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Wanted to thank everyone...

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 8:58 AM

First off, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who offered me their kind words and support these last few days.  Things have been hard and if it weren't for you guys, I think I could have easily fallen back into depression for a little while.  But people reached out and encouraged me and told me things that meant more than they could ever imagine.  Some people don't understand the power in words.  The power they can hold, the power they have to change someone's entire outlook.  I feel so much better now and by Monday, I think I'll be ready and raring to start writing and editing again.  With confidence.  :-)

So thank you all. 

I couldn't have gotten through this horrible week without you all.
Haha, and my kicking unborn baby who likes to help me keep things in perspective.
Her name is going to be "Quinn" by the way.  We're still looking for a middle name.  I'm a fan of Serenity.

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So it really is funny that I stumbled upon this website. It's so great to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys G/T movies and G/T writing. :-) I hope that people enjoy my stories because I really do enjoy writing and getting feedback.

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M Academy:  Lark’s Encounters XI

Lark’s eyes widened in fear as she saw what Julian was doing.  His shoes.  Oh God.  He was unlacing his shoes!  Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as being on the bottom but she… she screamed out in surprise and staggered to her feet.
“Nuh….no!” she shouted with as much brevity as she could stand.  “I… I don’t want to do that!  Not even to talk!”
She waved her hands around wildly in surrender as Julian pulled up back into a sitting position and she couldn’t even quite read his face.  Was he laughing?  Was he preparing for this the entire time?  As his lips parted to say something she quickly pulled her hands up to her ears, still staggering on the pillow, just barely keeping her footing.  “I… I don’t want to!” she shrilled.  “Please!!”
And then… she slid over the end of the pillow, landing in the crack between the pillow and headboard.  Completely trapped.  She pressed herself up against the backboard as she heard Julian sigh loudly and shift.  “Mr. Cameron,” she called, still managing to keep her tears at bay somehow, “I want to talk… but I don’t…. please don’t put me there again…. not again…” she trailed off as she sunk to her knees and finally Julian’s huge face loomed over the space she had stumbled into.
Julian gazed down at her quiet for a moment, drinking in her terror in its fullness. However, it brought him no pleasure like it did for some.
"Lark..." he crammed his hand down and felt around for her,"…I'm not putting you on my shoe. I’m just getting comfortable in my own home." Though she tried to evade him, he snagged her tiny body within his strong grasp and hoisted her out before his face.
"I know it's not easy for you to trust, but I'm just going to hold you until you realize I'm on your side," he announced.
“You… you’re what?” Lark asked in a confused voice as Julian’s face rose higher and higher into the air as he lowered her to his chest.  Her breath quickened…her heart pounded in her chest, but he didn’t lower her any further than his chest.  In fact…she was slowly pressed against the warm fabric containing his beautiful body.  She felt his every breath as he slowly inhaled and exhaled.  Damn.  The man was even mindful of his breathing with her.
Stiffening slightly, she realized that whatever had happened with Micro was not going to happen to her with Julian.  He was being kind
Everything that James had never been with her.  When she was scared, he didn’t hold her like this.  When she was upset, he didn’t soothe her with kind words.  No.
And then it dawned on her.  Julian might be different.  He might be kind.
For new reasons, tears started to fall but other than a few little shakes, Julian wouldn’t know that she was crying.  They were tears of relief.  She was with someone safe.  Finally.
“I’m so sorry,” she said into his chest.  “For everything.  For being so frightened… for calling the Academy on you… for making you feel like you had to see me again.  I’m so sorry.”  She sniffed loudly.  “It was just earlier… with Micro… and the shoe.  That made me so scared as well.”  She fisted the fabric of his shirt as well as she could… though at this size it was almost too thick.
“I’m sorry I’m broken, Mr. Cameron.”
"It's Julian," he corrected her softly. Another gentle chuckle, laced with pity. "Ugh, no. No shoes involved here... that's nasty. No way to treat a lady at all." He grinned at his own exaggerated gentlemanly stature, tipping his chin to his chest so he could see the top of her head. So tiny... smaller than a premature infant, and if fairies existed, she'd probably be shorter than them too.
She smiled widely against him.  Julian.  It was the first time he had corrected her to use his first name instead of the designated Mr. or Goddess pronoun that was supposed to be used with giants.  “I’m hardly a lady,” she couldn’t help choking out with her tears and a laugh.  She felt Julian’s thumb smooth across her bright red hair in reassurance that quite the opposite was true.
"I haven't been able to bring myself to sign up for anyone else. I want to finish what we started and I... I really want to be the one who fixes you, Lark." He continued taking deep breaths for a time, luxuriating in the stillness of the moment. However, he had skipped dinner and his stomach wouldn't let him forget that.
Julian pulled out Lark in his palm and bent his thumb to secure lightly across her lap.
"Hey... you hungry? I've got some leftover peach pie in the fridge calling my name."
Lark could feel him watching her and for once…she didn’t mind.  His words washed over her like a comforting thunderstorm and her heart warmed and struggled to keep pace with his much larger beating one.
“I’m starving,” she said, resting her hands on the knuckle of his thumb.  “But I’m sure you can tell that I’m always starving,” she said, half-joking, half-serious.  She wiped her nose with the back of her sleeve as Julian carefully stood up and started walking into the kitchen.  As he started to open the refrigerator he realized he needed both hands and gently set her down on the counter.  She was fascinated as she watched him work and as he went to the cabinet to get some plates, she gathered her courage and leaned over the pie plate to look inside.
The smell… it was overwhelmingly delicious.  Did everything smell so much better at this height?  She dipped a finger into the pie to taste the contents and brought it up to her lips.  Oh yes.  Everything tasted better at this height as well.  When she turned around she noticed that Julian was standing over her with a large plate and spatula, watching her curiously.
“Couldn’t help myself,” she said with a blush as he went to pull out a slice to warm up in the microwave.  “And… and you really didn’t think of signing up for anyone else?” she asked skeptically.  “Really?”
"Well, I thought about it," Julian said, pressing the buttons for a ten second heat up. "I just couldn't do it. All those girls had done this a million times and I'm still figuring out who I am... and what kind of, uh, giant I wanna be."
He wrapped up the remaining pie and stowed in back in the fridge. He brought the warmed slice over to the counter where Lark was and took a bite.
"Mmm. Perfect." He forked a much smaller bite and held it out a few inches before Lark. "I know it's kind of big, but are you able to get a bite off one of the prongs?"
“I can try,” Lark said with a hint of determination in her small voice.  She stepped forward and instead of trying to bite of a piece she just scooped up a glob of peach ‘stuff’ and held it up to lips and started to lick it carefully.  “Mmm…” she said with a smile.  “That’s really good… don’t even worry about the fork,” she said, growing more confident and walking up to his plate.
It was oddly pleasant.  Julian kept continuing to eat at the same time as Lark was but he was much more careful with his movements.  He made sure to keep the fork on the furthest side of the plate of wherever Lark was.  And she also watched his movements, listening to the click of the fork meeting the plate as it tore away another hunk of flaky crust and sweet pie.
“What kind of giant you want to be?” Lark asked, almost to herself as she dunked her hand into another glob of peachy goodness. “Are their options?”  She glanced up at Julian when his fork stopped moving and realized he seemed to be thinking this over.  He was thinking very hard apparently because he wasn’t paying attention to where his fork was going… and easily scooped her up with his next mouthful.
“Hey!” Lark squeaked, unsure if this was on purpose or not.  She felt so tiny on the bed of his fork, now almost completely covered with peach pie as he brought the bite closer to his lips.  More and more of him filled her vision and suddenly she wasn’t sure if this was a game or not.  “Julian!” she cried out again, making the fork jerk… and her tumbling off the side.  She landed right through the crust and into the fruit filling with a tiny plop.  She thought she’d be upset… but a small giggle escaped her when she emerged.
"Shit!" Julian's voice boomed. He dropped the fork with an ear splitting clatter and immediately pulled her out with a finger and thumb under her arms. Setting her down on the crumb-strewn plate, she was already accumulating a puddle of peach filling at her feet.
Lark quickly covered her ears at his outburst and then held up her hands.  “It’s okay…it’s okay!” she shouted up at him, hoping he would calm down.  The fork falling dangerously close to the plate made her jump again but to her relief Julian’s fingers quickly came down to retrieve her and set her aside.  She flicked some of the filling off her arms and legs and smiled slightly when Julian watched her curiously.
"I'm so sorry. I completely spaced out... I didn't even – you're just so small!" he hastily apologized, even if he too cracked a smile when he saw her laughing.
“It’s alright,” she said.  “I asked you a question… and you were thinking,” she said, daring to finally crack her first joke.  “Now I know never to expect you to do two things at once.  Very dangerous.”  Lark tilted her head slightly.  “I didn’t choose to be this small.  I’m lucky I’m not smaller,” she said in a low voice, hoping that he wasn’t too upset about this.  It wasn’t like she wanted to be practically eaten.  But those lips… it might not have been that bad…
Gah!  Her mind was heading into dirty places.  She quickly started to squeeze some of the peach filling out of her clothing when suddenly a large digit swiped down her center from her throat to her jeans.  Her eyes went wide to see Julian sticking a finger in his mouth.  
As he sucked it off, he suddenly laughed at his own private joke. "Guess you are bite-sized, though."
“I’m a walking desert,” Lark said with another laugh as she sat down on the edge of the plate, still swiping away the pie.  Her tiny eyes flashed up to his.  “But it seems to be a waste to just wash all of this off,” she said in a shy voice.  “And I’d like to still here about what kind of giant you want to be.”
Julian eyed her like the walking morsel she was – and more than that too.
"I'm still figuring that part out," he said. Julian lowered the same hand to swipe at her body again. He sucked it off and came back for more. "My cousin likes to be real edgy with his tinies. And I know that works for some tinies, but me... I just can't do that. Too much empathy sometimes. I think I'd like to be...  a protector. Some kind of giant hero...with a little room for improvisation."
She was listening… goodness knows she was trying to listen…but it was so hard when she kept seeing that finger dip down towards her body.  Days ago she would have been terrified but now she was looking forward to it.  He was so soft with her.  So gentle.  Edgy.  The word was obviously meant to provide a soft blow to what this mysterious cousin of hers was actually like.  Her curiosity bubbled and rose and then fell again when Julian’s face lowered to her level.
Now…the only thing she could think about was him.
Without warning, Julian gave up the finger -swipe method and swooped down in an instant urge. His soft lips pressed against her lower jaw all the way to her hip. He let his tongue dart out to swipe off the sweet peach residue on her body, and then pulled away.
“O-oh,” she gasped out in surprise when his soft lips met her body.  It wasn’t like they could actually kiss, she would drown in his lips before that, but the feeling of them covering her upper body… wow.  One of her legs kicked up in surprise as those lips pressed against her, gathering more peach filling.  And then… something else touched her and she gasped out in surprise again.  His tongue swept up and down her body and quickly retreated back into his mouth before she had a chance to react.
“W-whoa,” she said softly as she was able to see his face in its entirety again.  “That was…” she shook her little red head as though trying to find the words, “… whoa.”
Julian ran his tongue absently over his lower lip as a tentative smile took hold.
"I like the sound of that," he ventured to say. He paused, eyeing her up carefully. "You've got this big chunk on your back. D'you mind if I...?" He started to lean down again.
She swallowed loud enough that she wondered if Julian had caught it.  But no… his eyes and attention were completely focused on the warm glob that started between her shoulder blades and ran all the way down to the center of her back.  She shook her head harder than she meant to and hope she didn’t come across as too desperate.
As she turned around, she sucked in a gasp of air that she knew she was going to let out in an embarrassingly loud sigh if she wasn’t careful.  “S-sure…Mr. – er – I mean, Julian.  I said it would be a shame to waste a good pie…” she trailed off as she realized quickly Julian wasn’t going to hesitate.  An even larger, warmer, feeling brushed down her back, sending her shivers all way down to the tips of her toes.  She gripped the edge of the plate in fear that she would slide right off and into a puddle right on top of the pie filling.
How could he be so gentle?  Was it the training… or was it… that he was actually taking care not to hurt her?  She couldn’t help but wonder if his little accident was still weighing heavily in his mind.  With her being this small… he couldn’t make mistakes.  And he certainly was paying much closer attention to her.  As her back felt lighter and dryer, she realized that Julian’s tongue had just pulled away.
“That… that was cool,” she said stupidly, willing her face not to flush.  Did he have to be so attractive?  And so big?  It was a dangerous and very potent combination.  “I… I appreciate the help,” she said as she pushed some sticky strands away from her face.  “But I don’t even think your tongue is magical enough to clean this all off.”  She flushed furiously when she saw his reaction to her words.  “Do you think maybe I could use your sink before we continue… anything else?”
Julian's gentle chuckle was cut off by a more dangerous mischief that flashed through his dazzling grey eyes. A glimpse of something he never would have imagined possible; this girl... this tiny, healing girl...
And she thought his tongue action was magical.
M Academy: Lark's Encounters XI
Two chapters in one day?  Hazzah!!
Hope you enjoy it!  Thanks always to :iconobsess-confess:!
M Academy:  Lark’s Encounter’s X

Several days later Lark woke up with a scream for the second time that day.  It pierced the air and she scrambled to find her footing, only to find that she was tied down again.
Tied down.
What had that monster of a man who demanded to be called Mr. Micro want to do with her now?  She continued to scream and try to break free of her restraints only in vain.  It was so dark.  She broke out into a terrified sweat as she tried to figure out where he had put her now.
No.  No!
She wanted to quit, but then she’d never have a chance to see Julian again and apologize.  And she had to see him.  And if she wanted to see him, she had to get through this weekend.  As she started to cry, darkness opened up and a dark-haired man loomed over her.  Huge… but not a giant.
“Who… who are you?” she asked in a sobbing cry.  The man quickly came over and fumbled with her taped restraints.  He was twice the size as she was but that didn’t mean much.  Did that Micro guy order more than one tiny?  “P-please… please don’t make me go back to him…”
“Shhhh… shh….” He hushed her, gathering her into his arms like a child and standing up once she was free.  “You’re safe now…you’re safe.”  He started to move into the light and called out for someone.  “She’s awake,” he called loudly to someone Lark couldn’t see through her tears.  “But she’s incredibly freaked out.  Call him now and tell him to come over.”

Julian appeared short of breath at Evan’s front door.
"You told me you would call when you found her," Julian grumbled, breezing into the spacious apartment as his cousin opened the door for him. He had been sitting on pins and needles all night and now he could scarcely think about touching Lark again. He paused in the entryway by framed pictures of Evan's graduation ceremony almost a decade ago. They both had baby faces then. Different interests too. Yet here they were now, together discussing a pair of tiny people in the living room.
"Wait... how small is she?" he whispered.

Another pained and nervous cry escaped Lark when she heard the loud sounds of voices thundering nearby.  But they didn’t belong to this stranger.  And who the hell was this new man?  He was a giant to her, but nothing like… nothing like she had seen before.
“What’s going on?” she begged as the man as he rocked her gently.  “Where is he… that man…”
“He’s gone,” Justin said.  “Now come on… you’re safe now…”
“Safe,” Lark croaked out as tears filled her eyes.  “Unless he’s playing another game with me… and with you…”
“No.”  Justin’s voice remained firm.  “You’re not with him anymore.  My giant couldn’t get you out of the opening scene… but he did everything to get you out of there as quickly as possible.  You have to believe that.  You’re not even in his home anymore.”  He looked down at the woman in his arms and his heart hiccupped.  He had missed this.  Caring for a tiny woman. She looked so small and helpless in his arms and though Justin was only six inches tall, he felt like a giant to the girl who was just shy of four.

“You should be relieved,” Evan said from another room as he glanced over his shoulder towards the living room.  “Micro… apparently he’s on thin ice with the academy so he didn’t play games with this one.  He made her a little over three inches so it’s not much different than your first time… but I’m warning you, Julie.  If this works out, I would recommend you not go this small with her again.  She’s… she’s pretty freaked out.  I could hear her crying when she was brought in.  I’m having Justin deal with her… less of a shock that way.”
He rubbed the back of his neck.  “Julian…” Evan said in a slow voice, still blocking his cousin from barging into the room just yet.  Justin would let him know when she was calm.  “She was taped to the bottom of his shoe as an opening scene.  Apparently he was just walking around his apartment with her taped to the sole… that little dip just under the heel so she wouldn’t be crushed.  All she could see was the floor… she’s… she’s really freaked out.”
Julian visibly paled in the dim entryway. He just stared back at Evan, willing him to take back what he just said. But it was real.
"What kind of a sick..." Julian drug a hand over his face and gazed longingly at the living room. "I'm gonna go in gentle from the start. I think she… needs that." Confident as he was, he still glanced to his cousin for backup on the decision. Evan sent him a small nod, and Julian coiled his hands into fists before relaxing.
Show time.
His slow, measured steps began to quake and tremor through the shelf under the ebony coffee table. He got onto his knees and lowered himself until he could see the tiny and even tinier person waiting there.
"She's still shaking," Justin informed him quietly. Julian nodded.
"Lark," he said softly. "Look at me, please. It's... it's just me, Lark. It's Julian, remember?"
Lark sniffed when she heard thunderous steps approaching the room.  He’s back…he must be coming back!  As she went to struggle, Justin held her even more tightly in his arms until a powerful voice fill her ears.  Him?  Was that guy back?
“N-no…” she squeaked, pulling herself to the man who was closest to her size.  He was all she had at this point.  “Please… please don’t give me to him.  I don’t want to be on the shoe again…”
“It’s not him,” Justin’s voice said, trying to coax her gently.  “He’s gone, sweetie.  He’s gone.  Didn’t you hear?  That’s Julian.  Remember him from last week?”  He looked up at the massive man watching them intently with grey eyes.  It was nice that while he was still enormous, he wasn’t nearly as big as before.  He would have to thank Evan for his brief bout of kindness… this was definitely something he wouldn’t do often.
“J-Julian,” Lark said softly, blinking and slowly regaining her sanity.  The man holding her walked towards something and she clung to the fabric on his chest with tightened fists.  “No…” she muttered, burying her face into the strangers shoulder, “…he’s… he’s mad at me.  I bet that guy called him here.”
“It’s not like that, sweetie,” Justin said, stepping closer to the edge of the shelf.  He could tell that Julian was worried and Evan was frustrated for wasting time.  But Justin needed this.  This moment to care for someone smaller than him… he lived for it.  Even if there was a man right in front of him who could easily enclose him in his fist.
“She’s… she’s coming out of it,” Justin called over to Julian.  He looked down at the young woman like a worried father.  “What that man did to her… I don’t know what else he would have done if Evan didn’t make the call…”  He started to pull the woman away from his chest.  “Do you want to try and hold her?”
"Yeah," Julian said quietly. His face pulled away a little and his hand came up beneath the edge of the shelf. Justin knelt down, still murmuring reassurances as he pried Lark off of him and laid her down in the massive palm.
Julian frowned, unable to help but feel insulted as the tiny thing writhed to be free of him.
"Shhh..." he crooned, rocking back on his heels and pulling the tiny girl close. Even smaller than last time. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you, Lark. I'm here to take care of you." He held Lark over his beating heart out of instinct, feeling her slight weight put up no resistance to its pounding.
At first she wanted to fight the larger being.  After what happened with Mr. Micro it took everything she had in her body not to think that that gigantic palm was going to start lowering and she would find herself taped to the bottom of a shoe again.  But there was no movement downward… in fact… she was going up.  And eventually she was pressed against something warm and soft.  She inhaled deeply.
The overwhelming of scent of grapefruit and bergamot calmed her immediately and she stopped fighting.  He… he was here.  But why?  Why had he come here?  And where the hell was here in the first place?  She remembered being on the bottom of Micro’s shoe and then a door flew open and a loud, rich and overly confident voice yelled for her to hit the button and no consequences would come.  She listened to the voice without thinking… but now… she was more confused than ever.
“You don’t have to stay here,” Evan’s voice came behind them.  Lark winced because this new loud voice was familiar, but also didn’t bother to lower the volume.  A warm hand continued to hold her close.  It wasn’t Julian’s voice.  “I may have said the right thing to the higher ups, but at the end of the day, I do what I want.  If you don’t want to keep her here, you can take her back to your place.”  He smiled.  “I’d like to see the Academy stand up to me.”
“You’re so arrogant—” Justin started but Evan arched a brow at him as he knelt behind Julian and started to reach for him.
“Your time of playing the giant here is over, Mr. Carmichael,” he said in a warm voice.  He couldn’t deny that he was still proud of his tiny.  “Thank you for your help,” he said, as he plucked him up and stood to his full height.  “Now you, Julian… take her home.  It’s like I said… all G/t relationships are different.  It’s up to you to figure out what you want out of yours.”
Julian nodded, knowing the purpose and power behind those words.
"I'll be in touch soon." He stepped towards the front hall, prepared to see himself out. Evan didn't follow and Julian didn't expect him to; they both had their hands full at the moment.
"Lark," Julian said quietly to her, lifting her up to his face briefly to give her a look of pleading sincerity. "There's only one way to get you out of here. I'll make it as painless as possible."
With that, he lowered as much of his hand as he could fit into his shirt's breast pocket and released Lark to the bottom. Shortly after, a folded up tissue was lowered in after her. It unfolded a little in its landing, ending up half on her lap. She was set into motion as Julian exited the apartment with brisk but careful strides. Every movement he could feel her brushing up against his chest. The drive to his house wasn't long in reality, but it felt like eternity this time around.
Stirring slightly as the car roared to life, Lark started to feel a bit safer.  Julian. Julian was here with her… though she still didn’t understand why.  She had assumed that he would be pissed at her and Kennings certainly didn’t lead her to believe otherwise after her ‘discussion’ about the events of last weekend.  Lark had begged to get his home address so she could explain her actions but Kennings basically informed her that it was unprofessional and if she wanted any chance at seeing him again… it would have to be through the Academy.  So she took an assignment thinking it was Julian.  Who else would want to be with a newb?
But she had been wrong.
So very, very wrong.
She shuddered slightly against Julian’s chest as he continued to drive in silence.  Finally, she worked up the courage to look up at him, nearly gasping when she was only met with the underside of his chin and just a hint of his lower lip.  He seemed bigger than last time.  Swallowing, she tried to regain her courage.
“Are you taking me back to the Academy?” she asked softly.  She felt the man’s heart thunder at a quicker pace in her ears and felt the heat in his chest greatly increase with her question.  “I guess you are… considering you must know what happened to me with that man who likes micro play.”
"No. God no."
Julian made a face at the notion, momentarily lapsing in lowering his voice. "Lark, I wanted to find you because I figured it out. You can't let me in until you let James go." He parked the car and looked down at his pocket. He hadn't buckled up, lest he squish her fragile body against him. He lowered his hand into the pocket, softly ordering her to grab onto his fingers. He pulled her out and set her in the other palm. They stared at each other in reverence and conflicted emotions.
"I can't undo what that bastard did to you... but if you want me… I'm here for you."
Her tears were only just beginning to dry again as she listened to his words.  It was odd to see his face look a little larger than before.  She saw just a few more faint lines in the corner of his mouth as he spoke and his eyes were just as intense and large as ever.  But he was still beautiful.  And he was still willing to talk to her even after everything she had done?
“But what I did to you,” she said, softly at first and then remembering that she had to speak up more now.  “I could have ruined everything.  And you… you could have lost your chance to hang out with other tinies…” she laughed drily, “… more fun tinies.  I still can’t believe that you…” she blushed, “… I can’t believe you’re even here talking to me after what I’ve done.  You don’t even know me.”
“I… I’d like to get to know you, Mr. Cameron,” she said in a careful voice, still not sure what he was offering.  It was unclear, but maybe that was intentional.  She couldn’t deny that she was interested.  The man was flat out gorgeous.  But after what had happened with the Micro guy…she wanted to believe that Julian would never push her as hard as he had.  “Do you think maybe we could just sit down for a little a while?  Maybe talk for a bit?”  She blushed again and lowered her eyes.  “Unless you have another tiny upstairs in which case… I don’t want to disturb your weekend.”
Julian laughed gently, shaking his head at her suggestion.
"No, it’s just you. I think one tiny is enough of a handful for me." He sent her a warm smile, like they were sharing some personal knowledge. "Talking... I'd like that.  Though for now, I need to hide you again. Don't be scared. I won't drop you." Julian got out of the car, cupping his hand entirely over his abdomen and keeping Lark concealed against him.
After some jostling for her end, Lark was finally sat on a large pillow next to Julian. He bent over the side to unlace his shoes.
"Alright, Lark... let's talk."
M Academy: Lark's Encounters X
New chapter!  M Academy and Lark belong to me.  Julian is played by the lovely and very talented :iconobsess-confess:
I have a character named Reese, but I struggle with a last name. Any ideas?
9 deviants said Middleton
9 deviants said Merriweather
8 deviants said Iversen
7 deviants said McCarthy
4 deviants said Wynters (this is the name I have now and I'm not sure I like it anymore)
3 deviants said Others? Please comment. :-)
GT Literature
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So happy that the hubs and I have finally decided on a new book cover!!
Mon Nov 25, 2013, 4:21 PM
TMH Aimee came to a close today. It was amazing. Oh the feels!
Fri Sep 27, 2013, 8:24 AM

I have a character named Reese, but I struggle with a last name. Any ideas? 

9 deviants said Middleton
9 deviants said Merriweather
8 deviants said Iversen
7 deviants said McCarthy
4 deviants said Wynters (this is the name I have now and I'm not sure I like it anymore)
3 deviants said Others? Please comment. :-)

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