heath smirked, probably knowing this was her plan, but he carefully picked her up in one hand and walked them both to the living room and set himself on the couch.

He grabbed the remote from its holster on the wall as he went to the couch. He selected a radio station, and within moments more modern music was pulsed quietly in the background through the state of the art sound system hidden in the ceiling. He placed Aimee on the arm of the couch so they were closer to eye-level and rested his right arm behind her, so she had a living wall of sorts to lean against.

He unveiled the box of chocolates in his lap.

"So we're not tempted to cheat…" He took out the guide and placed it face-down on the coffee table.

"This one looks like a caramel to me." He took the liberty of going first, and hence giving her an example. Heath picked a dark chocolate one and popped it in his mouth. He chewed thoughtfully, speaking with a lump in his cheek. "Cherry."

Realizing she would have a hard time biting into any of these, Heath dug around in his pants pocket for the pocket knife he had picked up in advance.

"Your turn."

“You mean so you're not tempted to cheat.  How could I?”  She started to laugh as she watched Heath start the game.  He looked so adorable with his cheek puffed out like that so he could tell her that his guess was wrong.  Why did he have to be so cute?  He made it so hard for her not to say she loved him.  Everything about him was so perfect from his hand resting against her to keep her balanced to the way his eyes lit up around her when he allowed himself to relax.

She shook her head when she realized it was her turn and started to glance over the box.  Hmmm...a few dark chocolates, and even a few milk chocolates.  What caught her eyes were the two or three white chocolate truffles.  Aimee remembered a time when Wes and her ate chocolate and a lot of the white candies had something fruity and creamy inside.  She pointed out to the white chocolate.  “That one,” she said, looking extremely focused.  “Raspberry.”

Aimee watched as Heath picked up the candy and started to inspect it.  “Go for it,” she said, laughing.  Heath cut into the piece and a light pink filling was inside.  “I bet it's raspberry,” she said confidently.  “It looks like it.”

"We'll see," he said, meticulously slicing a manageable sliver for Aimee. He let her take it off the blade of the pocket knife.

"What's our verdict?" He said, popping the other half of the truffle into his mouth. Raspberry filling oozed onto his tongue. She was looking rather smug over there as they both came to the same conclusion. "Right on your first try, not bad!"

"Let's see..." he hovered his hand over a dark chocolate one, then switched to a milk chocolate one with a leaf imprinted on it. "Espresso, maybe?"

“Doesn't look like espresso to me,” she said, shaking her head.  “It's not looking too good for you, boss man.”  She smiled though, enjoying the game.  The chocolate was amazing, she could hardly believe that it had come from a drug store.  It was like Heath was able to pick the best of anything no matter where he was.  She wondered if she applied to that.

He cut it in half – white cream filled the inside. He chewed on one half while cutting another sliver for Aimee. He was wrong again. But the fun part about this game was that it never felt like losing when you were eating chocolate.

"Mm, you gotta try this one." In the spur of the moment, Heath had the tiny piece balanced on one fingertip and was already reaching over to basically feed her by hand. He realized what he was doing at the last second and blushed.

“It's raspberry,” she said, smacking her lips and licking her fingertips.  “White chocolate usually has something fruity case you might end up needing my help,” Aimee said with a flirty wink.

She watched as Heath started to meticulously hover his hand over the chocolate pieces trying to decide what to pick next.  Her lips pursed and it took everything she had not to giggle at him.  “Are you sure you want to pick that?” she asked in a sing song voice as he almost picked a milk chocolate truffle.  Without a word he switched to dark.  “Espresso hmm?” she asked.  She had to admit that it was a good guess.  Dark chocolate pieces usually lended themselves to things such as raspberry fluff, orange or coffee.

And then suddenly a piece of chocolate was close to her face, balanced on Heath's fingertips.  She started to reach forward with her hands before she let out a tiny cry of surprise as she lifted up her bad arm.  Aimee glanced up at Heath, noticing his face was red.  Without thinking, she leaned forward and took the piece of chocolate between her lips and lifted it off his fingertip.  It was warm already from the heat on his skin and easily melted in her mouth.  She let out a moan before smiling with a look of satisfaction.

“That's really good,” she said in a husky voice.  “Thanks for the help.”

"Anytime..." he mumbled, drawing his hand back to himself slowly. He flexed it, as if her lips affected a residual tingling. "Your pick," he reminded her, trying to keep her from looking too much into the action. He routinely cut the piece she selected, and this time he brought it towards her on a fingertip, leaving it up to her how she went about it.

His expression was unreadable.  Had she done something wrong?  She watched with worry as he moved his finger around.  Was he wishing that she hadn't done so?  It was odd, Heath seemed to be conflicted.  Instead of taking the new piece from his fingertip this time, she reached out and took it with one hand, trying not to let her negative worries take over.  “I'm wrong this time,” she said, licking the milk chocolate off her fingers.  “It's cherry, again.”

Heath smiled, but wrinkled his nose briefly. "I'll pass on that one, then."

He picked up a white one with a swirl of dark on top. "What do you think? Strawberry crème?" he was cheating; he already knew from a time before he'd tried a similar one.

“White chocolate?” she asked, looking carefully at the chocolate.  “I would say either strawberry or orange cream.”  She held out her hand for the piece of candy and Heath gently slid it against her hand with his fingertip.  As she took it, she noticed that Heath had either been a little sloppy or maybe he was getting tired of the game because there was a smudge of chocolate left over on her hand.

As she started to lift up her hand to clean it off, she heard the loud clanking sound and her head jerked up to see Heath setting down the knife.  “Heath?” she asked, curious about why he was stopping playing.  Her eyes widened as Heath's hand descended upon her and he gently took her hand between his finger and thumb.  “What're...what're you doing....”

By accident, he got her hands messy when he handed off the sliver. His eyes locked onto the little smear and a smirk lit up his face at the opportunity. He put the knife down so he could grasp her arm between a finger and thumb. His gentle grasp slid to her hand, carefully applying pressure and leaning down to kiss her hand. He never got over how little her fingers were. So delicate, perfect.

"Sorry, I know it can be a little messy."

She trailed off as Heath's face lowered towards her hands and his lips met her hand.  “Oh...” she said, watching curiously as her hand and fingers practically disappeared around his lips.  The chocolate disappeared and his tongue came through his lips to pick up the remnants of chocolate which remained.  Aimee felt her heart pound.  “It's okay,” she said, smiling with red cheeks.  “I... I guess that's what happens when you play this game.”

"I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty. Better than never knowing..." He trailed off, reluctant to release her hand. It was so freaking small, sending the touch receptors in his fingertips haywire. But it was more than that; it was no longer just amazement. He loved her size, looked forward to the bizarre sensations she elicited.

"We can save the rest for another time." He replaced the lid on the chocolate box and set it on the table. "Oh hey, it's almost five! We can catch the game."

Heath left her side to stow the chocolate in the refrigerator. He returned with a Guinness and a tiny can of ginger ale (something he had been excited to find at a human-friendly corner store). Heath flipped through channels rapidly and picked one of several stations broadcasting the playoffs.

He sank back into the black leather sofa with a contented sigh and turned to look at Aimee, a small smile playing about his lips.

She smiled, though she was a little sad when he took his hand away.  Goodness, she loved the feeling he gave her.  He was so strong...and yet he was so careful with her.  Aimee blushed to herself as he pulled his hand back and started to pack up the rest of the chocolates.

“Oh?  Game?”  Her face lit up as she started to remember what he was talking about.  “Football!  Niiiiice…”  Aimee really did enjoy watching football.  She didn't know everything about everything in the game, but she did know that it was a lot of fun.  As Heath stood up to grab something’s (or so she assumed), she settled back in the couch cushions, feeling a slight chill when Heath wasn't close to her.  Was it a change in temperate?  Or was it something more than that?  

When Heath returned, she couldn't help but smile.  It wasn't the temperature in the house.  It was him.  He brought a warmth with him, along with his size, his beauty, his patience and his kindness.  She felt honored to be with him, as she watched him settle.  It was odd to be this low next to him, and her face flushed as she looked up.  Why did he have to do these things to her?

“You look excited,” she said with a grin, watching as he opened his beer.  She noticed a tiny thing in the palm of his hand and she tilted her head as she tilted her chin to get a better look.  “Whatcha got there?  It looks like it would be a little small for you.”

"The Patriots have a good chance of getting to the Super Bowl. The Jaguars' defense is a joke." He was a bit distracted by the commentary on the patriots' quarterback. He continued to pinch the little green can between a finger and thumb until her question finally sank in.

“I think I know about the Jags,” she said, trying to show that she understood what he was talking about.  “One of the worst quarterbacks I’ve ever seen and they just keep letting him start.”  

"Oh." He suddenly smirked. "Actually, this is for you—" he started to teasingly hand her the beer bottle twice her height. She made a face at him and he smiled wider, backing off. He lowered the ginger ale down to her. Heath held still as her itty fingers wedged themselves between the pads of his fingertips and the soda he offered.

"There's this little convenience store I never saw before... On my jog yesterday, I bought a couple human sized snacks. Forgot to tell you."

“Oh nice,” Aimee said, relieved to actually hold something designed for something her size.  It was still a little larger than a normal can would be in Heath’s fingers but at least it wasn’t a bucket of soda.  She gently pried the can open and took a sip as Heath started to pay attention to the commentary, following his lead and doing the same.

“You didn’t have to do that,” she said, though it was obvious that she approved as she used her good hand to take a few sips.  “Ohhhh…but this is good,” she said with a smile as she tried to get comfortable on the arm of the couch.  It was a little difficult with the can in her good hand, but she managed, crossing her legs.

Even though he was still wearing his slightly wrinkled work shirt, anyone could tell that Heath was completely relaxed. Even when he wasn't smiling, there was a positive energy surrounding him. He snorted in agreement with her statement about the Jaguars. It was pretty cool that she knew about this stuff at all.

Her stomach rumbled quietly and she realized that she was hungry again…but Heath had just sat down.  She took another hearty gulp from the can.  “What do you say to a little pregame bet?” she asked, turning to look at him.

His eyebrows shot up at the offer and Heath tore his eyes away from the screen to give her an intrigued grin.

"Name your terms."

“Hmmm…well personally I’ve always found that watching football games can be made even more interesting with some wagers.”  She rested the can of ginger ale between her legs so it wouldn’t spill.  “Since neither of us are expecting very much from the Jags, I say we focus on the Pats.  How about if the Jags score a running touchdown you have to tell me something about yourself.  If the Jags score a throwing touchdown, then I’ll you something about me.”

Heath looked intrigued, so she decided to continue.  “However…if the Pats score a running touchdown…you can give me a kiss…anywhere you want.  And if the Pats score a passing touchdown, I can kiss you wherever I want.”  Her face grew a shade pink, but she pressed on.  “What do you say, boss man?  Is there anything else you would like to add to the terms?”  She grinned over at him, pursing her lips as though daring him to add something else.

Heath slowly grinned. She certainly knew how to get his attention.

"That definitely does spice things up." He leaned down a bit towards her. "How about we add a little more...weight to the wager? If the Patriots make three field goals within 40 minutes, you'll give me that dance you owe me. If they don't..." His eyes glinted at her, curiosity and wondering. His free hand closed around her – under her knees and around her back, and moved her forcibly to his lap. "I'm not putting you down for the rest of the night.

Yeah. Like that was really a bad thing for anyone.

Aimee smirked.  “Sounds like a win-win for you, Heath,” she said, letting out a tiny yelp when Heath swept her off the arm of the couch and placed her down.  “But I guess you’re used to always having things your way,” she teased, relieved that she had managed to grab her ginger ale.  She took a heavy sip and then looked at the TV.  “Hmmm…those are some rough terms, boss man…” she tapped her chin in thought, pretending to think about it.

"Now you're catching on," he said. In this case, he fully intended to have his way. It wasn't like Aimee minded.

Her head snapped up and her smile was wide.  “I think I’ll agree to these terms,” she mused.  “Besides, you’re just too comfy to pass up.  Warm, too,” Aimee continued, getting herself comfortable and making sure that her injured shoulder had room to breathe.  “I don’t recall ever saying that I owed you a dance though,” she said.  “When exactly did I say that?”

He looked down when debated, having assumed she would already consent. For a split second, he was worried she was upset with him. Then she was beaming up at him. His heart fluttered and he gave her a lopsided smile in return. Heath had to focus to remain relaxed as the tiny girl shifted atop him. Not because it made him uncomfortable, just the opposite. But he knew she could feel everything he did.

Heath heard her last question as he was tilting back a satisfying swallow of the dark beer. He smirked and leaned back in his seat.

"You didn't," he said. "I decided it myself. Not a bad way to be in my debt, right?"

He smiled somewhat cockily and glanced up at the screen.

Even though it hadn't been more than twenty minutes, he felt like it was satisfying some undisclosed desire as he lightly cupped her midsection. Her arms draped over the curled fingers and the tiny can rested in her hands on his knuckle.

Aimee knew that she had to start paying close attention to the game.  She wouldn’t put it past Heath to trick her into thinking she had lost some part of the wager, not that she cared, but she still wanted to be on top of this.  As Heath settled in to watch the game, she did the same, keeping her can close by and occasionally lifting it up to her lips to enjoy the spicy soft drink.

As she moved around, she could occasionally feel Heath looking down at her, giving her such a cute smile.  Cute.  Heath was charming.  Heath was charismatic.  Did people know how adorable he could be?  She smiled, motioning towards the TV.  “The game’s over there, boss man, shouldn’t you be being attention to the Pats?” she teased when their eyes met occasionally.

“It’s a terrible way to be in your debt!” she squeaked out when he shifted away from him.  The can of pop almost slipped from her hand but she held tight and tried to tilt up her head to get a better look at hm.  “I…I can’t dance in front of you!  I’ll make a complete fool of myself…especially with my shoulder…” she trailed off as Heath looked down and gave her a knowing look.  Damn.  Heath wouldn’t judge her and she knew that.

“We’ll just have to see how the game goes, then, won’t we?” she said, challenging him.  “Which for the record…is over there!” she blurted out with a laugh, pointing at the screen again so he would stop looking at her.  When he looked at her like that, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep her feelings to herself.  Harder to deny how she felt simply by not coming out and saying it.

Her face blanched slightly as one of the Patriots running backs broke a tackle and scrambled into the endzone.  “Since when do the Pats scored running touchdowns?” she said, surprised before she looked up at Heath.  “Well a deal’s a deal…” she said.  “You owe me a kiss.”

Heath's smile quieted and he returned his attention to the game. Not hard other sucked into. He didn't really complain in front of Aimee because he knew how sensitive she could be... But he had missed this bit of his old bachelor routine: kicking back with a beer and the game. It was nice to be able to share this part of his life with her.

His beer sat half-finished on the coffee table. Realization struck him as he watched the player run into the end zone. It went to commercial next, giving him his opportunity. He could kiss her anywhere he wanted....

"Decisions, decisions..."

She lifted her head up to get a better look at Heath as he apparently started to muse it over.  What was he thinking about?  She smiled at how deep in thought he was.  Was he really taking this so seriously?  The thought warmed her heart as his deep voice reverberated around her, making her stomach feel like it was full of butterflies as his hand shifted and he scooped her up.

Aimee watched as his eyes danced over her tiny frame.  What was he considering?  She had expected a kiss on the cheek…maybe his lips brushing against her neck…she shuddered at the thought of what he would do.  His eyes fell on her lips…and then lower.  She swallowed.  It took everything she had not to say something but he seemed so focused, she didn’t want to ruin in.

Heath picked her up and brought her up to eyelevel. Ice blue irises danced over her head to toe, not a detail of her appearance missed at such close range. He thought about kissing her shoulder, but the potential to hurt it in the process wasn't a risk he wanted to take. It would ruin the moment. Her lips, a given, but that was nothing too unexpected. And he wanted to surprise her. Somehow. He wisely decided against her chest, and then he looked at her legs. He pinched the edge of her nightgown and pulled it up, folded over her mid-thigh so he could see her calves. Heath fingered the inside of her calf, feeling the irregular line of scar tissue. With an air of reverence, the giant angled his head carefully and kissed her scar.

“H-Heath,” she said in a nervous voice, wondering what his decision was going to be.  She felt her face redden as his finger stayed close and her eyes lifted to meet his but he was so intent on his action that she lowered them immediately to watch what he was going to do.  A tiny gasp of surprise escaped her lips as his rough fingertip brushed against her leg…all the way to the scar.

“N-n…no…you don’t have to do that,” she whispered, hardly able to catch her breath when she finally understood.  He…he was going to kiss her scar.  That deformed skin.  She wanted to squirm but her bad shoulder and Heath’s look made it almost impossible.  She pinched her eyes shut as his face lowered and his lips touched the scar, making let out a huge sigh.  As she watched, she pushed some of her hair away from her face so she could watch the movement. Every hair on her arms stood on end as his lips lingered there before he pulled away.

Heath raised his head, but stayed close. Probably uncomfortably, Unattractively close, but he just... Wanted to be near her.

“You…” she started to say, looking up at him, her eyes watery for some reason.  “You didn’t have…” she trailed off as she kept looking at him.  He had chosen the one place that meant the world to her.  She felt her expression soften, wiping a stray away with her thumb as she smiled softly.  “T-thank you, Heath,” she said in a raspy voice, hardly above a whisper.  “You’re…” she shook her head, coughing out a laugh.  “You just never cease to surprise me, you know.”

"That's the goal."
Take Me Home Aimee IV: Four
Thanks goes out as always to the amazing :iconobsess-confess:
Strong Female Lead Name (Scandanavian/Norse)
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Take Me Home Aimee IV: Three

Aimee's eyes widened and she looked up to see the nurse stepping up closer to Heath.  So many words bubbled up inside of her, but the nurse knew nothing about her relationship with Heath.  And as weird as it sounded, she wanted to keep it that way for her sake. Heath felt cornered. He knew keeping Aimee at home was easier. Selfish too, seeing as he probably would cause her further pain in handling her over the next few days. He wanted her close, but in his mind, Aimee deserved to be healthy.

Heath's eyes slid toward the whispering lips before side stepping to face her. They were nearly nose to nose. While he stood his ground, she kept glancing at his lips. He felt Aimee grow absolutely still in his hand.

"That's a very generous offer..." He finally shook his head. "I'm going to have to get back to you."

“She'll be fine,” the woman continued to purr, looking down at the human.  “We could drop her off now... and I'm just about to finish my shift.”  Finally her eyes glanced down at Aimee.  “You'll be fine, won't you, sweetie?  Why don’t you let me borrow him for the night?”

Aimee was stunned into silence as she stared up at her and Heath turned to face the woman completely.  Her eyes saw the woman glance at Heath's slip and she sucked in her breath as she started to lean forward...

“Constance?” a young female voice asked, and Aimee saw a new person enter the conversation.

The nurse jumped back in surprise, clearing her throat and turned to look. “What is it, Jamie?”

“I'm here to take over for you,” she said.  “I heard what you were talking about and I looked over the paperwork.  I'm assuming that you told Mr. Windstrom about the call-in nurse?  If he feels uncomfortable about leaving her here, we can set him up with a nurse to visit the home for his human.  It would take a little longer for recovery, but sometimes it can be a good choice for those... who have the funding to do so.”  Her voice was quiet...shy but she spoke clearly.

Heath let out a quiet sigh of relief. "That's perfect." She had been holding out on him. "Is there an application I can fill out?"

Jamie nodded. "Downstairs."

Aimee let out a huge sigh of relief.  Thank goodness for the stranger!  She wanted to practically leap from his hand and kiss Jamie's.  She felt herself perk up immediately, not even worried about having to deal with a visiting nurse.  At least she wouldn't have to stay here!  She was so happy that Heath had the means to take care of this.  Why hadn't Constance said anything?  She frowned...she hadn't said anything because she was making a move on Heath.  

And there wasn't a thing she could do.

She was silent for the rest of their time spent at clinic while Heath filled out the appropriate paperwork and appointments were made.  She hoped that this kind nurse Jamie would come once.  Aimee wanted the chance to thank her for what she had done.  She had almost had to watch another woman kiss Heath right in front of her.  The thought made her stomach churn again, but nothing like before when she had thrown up in the doctor's hands.

Heath's demeanor changed now that he had what he wanted. He turned to give Constance a friendly smile – nothing further implied any longer, unless one was looking far too hard.

"Thanks for your help. Maybe we'll run into each other again."

With that, he followed Jaime out the door and back downstairs to apply for a call-in nurse.

Half an hour later, they were finally alone again in the car. He had one hand on the wheel, the other locking her in place against his abdomen. He was careful not to touch her sore shoulder.

"The things you have to do to get a straight answer out of someone..." Heath shook his head, sunglasses glinting mid-afternoon sunlight. Her silence was deafening. "I know you're mad at me, but look at it from my perspective. I can barely touch you right now without hurting you. You're not made of glass, Aimee, but you are... Very, very small. I can't stand to see you in pain."

When the silence became too much to bear in the car, Heath finally decided to speak up.  

“I'm...I'm not as mad as you as I thought I would be,” she admitted in a quiet voice.  She knew that his heart was in the right place.  “I'm sure that it must have been pretty scary for you... and I get it.  If I was a giantess I would have probably had to stay overnight at a hospital.  It was just...” she shook her head.

"That place was a bit too 'Minority Report' for my taste, anyway. shouldn't have to be used to pain. It's not right..." The notion disturbed him, and it showed. He let out a weary breath. "I wish this hadn't happened, either. If I had just left you at home..." He trailed off.

“It was weird to think about staying there.  And then there was that woman... that woman,” she growled, possession in her tone.

He detected the hint of jealousy when she mentioned the woman. She had known him long enough to know how he could manipulate people into getting his way, but when it came to women it was different for her. It made his heart lurch a little, recalling that he was still 0-2 for mentioning truly deep feelings.

“H-Heath, I'm used to being in pain,” she said softly, leaning against his stomach with her good shoulder.  “I don't want you to worry so much about shouldn't have to.  I wish I wasn't this small...” her voice cracked.  “I'm so sorry about everything that happened at the clinic.  I know you hate it when I apologize, but I mean it.  I wish this hadn't happened.”

“I'm glad you didn't leave me there, Heath.  I...I don't know for sure if I would have been mad or not, but I know it would have taken some time for me to get over it.”  She shuddered again, thinking about how things could have turned out if Heath had decided that he liked the woman.  “I'm also relieved that you didn't kiss her in front of me.”  She gave a pained chuckle.  “I don't know if my heart could have taken it.”

He had to look up again when the light changed color, but even still his smile was visible. It wasn't gleeful, but rather disbelief. After all he'd done to prove that he genuinely cared about her... he was still a giant to her.

"Give me a little credit, Aimee. I have more decency than to make out in front of you. Constance was just a means to an end," he replied, like it had been a cut and dry business dealing. When he came to a stop light, he bowed his head to look down at the top of her head.

"I promised you two weeks, didn't I?"

“I know that you did.  And I plan to enjoy every second of it...” she trailed off, thinking in her head:  until the end. She sighed carefully.  “I... I know you have the decency, I just wasn't sure...” she trailed off.  “I mean with me getting hurt and all, I just kind of thought...” she stopped for a moment, listening as the car came to a halt and she felt Heath's eyes on her.

"Oh yeah, I'm kicking you out of the house at the first sign of a cold," he said sarcastically. The car bumped as he pulled into the driveway and put it in park. His hand gradually released her, his shirt wrinkling around her as he shifted in his seat to push up his sunglasses.

"When are you gonna get it through your thick head that I want to take care of you?" he murmured, letting her climb into his hand this time. He was noticeably less grabby all afternoon.

“It's not right...but that's how it is, Heath...” she stopped for a moment and looked up at him.  “W-what?” she asked, tilting her head slightly and a slight trace of pain crossed her face as she tried to do so.  “But I thought...” she trailed off, musing for a moment.  “I thought I asked you take me.  It was so early that I couldn't remember.”

She searched her memory as Heath remained silent for a few moments as she tried to remember herself what had happened this morning to make Heath decide to take her to work.  She had figured that she had groaned or mumbled something to him in his sleep.  Maybe?  She wasn't sure.

"No, I just kinda.. .Took you along." he admitted reluctantly before he frowned.

“I didn't know that...” she said quietly, still trying to remember what happened that morning.  “I thought maybe I told you to take me with you...” she stopped.  “ you took me to you and I didn't even ask?  Why didn't you just leave me at home?  You could have emailed me... or left something.  I can move around the house okay.”

Heath's pause was indicative of his discomfort in discussing his actions. He didn't think she'd appreciate his perspective on what she could and couldn't do.  "I dunno, It was an impulse... You can get up to the kitchen counters?" he asked skeptically.

She thought for a moment.  “I guess that I probably couldn't.  It was probably the right thing for you to take me.  Thanks.  Heh...I probably would have been pretty upset if I was alone all day.”

“Heath...” she said, surprised that his voice took a sharp turn.  “I know that you wouldn't do that, kiss that girl, I mean. I know you wouldn't.”  As the car bumped into the driveway, she jumped up a bit in her seat and instead of Heath keeping her close, he slowly moved his hand away from her.

She frowned as his hand lowered, not liking that he didn't pick her up.  When she heard the question, she looked right up at him. “I know you want to take care of me because I'm small.  I know that.  It's only natural for you to want to protect me and take care of me.”  Her head remained lowered.  “And believe me; it's starting to sink in.  Why do you think I was practically begging to stay with you?”  

"Because we have a flat screen and unlimited horror movies in the bedroom?" he remarked, still managing to add some levity to the conversation while not ignoring the serious points she brought up his fingers curled inward in response to her settled weight, then lifted her upward.

“Maybe that's part of it,” Aimee said, smiling genuinely.  “I have much to show you about the horror genre, Heath.  Maybe since I'm not going to be able to be able to go to work with you for a few weeks, I can stay here and watch more and then we can watch some at night when the visiting nurse isn't over?”  She sounded hopeful more than anything.

She crawled into his hand reluctantly.  “And...and I don't like this.  Heath...” she trailed off.  “Grab me like you always do.  I like it.  What happened today wasn't your fault.” She stopped for a moment, letting the words sink in.  “Even if you don't think it was, I just wanted to say it anyway.  It wasn't your fault, Heath.”

"What, do you think I'm stupid? I'm not going to be careless about picking you up after you just had your arm ripped out of its socket today." He shook his head and got out of the car. "No... for a while, at least... I need to be more careful," he decided quietly. The smell of clean hardwood floors and cool air flooded out as he opened the front door.

She didn't get to enjoy it long though as Heath seemed to have a one track mind as he walked through the house and entered his bedroom, gently setting her down on the bed.  She thought Heath was going to walk away but instead he merely rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, revealing a set of incredibly toned forearms with a dusting of blond hair and crouched in front of her.

He set her on the foot of his bed while he hung up his sports jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his pale pink dress shirt to be more comfortable. Heath crouched down by the bed and looked her right in the eye. "Promise me you'll take it easy for a couple of days."

They locked eyes and it almost took her breath away.  He was so handsome and he looked so concerned for her, so her features softened as she gazed back.  “I promise, Heath,” she said sincerely.  “Now you promise me something, too.  Promise me that you won't blame yourself for this.  It would kill me to know that you're blaming yourself for bruised ribs.”

He chuckled a bit - a way to buy himself a few precious moments to answer. It was like she could see straight through him, to his guilt-burdened heart. She really believed the best in him despite her trepidations in general. Despite what many saw as reckless and manipulative, Aimee saw something gentle and kind in him. His eyes warmed deeply upon her, and a small smile tugged at his lips.

"A deal it is then." He stood up. "Now, I don't know about you, but I'm starved. Can I make you some lunch?"

“A deal,” she repeated, smiling herself as she watched him unfold in front of her.  She arched her neck back so she could look up at him, never leaving his eyes.  So he wasn't going to talk to her about how he felt about the bruised ribs.  She should have supposed as much.  It was probably something eating up Heath inside but he still wanted to remain strong.  Aimee guessed that they were the same in that way.  They were too nervous to admit to the other when they were feeling weak.  It was a good quality at times, but she wished Heath would talk to her about this.  It was something that could affect their relationship.

“Yes,” she said, looking up at him bravely.  “And as your girlfriend, I hope you will bring me with you.  Please.”

"Making sandwiches isn't high-class entertainment."

“I'll enjoy it so long as I get to be with you,” she said, smiling shyly. And it was true.  She really did want to be close to him while she was injured.  The soreness in her shoulder only bothered her when she could sit around thinking about it.  When her mind was preoccupied with Heath she didn't think about it so much, it was nothing more than a pain she was barely aware of.

He laid out his hand next to her. She gave him an exasperated look for continuing his stubborn streak of being extra careful with her, but he just rolled his eyes. "Just bear with me, please."

He let her climb off carefully to his shoulder while he used both hands to take out the Panini maker from under the drawer and plug it in to preheat. Bread, meat, cheese, and lettuce appeared on the counter in a brief span of time.

"I thought you were supposed to be making me sandwiches... something along those lines." He grinned at his own girlfriend joke, bad as it was.

“ know I'd love to make you sandwiches if I could,” she said, smiling as he worked.  And then something occurred to her.  Love.  For some reason the word resonated with her more than normal and she thought it over.  Had...had she said something to Heath?  She watched him carefully as he worked from his shoulder, before turning her head and kissing his neck with a little pressure.

“Are you planning on going back to work today, or are you going to hang out with your poor, pathetic human for the afternoon?” she teased, already feeling more like her normal self.  Her breathing felt a little restricted from the injury, but other than that...she was already feeling in a better mood.  “I'm assuming that you don't want to see the guy who did this to me right now.”

Aimee sat there in a trance watching him work.  She took the time to notice the things he did for her even though he would never say them out loud.  Heath wasn't the man who needed to boast with his words to let people know what he was capable of.  He was a man of action.  She felt him chuckle at her question about going back to work.

Heath set his sandwich on the grill. It sizzled and crunched as he closed the lid. While it would be no trouble to just cut her a chunk of his, he was experimenting his culinary expertise in just how small he could cook for her. So he worked on piecing together a miniature Panini.

He laughed and stepped back a moment, pretending to weigh the options. "Let's see... Go back to work... Stay at home with my cute girlfriend..."  The answer was clear. It wasn't a hard decision for him.

He cracked open the grill to slide in Aimee's sandwich next to his.

"You know me too well. I can't tell you how tempted I am to drive all the way out there just to deck Rick in the face." His muscles tensed beneath her as he recalled the snobby, grabby man. Disgusting.

“I think that's the first time you've ever officially called me your girlfriend,” she said in a warm and teasing voice.  “Maybe your co-workers should be a little grabbier with me more often.”  She felt Heath tense up at her joke, suddenly realizing that he probably didn't find it funny.  “I'm happy that you're staying at home with me.  I really like having you around.”

“Don't do it,” she said softly.  “He's not worth it.  There's always going to be people like that.  Heh, I think I know better than most with my past.  I'll just make sure to steer clear of him when I can start going back to work with you.”

Heath was going to object - he had, in fact, referred to her as his girlfriend once or twice before. But that wasn't the point; it wasn't a game to keep score. Regardless of how many times he'd said "girlfriend", she still felt deep down, that he barely saw her like an equal. Just barely.

"Trust me, I'm glad to have the excuse to stay. Never a dull moment with you around." He checked on the Paninis. Hers was done, but his still needed a few minutes. Heath crossed the kitchen to retrieve a miniature plate to put her lunch on.

"He was way out of line." He insisted, stop a define what measures he could take. "Here," he brought up the steaming hot sandwich to her.

“Haha awww, boss man you make it sound like it's a bad thing.  Me being around has got to be more entertaining than living alone, hasn't it?” she teased.  “You know you love me,” she teased, before she blushed.  Why was she having a such a strange reaction everytime she said or thought about the 'l' word?  She didn't mean anything by it and she was teasing, but for some reason she felt Heath tense up at her words as he moved.

“I'm just teasing you,” she said softly as Heath set up her lunch.  

She nodded.  “He was out of line... but I honestly don't think... I mean I don't want to think... I really want to believe that he didn't want to do that on purpose.  He's just sloppy...he doesn't know how things work.  It's like you said, Heath, I'm still a person but I am pretty small.  If I was normal this whole thing wouldn't have happened and you'd still be at work.”

She smiled as he handed her the sandwich, taking it with her good hand and rested it in her lap.  

“Thank you,” she said.  “I'll wait until yours is ready.  It's kind of hard to eat up here with only one good working arm and hand.”

"I know," he tried to cover up his reaction to the word, but there was still a hint of caution to his voice. "... You're right though. You really spice up the joint. I could use a little excitement in my life."

He listened, her voice so wonderfully close to his ear. He couldn't argue with that logic, but it also made him think about how Rick wouldn't have dared to do something like that to anyone else.

"Well, the guy has it out for me, he would find another reason to attack me in one way or another." He glanced over as her slight frame shifted over the thin fabric of his shirt. He should have thought about how she'd barely be able to take the plate, much less hold it and eat. On cue, he checked his sandwich again. Satisfied with the golden-lined crisp bread, Heath slid his sandwich onto a plate and unplugged the Panini maker.

"Let's eat outside."

The sun was still at its peak, being mid-afternoon, but Heath picked out a shady area under an oak tree of enviable proportions to drag over a lawn chair.

He heard George Clooney barking in the yard next door, but was confident with Aimee still close to him that nothing would happen. They sank their teeth into the mouth-watering sandwiches and relaxed after the stressful afternoon.

“Haha aww thanks.  I try.  This is probably a little excitement that you could have done without,” Aimee said, only half-joking.  He really didn't deserve to have to deal with this, and yet he was handling with ease.  As he handled most things.  She smiled.

“This Rick guy sounds like a jerk.  I recognize him, you know.  He was the same guy that gave Tate and me a hard time in the company cafeteria.  I mean, what's his problem?  Why does he have it out to get you?  I can't imagine...I mean I can't imagine why.”  She glanced over at Heath as he pondered the question before pulling his sandwich out from the grill machine.

“That sounds nice,” she agreed when he suggested eating outside.  It was still not quite evening so the air was warm and not a chill.  It felt good to sit under a tree and not think about anything else and she was grateful when Heath gently placed her down so she could eat her sandwich.  It was awkward to eat with only one hand but she made the best of it, not wanting to worry Heath.

“Heath this is amazing,” she murmured between bites, her cheeks slightly puffy so she could talk to him.  “I don't what you're talking about when you say you don't cook very often.  I haven't eaten this good.  I'm so used to college diets and shelter spoil me.”  She smiled and continued to work on her sandwich, soaking up the air and the slight warm breeze.

"Mmnn…" He swallowed. "No, you should have a taste of the finer things in life."

He didn't talk much - he was hungrier than he let on. Finally, when he finished, he put his plate on the ground and lay out on his stomach on the lawn chair. He left a bit of room for Aimee as she finished up; he rested his head in his arms.

“Well you certainly won't hear any complaints coming from my end,” she said, watching as Heath finished off his own sandwich.  Aimee smiled as Heath took her plate and rested it on top of his and stretched out on the lawn chair.  So attractive.  She licked her lips slightly and watched his long body relax in the chair.

She grinned softly.  “So... do you think I can still go with you to the event in a few weeks?” she asked hopefully, positioning herself so she could look him directly in the eye.

Bright blue eyes refracted in the shady sunlight, locked on her with undeniable interest. the way she moved... even so simple and ordinary, she made it look mesmerizing.

"I hope so. Or else I'm short a date. I could call in for one last-minute, but we all know those never work out well." He grinned back at Aimee. It was so easy to talk to her. A slight wind ruffled her long hair, gently strewing it across her face. Heath watched fondly as she reached up with her good arm and tucked it out of her eyes.

She was so beautiful.

“Don't you dare get another date.  I'll make sure that I'm ready to go even if I have to go in a tiny sling,” she said, starting to flex her injured arm and letting out a gasp of pain as she tried to do so.  Heath moved his head with concern but she smiled.  “It'll be fine...I'll get used to the pain,” she said, the pain still showing in her sharp blue eyes.

As the warm breeze picked up slightly, she used her good arm to tuck it away.  “I'm looking forward to it, Heath.”  And she was.  As she sat down in front of Heath, she turned to look towards the lawn, and then towards the hot tub.  She hoped that Heath wouldn't be too careful with her.  There were so many things that she wanted to enjoy and now because of her injury, she worried that Heath would start to be overly cautious.  She rested her hand over his and gently rubbed his knuckle.  

“Everything's going to be fine, Heath,” she said with a soft smile.

He tensed, then relaxed under her itty fingers. He sighed loudly and glanced away momentarily, looking conflicted.

"I know it just... I know I promised you not to play the blame game, but it's not easy for me to see you like this. I already sent out for your prescription, by the way. I'm going to go pick it up in about half an hour."

He smiled, looking at her tiny hand resting on his. "We'll have to practice dancing you know." He spoke quietly… pleased by the memory.

Aimee couldn't stand the look in his face as he looked away so she removed her hand immediately, a look of hurt crossing her face.

“What could you have to play the blame game about, Heath?  I told you already that it wasn't your fault.  This whole thing wasn't your fault and even the bruised ribs weren't your fault.  Even with that jack-ass; it was an accident, Heath.  It wasn't the first and even though you don't want to hear it, it probably won't be the last.”

She frowned at the idea of taking a medication.  She hoped it wouldn't make her sleepy but she was slightly relieved at the idea of the soreness going away.  Her arm hurt more than she was ever willing to admit to Heath.  “I guess I can stay here while you pick it up...I can play on the computer...well with one arm,” she said with a sheepish laugh.

Aimee let out a tiny grasp when Heath reached forward and touched her hand with a finger, running it over the length over her hand.  “I... I'd really look forward that,” she said softly.  “I'm really looking forward to you holding me, Heath.”  She grinned as well, picturing the same thing as Heath.

"I must hold you over twelve hours a day. Still not sick of me yet?" He drawled with almost a laugh hidden in his deep voice. "Not that I'm complaining..."

“Is it that much?” she said with a smile.  “It doesn't seem like twelve hours.”  She blushed at his question.  “Of course I'm not sick of you...I really...” she stalled as her face continued to redden.  “I really do enjoy spending time with you, Heath.  When are you going to learn that I feel the most confident when you're around?”

Heath let his fingertip slide up her arm. Infinitesimal arm hairs he couldn't even perceive was like peach fuzz on her skinny forearm. It wasn't even half as wide as his index finger. It was weird... But at the same time, while he would never cease to marvel at her, it was a growing norm. Something familiar but never boring.

Aimee shuddered as Heath's finger ran up her arm.  She closed her eyes as he did so, knowing that sometimes he could look and/or feel awkward when he touched her because of the size difference.  “I really do like it,” she said, keeping her eyes closed for a moment and enjoying the touch.  “I'd never get sick of this,” she breathed out as her eyes opened a slight bit.  “I'd never get sick of you.”

"Good," he breathed, hanging on her every word. "Holding you is the best part of my day." Something stirred gently in his guarded heart as her sparkling eyes danced over him. His lips parted, but the words got stuck in his throat.

"You're stronger than you give yourself credit for."

She saw his lips part with her words.  He wanted to say something...she could feel that he did.  Maybe...maybe there was some way that he possibly felt the same way she did?  Her eyes started to light up as his smooth lips moved around, his eyes dancing over her.  

And then she felt herself deflate when he said she was strong.

“I try my best,” she said softly, lowering her eyes away from his.  What had she been expecting?  Did she really think that there was any chance he would actually say he loved her?  She couldn't even bring herself to the say the words to him!  Another breeze picked up in the air and she shivered slightly.

“It's starting to get colder...” she said, trying to keep her voice even.  “We should probably head back inside so you can pick up the medicine.  I'll just mess around on the computer.”

He knew he disappointed her. He knew what she wanted from him. So it wasn't a surprise when she changed the subject and asked to go inside. To distract herself from the letdown, no doubt. He tasted cowardice in his mouth, but swallowed it down.

"Yeah, it's about that time." To her pleasant surprise, he didn't lay his palm out again; he took her without invitation, but gingerly. Very gingerly.

He carried her inside and set her up on the computer. It was still funny to think she could work such a large machine. Impressive. He ducked back in with his keys and wallet one last time before leaving.

"See you in a few!" He gave her a quick half-smile, and then turned his back on the office. His steps were quick paced on the polished floors. The key in the lock of the front door. Then silence.

Despite being a little disappointed, her frown slowly evaporated into a grin when Heath slipped his hand around her instead of holding out his palm.  At least she knew her words were getting to him in some way.  She looked up at him in thought, wondering if there would ever be a time where they could be more open about their feelings.  Why did they have to keep them inside?  Was it because it was so soon?  Or was it something more than that?”

Heath set her down at the computer as this finally dawned on her and gave him a strange look.  There must have been something else.  If not only on his end but hers as well.  As she stared at the massive keyboard and the screen, she wondered what she could do to pass the time.  It came to her right as Heath poked his head in the office and said good bye.

“I wonder...” she mused as she slowly loaded up the home screen and went to type something to search.

How do you tell someone you love them?  

How do you know you love someone?
Take Me Home Aimee IV: Three
New chapter!  Hope you enjoy!
thanks as always goes out to the amazing and talented :iconobsess-confess:
M Academy Lark Cresswell: XVI

“I can’t believe it’s Sunday,” Lark said with obvious sadness in her voice.  The weekend had gone far too quickly.  But from their lazying about in bed on Saturday until almost noon to their games in the afternoon to their late movie night… Lark was reluctantly getting ready to go back to that Evan guy’s house.
She couldn’t help but feel a little worried about the upcoming days.  If she had just said yes to Julian when he asked her out for lunch, she would be seeing him tomorrow… normal sized… maybe even on a normal date.  But she just couldn’t believe that the man in front of her was anything more than cordial.
At least she would see him next weekend.  As she straightened herself up in front of the huge bathroom mirror on the counter she couldn’t help but let a sentiment slip.
“I’ll be counting the days until Friday,” she said to her reflection, noticing Julian standing behind her and also getting ready to head out.

Julian adjusted his collar and fixed his hair in the mirror.
A soft smile was aimed down at the tiny red head. Once again, he had to restrain himself from just planting a kiss on her. THAT stuff could only be for sensual teasing... feeling her up.
Not because he actually had feelings for the woman.
"Only four more days after this afternoon," he reminded her. "You'll have to bring a bathing suit next time. I have some ideas..."
“I can’t wait,” Lark said to her reflection, still too nervous about opening up to him about her growing feelings.  She was so convinced that if she actually admitted liking him that he would freak out.  And she really did want to see him again this weekend.  And she couldn’t help but blush at the idea of bringing a bathing suit.
He set his hand down before her and shared a knowing look with her. "Come on. Time to head out."
Once they were in the car and she was situated safely in his shirt pocket against his chest, she looked up at him as he started to drive.  “So you mentioned something about some ideas?” she asked.  “Care to tell me what you’re up to?  Last time we just used the sink and we were perfectly alright.”  She couldn’t help but flush slightly at her words.
The sink.
She really was hanging out with him again this weekend.  She couldn’t hide her excitement.  Though she was a little upset that their weekend had to be cut short because of his business meeting later this afternoon.  Julian had promised that Evan had already contacted M Academy to have her picked up her early, but she really hoped that she wouldn’t be alone with the stranger and his tiny for too terribly long.  Julian was becoming the only person she could even imagine being tiny with.
The car slowed to a halt next to others not too different. Julian grinned stupidly at the red light. He loved having this secret conversation with a tiny woman in his shirt pocket. No one would believe him even if he told them.
"My lips are sealed," he insisted. "You'll have to wait and see, little bird."
Wait and see.  Just the idea that there was the promise of seeing him again made her heart flutter.
“I guess I don’t have a choice,” she said, pretending to be upset but secretly smiling on the inside of the pocket.  She rested herself against his chest as the light changed and Julian continued to make his way to his cousin’s apartment.


“You’re going,” a voice said firmly behind the door just as Julian was about to knock on his cousin Evan's door.
Julian's hand froze in the air as he tried to catch the conversation.  He recognized Evan’s voice immediately and it did not sound pleased.
“You’re going to the gala with me.  As my tiny.  And that’s final, Mr. Carmichael.”
“I’m not going as a tiny!” a smaller, almost indistinguishable voice shot back.  From this distance and behind the door, it almost didn’t sound like a full-grown man’s voice.  “I’m a giant, Evan.  I may be a tiny—”
“You’re a tiny for me,” Evan said back.  “And me only.  And I want you to attend the event with me.  As my tiny.  I will not be made a fool of.”
“You’re crazy!” the voice snapped back.  “Evan… I can’t.  I… uh… I already promised a young woman that I would go with her.”
Lark looked up at Julian through the lip of the pocket as he contemplated knocking on the door.  “Maybe it’s not a good time?” she called up to him after tapping him on his chest several times to catch his attention.
Julian shook his head dismissively.
"He'll get over himself," he answered, rapping on the door. "If only briefly," he added under his breath.
They could hear the scuffling on shoes on the other side, a few more muttered words before a very irate looking Evan appeared on the other side of the door. His eyes immediately darted to Julian's breast pocket as the dark-haired man stepped inside.
"You're early."
"Barely," Julian replied, watching his step whilst keeping an eye out for Justin. He felt Lark scooch around in his pocket, and gently plucked her up between his hands again.
Evan ushered the pair into the door with a frown.  His earlier conversation with Mr. Carmichael wasn’t over and, of course, his little cousin Julie would take it upon himself to ‘accidentally’ come in the middle of it.  He shut the door hard enough to make the tiny girl jump in Julian’s hands.  
“Well it’s good to see that you can make it through a whole weekend, my little shrew,” he said in a playful tone as he strode into the kitchen.  “Can I get either of you a drink?”
“I’m good,” Lark said softly.  She had no idea what to make of this beautiful man standing around her.  She thought Julian was intimidating with his looks and wealth, when anything Julian had, Evan seemed to have tenfold over him.  When Julian also declined a drink, Evan shrugged and walked back into the living room and flopped rather heavily onto his couch.
“That’s her!” a voice popped up from Evan’s waist.
Lark leaned forward to hear where the voice was coming from.  It wasn’t Evan’s… and it wasn’t Julian’s.  So that could only mean…
“That’s the girl I’m going to the gala with,” Justin’s voice chimed up again.
Evan’s frown grew even more pronounced as he pushed aside the lapel of his sports jacket to reveal a six inch man belted against his hip.
“So you see, Evan.  I can’t go to the gala with you as a tiny when I’ve already promised this young woman that I would attend as her giant.”
“That’s nonsense,” Evan huffed before arching a brow at his little cousin.  “You’re taking the bird yourself, aren’t you?”
Julian's eyebrows shot up. Great. Put on the spot. This was exactly where he didn't want to be.
"I uh, I hadn't figured out the details yet. Keeping my options open." He coughed and avoided Lark's face. He knew it would probably sting a little to hear she wasn't his one and only tiny. But she wasn't even that into the gala anyway...
For the briefest of moments Lark felt her eyes grow itchy.  It was official.  Right in front of her eyes, right in her ears, she had been rejected by Julian.  And in front of this other beautiful, giant, no less.
“Yeah…he’s keeping his options open,” she said, trying to keep her voice cheerful.  When Evan looked down at her she felt he was staring right into her soul.  God.  He was intense.  She quickly looked away not only to avoid meeting his eyes but meeting the tiny man tucked under his belt.
Julian plopped down next to his cousin, leaning over a bit to eye Justin with unashamed curiosity. Evan's creativity never ceased to amaze him.
"You must have a dozen girls fighting to go with you…” Julian pinged out, "… why don't you give the little guy a night off?"
“What I choose to do with my tiny is none of your business, Julie,” Evan said dismissively.  He smiled when his cousin blushed at his use of his childhood nickname.  “Mr. Carmichael is my tiny and I intend to show him off for the evening.  The only other option is…” he trailed off and waited for Justin to show his interest.
“What’s the option?” Justin chimed up at him.
“I could leave you at this size and the little shrew could be this size.  Then everyone is happy,” Evan said with a proud grin.  “I get you for the evening as my tiny, and you get to still be a giant to an even smaller woman.  I’m more than happy to take care of more than one tiny.  I certainly can afford it.”  He chuckled a bit as he caught Lark’s worried look.  “And not to worry, my little shrew.  You’ll be well taken care of with Justin and I.  And it’s not like you have any other prospective dates?  A newbie like yourself showing up with me and Mr. Carmichael to the gala?  You’ll be the toast of the evening, my sweet shrew.”
He stole a glance up at his cousin to see how his words were affecting him but if he was bothered, he certainly kept it well hidden.  Frowning, Evan realized that Julian was staring openly at his possession.
Time to have a little fun with this.
“Why don’t you let me see the little thing since you seem to always be so interested in Mr. Carmichael, Julian?”  He didn’t hesitate, plucking up the girl neatly at the waist between a finger and thumb and setting her in his other open palm.
"Hey!" Julian hissed. "Be gentle, Evan, for the love of God." He sat there on edge, staring intensely. He narrowed his eyes at Justin for a moment, as if this was his fault. "And I'm not staring at your tiny, Evan. I just…" he stammered. "You just put them in such weird places..."
Shrew. What a stupid nickname. She was his to give pet names to. NOT friggin Evan!
"You finished?" Julian impatiently reached for her, but Evan only held her closer to himself.
“Oh relax,” Evan said.  “I’ve been handling tinies for a much longer time than you so how about you chill out before I really start to play with your little shrew.”  He chuckled when he felt the girl trembling in his hand.  “She’s scared,” he said affectionately.  “I’d almost forgotten what fear can feel like thanks to this one,” he said, nodding down at Justin.  “Mr. Carmichael’s quite used to me and my ways by now.  But your little bird here,” he pulled the girl closer to his face.  “She’s an entirely new ball game, indeed.”
Justin watched helplessly as the two man mountains talked over him about the tiny girl.  Three inches.  He knew what that felt like.  But dammit.  It was that kid’s fault for staring at him so openly!  Surely he knew that the best way to make Evan happy was to show interest in something!
“Just be gentle with her, Evan,” he couldn’t help calling up to him.
“I’m always gentle,” Evan said back as he lowered his hand slightly.  “I just want Julie here to understand how I felt when he was man-handling you.”  He saw the surprise on Lark’s tiny face and his expression grew wicked.  “Oh, didn’t you know?  Evan was playing with my tiny a few days ago.”  He smirked at his cousin as he pinned the tiny girl down in the crevice of his palm with his thumb.  “What was it you were doing earlier, Julie?  Rolling him around in your palm like this?”  He rocked his hand around so Lark spilled around the surface, squeaking and trying to find something to hold on to.  Evan cupped his fingers so she wouldn’t fall out but he kept pushing her.
“Three inches,” he said, still rolling her around in his hand close to his lap.  He smiled down.  “I forget what a great size this is.  Small enough to play, but not big enough to fight back.”  He looked up at Julian.  “Her squeals are quite cute, don’t you think?”  His expression darkened.  “How does it feel when your tiny is being played with?” he said to Julian before lowering his gaze back down to Lark.  “And this is exactly how he treated my tiny, little shrew,” he said, still tossing her about gently before stopping her completely by pinning her down with the pointer finger of his free hand.  “Your struggles…” he said with unsettling affection, “…perhaps I will request you for my own and do as Julian says and give Mr. Carmichael a break.”
"Don't you dare!" Julian said venomously. "Evan, quit being an asshole. You do worse stuff to Justin all the time! You freaking brag about it!" He tried to downplay his involvement in the accusation. Completely ignoring the tiny man in question, Julian gripped Evan's arm and leaned closer.
"You're scaring her," he said quietly.
“I know I am,” Evan said with a smile as he kicked up his foot and shoved his cousin away from him so he could lay lengthwise on the couch with his two tinies.  “It’s good for them to be scared,” he said in a casual voice.  “And it’s good for them to know who’s in charge.  Not every giant is going to be wishy-washy like you, Julie.  I’m just showing her what else is out there since you’re OBVIOUSLY not interested.”  He waggled his sandy blond brows for effect as he felt Justin wiggle against him, his feet getting tangled at the top of his boxers.
“Tell him,” Evan commanded to the small girl, finally giving her direction attention again.  “What I’m doing to you is no worse than what my cousin did to my tiny.  Tell him that you’re alright.”
Lark swallowed hard.  Had Julian really treated the man below her just like Evan was treating her now?  Ignoring her cries and pleas for his own pleasure of seeing a helpless person in their hand?  She glanced over at Julian but the surface below her shoot and Evan’s incredibly handsome face filled her vision.
“Don’t look at him,” he said softly.  Commanding.  Lark was almost powerless to resist him.  He didn’t make anything sound like a request.  “Look at me.  And tell me, little shrew.  Tell me that you’re alright.  I’ll tell Julie since he may not hear you from here.”  He shook his palm a bit to make her bounce slightly.  Her fears continued to grow.
“I’m fine,” she said at last, hoping he would stop bouncing her like this.  “I’m fine, Julian.  He’s… he’s your family, isn’t he?  You should…” she slumped slightly as one of Evan’s fingers started to pet her softly – too softly for her own comfort.  “You should trust your family.”  She felt Evan’s warm chuckles reverberate through her body as he obviously was now satisfied.
“You really are a cute little bird,” he said affectionately as he continued to pet her.  His finger explored her carefully, but not once did she protest again.  It never took long to break a tiny.  Just a firm hand and soft words.  “Would you like to hold Mr. Carmichael while I’m preoccupied with your little bird, Julie?”
Julian clenched his jaw fiercely, glaring holes into his cousin's head. He was reminded invulnerability of all the times growing up when Evan had one upped him, stole his toys – broke them more often than not.
"Evan, I get the point. I'm not going to take your bullshit like everyone else." He grabbed Evan’s wrist. "Give her to me. Now."
Evan smiled, but that smirk of confidence disappeared for just the briefest of moments.  Trying to play it off as it was something he was planning to do anyway, he pinched Lark by the back of her shirt and let her hover in the air for a moment before Julian’s palm quickly settled under her body and he deposited her.
“I don’t remember you being so possessive, Julie,” Evan said with a smile as he settled back into the couch.  “Now you know how it feels.  Next time you’ll think twice about messing around with Mr. Carmichael like he’s your person plaything.”
Justin couldn’t help but smile slightly.  Despite Evan being an ass he was doing it for him.  He was making a point to his cousin to take the possession of one’s tiny seriously.  It was a lesson Julian probably hadn’t wanted to learn but a lesson needed nonetheless.  Suddenly Justin didn’t mind so much being pinned to Evan’s stomach and belt.  He rested his hands on the leather strap and tried to lighten the mood.
“I’m serious though, Lark,” he called over to her as Julian slid off the couch and decided to sit on a chair across from them.  “If you want… you can be my date for the gala.”
“The offer still stands,” Evan said with a smirk.  “Mr. Carmichael will be my date and you can be his.  I don’t think it’s such a bad offer.”
“I… I’ll have to think about it,” Lark called over the chasm between the two enormous men.  It was hard not to feel some relief at being in Julian’s grasp again.  His hands were softer and his touch was more delicate.  But something told her she was never in any real danger with Evan.  He just...what did Julian say?  Edgy.  That’s what Julian said.  Evan was certainly that.  “I’ll probably go with Alona.”
“Then I can set up Julie on a date!” Evan said, growing excited.  “I know of quite a few women who would be honored to hang out with my cousin at such an event.  What do you say, Julie?  Let me get you some phone numbers.  You said it yourself.  You wanted to keep your options open.”  Evan’s smile grew even broader.  He was challenging Julian.  Daring him.
"I don't need your charity."
“Aww, don’t think of it as charity, think of it as a hand-out,” Evan said with a wink.  He tilted his head with curiosity as he watched Julian’s overly gentle handling of Lark.  Hadn’t he warned him often enough about not falling for a tiny immediately when he entered this world?  You had to give it time.  You had to explore your needs and wants before focusing on a single human being.  And looking at her… she didn’t seem to be anything that special in the first place.
Julian was engrossed in stroking Lark's tiny head, insistent that he outmatch his unbearable cousin in both charm and skill in handling her. Right now, her opinion of him was teetering on the verge of being soured by Evan's foul mouthing. And beyond an M Academy reputation, he really wanted Lark to think highly of him.
Lark settled slightly once she was safely with Julian again.  She couldn’t believe how different it was to be in Evan’s hands compared to his.  There was something so much warmer …safer…and calmer about being in Julian’s care.  She realized that while she was interested in being a tiny…she wondered if she was just as interested if she were to be with someone else besides Julian.
Slowly, Julian raised his eyes to meet Evan's.
"Just... give me the numbers," he said after a time, almost bashfully lowering his gaze to the tiny girl in his hands. He cupped her against his heart as he leaned back on the expensive sofa.
He was taking the numbers?  He was actually going to consider taking another woman to the gala?  Her eyes glanced across the table and she noticed Justin watching her with curiosity.  Was he…was he urging her to speak?
“Julian,” she spoke up at last.  Both Evan and Julian fell quiet when she made herself heard and she felt his hand lifting away to get a better look at her.  She could do this.  She could ask him to go with her.  “Julian, I really don’t want you to—”
The door buzzed loudly suddenly and both her and Justin had to cover their ears.  Evan beamed.  “That’ll be M Academy to pick up our little tinies,” he said jovially as he stood up with Justin still attached to his hip.  “Say good bye to the little shrew for now, Julian.  And stay after they leave.  I need to speak to you.”
Lark looked up at him.  All brevity in her voice was gone when those silver blue eyes looked at her imploringly.  “I’ll… I’ll see you next weekend?” she asked.  There was a hint of worry in her voice.  Like she was more asking, hoping, instead of remembering that he had promised to sign up for her this upcoming this weekend.  “I… I’ll still be looking forward to it.”
Julian didn't move nearly as eagerly as his cousin. He knew withholding the tinies from withdrawal was a grave offense, but he just needed to say a proper farewell. That's all.
He brought Lark to his cheek and rubbed against her gently. "Count on it."
"Ah, what a fateful re-encounter," the Academy courier at the door announced when Julian appeared at the door with Lark in his hand. Reluctantly, Julian handed her over into the woman's blue gloved hand. He gave her a small, half-smile of support as she was tucked out of sight briskly. He sighed as the courier strode down the hall. His gaze was yanked back into the apartment along with the rest of him by a slightly peeved Evan.
“You’re a fool,” Evan said in a grave tone once his cousin had shut the door behind him.  “You think that I don’t recognize that face?”  He frowned and turned away and quickly shuffled into the kitchen to pour himself a class of bourbon and deposited three ice cubes inside and swirled it around.  The glass seemed lonely.  It would look so much better with a feisty dark-haired man inside calling out to him.  Sigh.  He brought his attention back to Julian.
“I did not bring you into this world for you to fall in love with people.  This isn’t eHarmony, dammit.  Get yourself together.”
As Julian started to open his mouth to retort, he closed it again as Evan easily downed his bourbon and started to pour another glass.
“Help yourself,” Evan said to Julian in a dry tone as he leaned his hip against the countertop.  “I know you have a meeting so I’ll be brief.  What you’re doing with that girl… it’s dangerous.  Not only are you holding her back from exploring everything M Academy has to offer but you’re holding yourself back, cuz.  I bet she wouldn’t have even freaked out so much about Micro if it wasn’t for wanting you.  And she shouldn’t want you.  Not this soon. Not ever, if it can be helped.”
Julian swirled the glass around his tumbler.
“I’m going to set you up with some numbers this week,” Evan continued. “I don’t want any of your lip about it because I’m doing this for your own good.  Despite my methods… I do care.  I want you to be happy and I think that after what happened with your ex-fiancé…” he trailed off and let the memories saturated for a moment, “…I don’t think diving into another whirlwind romance is the right thing.  Take some of these girls out… even normally.  Just… don’t think about that girl until the weekend.  And hey!  If something just happens to work out with another girl this week… don’t request her.  She’ll get over it.”
Julian yearned to drown his sorrows in alcohol, but he had to drive downtown in less than twenty minutes. Not a great mix. His eyes darkened at the mention of his ex-fiancé and his Adam's apple dipped in his throat.
"Lark's just a girl," Julian decided aloud. "I just got a bit carried away that's all. Adjusting to this whole giant thing." With a curt was to his demeanor, he fished out his keys and clutched them in his left hand.
"I'll see you around, cuz," he mumbled as he made a hasty exit.
Evan snorted as he watched his cousin’s back exit his apartment.
“Just a girl, my ass,” he muttered to himself.  He quickly went back to his bedroom with his bourbon and started to dig through his private files.  There were plenty of women out there who would love the chance to go out with him.  Baggage and all.  Women who looked startlingly like Elsa.
Surely Julian wouldn’t mind a few extra phone calls this week from women who might be interested in him?
M Academy Lark's Encounters XVI
New chapter!  Enjoy it!
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