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So I know I haven't been posting...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2014, 8:38 AM

So I know I haven't been posting recently.  I have a good reason and it's not just because I'm preggers.  Lol... my motherboard crashed on my writing computer... which means that all my documents are floating around in space somewhere.  They're not completely lost, I just don't have access to them at the moment.  Not until I get a new computer or laptop that I would trust uploading my old motherboard.

So please... bare with me.  Black Friday and the holidays are coming and I really hope to have my motherboard back so I can go back to posting!!

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So it really is funny that I stumbled upon this website. It's so great to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys G/T movies and G/T writing. :-) I hope that people enjoy my stories because I really do enjoy writing and getting feedback.

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So I know I haven't been posting...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2014, 8:38 AM

So I know I haven't been posting recently.  I have a good reason and it's not just because I'm preggers.  Lol... my motherboard crashed on my writing computer... which means that all my documents are floating around in space somewhere.  They're not completely lost, I just don't have access to them at the moment.  Not until I get a new computer or laptop that I would trust uploading my old motherboard.

So please... bare with me.  Black Friday and the holidays are coming and I really hope to have my motherboard back so I can go back to posting!!

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M Academy:  Lark’s Encounters XIII


    "You wanna talk on the bedroom maybe? No offense, but I'd like to lie down if it's alright by you." He lowered a massive hand by her side, fingers curling invitingly.

    It was then that Lark was reminded that they hardly knew each other and she knew even less about him.  But he was so easy to open up to and he didn’t seem to mind her stories.  Talking to someone about James other than Alona… it was slowly breaking down her walls of insecurity.  So instead of blurting out something so terribly embarrassing as ‘you’re my hero’ she walked up to his hand and patted the top of one of his curled fingers.

    But she didn’t falter completely.

    “You’ve definitely got a head start with me,” she said with a nervous smile.

    She carefully crawled into his hand and situated herself in the center so she could sit down.  She figured, the closer she was to his skin, the less likely there would be an accident. 

    Actually, no.

    Scratch that.

    At this height it wouldn’t be an accident, it would definitely kill her.  But she still felt so safe with him as he straightened up and cupped her close.  The loud sounds of his feet thundering against the floor sent shivers down her spine and built up her confidence.

    “I’m… I’m looking forward to lying down with you,” she said before she realized the implication.  “I mean!  It’ll be easier to talk to you face-to-face,” she quickly amended.  “Because I’m so small… it’ll be nice not to have to worry about you not hearing me and…” she was rambling.  Dammit she was starting to ramble now.  She quickly locked her lips shut before she really started to say things that were probably best kept to herself.

    Julian smiled softly and gathered her to chest level. He flicked off the light and let the sink drain of its lukewarm contents before leaving.

    "You are really small. I can't imagine how we'd even be able to talk if you were any smaller than three inches."

    He sat down in a way that attempted to not jostle his tiny passenger if at all possible. He swung he legs up on the covers and set her down in front of him.

    "But still..." He twisted away to turn on the lamp, bathing them in a rosy glow. "I'm glad we can talk like this."

    He set his head down. And that's when reality sank in again. She was so real.

    Lark smiled and pulled her knees up to her chest as she situated herself on the comforter.  When Julian was lying down, she was finally able to see those grey blue eyes of his perfectly again.  She had almost forgotten just how beautiful they were.


    “Talking,” she said with a nod.  “I... I don’t think Micro was looking to do any talking when I first showed up.  He was grumbling about how the Academy was losing its touch when taking his requests.  Apparently someone had called and made a stink about making requests and not following the limits charts?  I wonder who did that.  I feel like I owe them an apology… otherwise I’m pretty sure Micro would have asked for me to be smaller.” She inhaled and exhaled as she realized she was finally okay with talking about what had happened just a few hours earlier.

    He shook his head slightly into the bedding, never ceasing to watch her carefully.

    “He was so grumpy, Julian.  You can’t even imagine.  He didn’t want me to speak.  And you could tell that he was short!  He had these shoes… with like… man heels so he was two inches taller than he actually was.  And that’s where he put me… that little dip at the bottom of the shoe between the heel and the where the ball of your foot goes.”  Her eyes flicked up to him.  “I couldn’t see anything.  And I had no idea how long he was planning to keep me there.  I don’t mind being small… I really don’t… but I don’t understand the appeal of just wanting someone under your foot all weekend.”

    "I honestly have no idea... I'd much rather keep you where I can see you…" he trailed off and chuckled. "He wore high heels? Dude's overcompensating."

    Lark blushed before she could stop it.  She hoped that her face was small enough that Julian hadn’t been able to catch it…but since he was so close by…she wondered if it was inevitable.  She tried to laugh it off.

    “I know right?  Men in heels… those shoes always freak me out.  Tom Cruise wears them all the time in interviews…” she frowned slightly as something occurred to her.  “But I don’t think that mattered to him.  I don’t think he wanted to see me.  He’s searching for control just like everyone else…”

    A thought occurred to her.  “He said he was upset that I wasn’t small enough to do the things he wanted.”  She looked over at Julian curiously.  “You never answered my question from earlier.  Do you know anything about this Micro guy?  Or what he would have done to me if that friend of yours didn’t show up?”

    Julian sighed a bit more than necessary – absent mindedly wondering if his breath could affect her like a gist of wind at this size. Her hair was too wet to be moved, but she blinked rapidly in reaction.

    "I don't want to scare you," he started out clearly. "Yeah, my cousin told me about him. He apparently likes them to be so small he can't hear them at all. Which is freaky right? And what's the point? Why not just use a plastic toy? Anyway.... that's his M.O. – sticking his tinies somewhere on his body for the weekend and just... carrying on his normal life."

    Seeing her tiny eyes widen, Julian lavished her with a massive hand, resting over her lower half and stroking her midsection gingerly with his thumb.

    “That’s… that sounds horrible,” Lark breathed out, barely keeping her composure as she felt Julian’s thumb sweep up and down her belly.  Her eyes locked on his.  “And that’s what he was planning to do with me…” she frowned, “… so that’s what Kennings meant when she said it would be a pleasant surprise.  When she said that I thought you had signed up for me again.  I guess I looked into that completely wrong.”

    She tried to remember the man’s face but she had hardly seen it.  “He must be one sick jack off if he just wants people strapped to his body while he does his thing!  What’s the point?  If I were a giant I’d want…” she trailed off as Julian seemed to pay closer attention now, still caressing the thin skin over her stomach.  “I’d want to take care of my tiny.  But…” she looked away as though almost embarrassed, “… I don’t know.  I’d still be so fascinated with the size difference.  Wouldn’t you?”

    Julian snorted softly. "Like you haven't noticed how hypnotized I am with your tiny self."

    Lark knew she was treading into dangerous waters but there was no going back now.  She felt safe enough with him that maybe she could talk about something a little darker.  “I’d want to remind the tiny that I’m in charge,” she said softly.  “What I’d want to do as a giant is so much different then what I’d want a giant to do to me.  Maybe I’d be like your friend.  The one who you said was ‘edgy.’.  What…” she snuck a curious look up at him, “… what would being edgy mean to you, Julian?”

    He continued to listen, his eyebrow quirking as he realized what she was getting at. Maybe this chick had a kinky side after all.

    "I don't know, I think it depends on the person. It should be a custom experience, don’t you  think?" The smirk faded into a slightly scary type of contemplation; thinking of all the things he could do with her, with no one to stop him.

    "I dunno. Maybe some type of hide and seek. Might give them a scare or two. Maybe... well, I saw my cousin do this thing where he dunked his tiny into his wine... that image is kind of stuck in my head. I know it sounds weird but it's like... sticking them wherever you want... and then taking a drink and actually feeling their teeny little body wash up against your face..." He turned beet red and rolled onto his back with a self-conscious laugh.

    “W-what?  Wait,” she said called as he started to shift.  The cushions beneath her rocked gently so it took Lark a few seconds to find her footing again.  “That’s… that’s really interesting,” she said softly, not wanting him to think that she was completely okay with the idea of being trapped in a man’s glass… but she had fallen into his desert and she was actually doing okay.

    "God I sound like a freak," Julian grumbled in response.

    She reached up and tugged on the fabric covering his upper arm.  “That doesn’t make you sound like a freak at all,” she called up to him.  “It’s weird, you know?  I’m still a person and in a few days I’ll wake and only be a few inches shorter than you… well…” she glanced down the infinitely long length of his body down the bed, “… maybe a bit more than that… but you know what I mean.”

    Lark laughed lightly as she tried to picture it.  “I mean… I was the one who asked, didn’t I?  I completely agree with you that a G/t experience should be individualized but it sounds to me like maybe… maybe you want to be more than just a protector or hero, Julian.  It sounds to me like you have a dark side.”

    When he started to shift back towards her, she backed up slightly, nervous that he was going to act on these thoughts without warning.

    “So you’d…you like the idea of power exchange?” she tried next.  “Does the idea of scaring me a bit… do you like the idea?”

    There it was again. That burning tingle of pleasure in the purest form – just from feeling her miniature fingers grasping at a fold on his arm. She made him feel so big. Powerful. Slowly, Julian turned his head to the side, barley able to glimpse the top of her little head.

    "If I get the okay from you beforehand... yeah, I could go for that," he said in a low voice, hiding hints of curiosity and eagerness.

    Seeing him smile made her feel a little better though her heart was hammering loudly in her chest.  She was giving him options.  The time of talking was coming to an end.  But was she really ready for this?  Just the idea of being dropped in his glass and drunk like she wasn’t there…the feelings of being ignored crept up on her.  But… she wasn’t exactly being ignored.  Julian would know where she was at all times.  Of course he would.  He was the one who was going to do whatever he liked with her.

    Lark swallowed deeply.  Her desire to please him was starting to bubble over, completely taking over her fear of him.  He had shown her time and time again that when he wanted to be kind and careful… that he would be.  But what about his darker side?  Wasn’t that something she could explore with him as well?  And if she didn’t… she wondered if he would simply find someone else who would.  Already… knowing him for so little time, the idea of him with another tiny woman took her breath away.

    And then it suddenly dawned on her.

    She liked him.

    “I… I think we can try something like that, again,” she offered in a voice that only hinted with trembles.  “I mean…” she lowered her head nervously as she felt him start to smile, “… what’s the point of having a tiny if you can’t do with them what you’d like once in a while?  I’d probably do the same thing.  In fact… I think it would be impossible to resist.”

    Julian’s eyes lit up. His little bird wanted to play. The bed made a muffled screech as its primary occupant sat up.

    "Well, we're on the same page there," he purred, pressing his hand into the bed so she spilled into his plan. She was pulled deeper into his hand as he lifted her up to eye level. "The living room has more space," he mumbled as he stood up. He slipped on his shoes again so she wouldn't have to deal with his socked feet as he was stomping around, and strode out to the living room.

    "Maybe we should have a safe word or something," he suddenly suggested. "That way I know when you want me to shift gears."

    “A s-safe word?” she repeated, eyes widening at the idea.  Surely he wasn’t planning on pushing her so far?  Her mind reeled as she remembered the ‘ground play’ from last weekend.  Actually…a safe word probably wasn’t such a bad idea.  That way Julian would know when she was freaked out and not lead her to crawl under a bed and start crying again.  “Y-yes,” she said, keeping her brave face on for his and her sake, “a safe word sounds like a good idea.”

    She thought in his palm, trying not to think about the fact that even in the stillness she could hear him breathing above her, feel his pulse dancing in his hand and hear his heartbeat pumping loudly.  “How about mino?” she asked carefully.  When Julian arched a brow down at her she couldn’t help but smile.  “Well…instead of choosing the obvious like a bird or something, I wanted to choose a tiny fish.  The first one I thought of was mino.”  She beamed up at him before something suddenly crossed her mind.

    “And… and you’re not going to hurt me or anything like that, are you Julian?” she asked.

    Julian cupped both hands under his tiny passenger and brought her even closer to his looming face.

    "Lark, I will never hurt you," he insisted. "You understand me?" When he received a small nod on reply, he was satisfied to lower himself a kneeling position and placed her on the ground. "However, I'm not against getting your blood pumping a little bit. You've got fifteen seconds to hide."

M Academy: Lark's Encounters XIII
Another two chapters in one day.  Hells yes!
Hope you guys enjoy it!

M Academy:  Lark’s Encounters XII


    "Of course you can use my sink." Julian laid out an open palm for her in what was becoming a naturally gentlemanly action. It was becoming innate in just the short time they had been together. He held her close to him, not fearing of getting messy.

    Within a few short minutes, she was rinsing off in a warm shallow pool of water in his bathroom sink. He remembered the last time they had been in here together, but tonight was already going so much better by abandoning the script he'd been taught, and just going with his gut.

    And... it was flattering that she reacted so well to the real him.

    As Lark started to wash away the remnants of what would later be named the ‘pie escapade’ she stole a look up at Julian.  He was just standing here what felt like hundreds of feet above her, but he wasn’t the big one… she was the small one.  And now… in a calmer state of mind, she felt so comfortable knowing that.

    Lark relaxed slightly in the tub as Julian gently helped her clean off her pants and shirt from pie filling off to the side and set them to dry.  She was still wearing a long tank-top underneath and felt less embarrassed about her body.  As her hands started to work through the sweet tangles of her messy red hair she heard a loud rumbling overhead, almost startling her.

    Her eyes shot up to realize it was just Julian clearing her throat.

    “Yes?” she asked innocently as she looked up into his hopeful eyes.  What was he thinking now?  “Would you like to help?”  She pointed over the rim of the rich vessel sink.  “Last I remembered the shampoo and conditioner was over there somewhere.”  She dared to smile and look up… and up and further up until her eyes finally met his.

    “If you want… I wouldn’t mind a little help with my hair.  In fact… the more helpful you are… the more questions I’ll try to answer about myself… and…” she was hesitant about the last part but Julian had been so attentive so far, “… my past.”

    Julian's eyebrows shot up along with a coy smile.

    "Well, there's an incentive if I’ve ever heard one," he remarked pleasantly. He brought over the all-in-one shower gel and squeezed out a drop the size of a large pea. Using one finger to allow her support, he massaged the droplet into her scalp.

    "Close your eyes. I'm being as precise as I can, but it's not as easy as it looks. I don't want to get any in your eyes," Julian said. He was mesmerized by the tiny skull under his fingertip. It terrified him to feel firsthand how easily her neck could be snapped… her skull crushed. But he wouldn't let that happen. Not even a scratch.

    “I can’t wait to be bigger,” she said softly as her head rocked back and forth gently just from the touch of a finger.  “I don’t mean like my normal size… there’s no fun or beauty in that… but this is just too small.  It’s one thing to feel delicate… it’s quite another to feel invisible.”

    She turned her head slightly so Julian could see her profile.  “And that Micro guy was having a complete fit about how BIG I was.  Like I needed to hear that.  He kept saying he couldn’t do what he wanted because I was too loud and too big.”  She rolled her eyes and faced forward.  “As if I don’t hear enough of that already.  But yeah, I guess Micro likes his people even smaller than this… thus the name.  I don’t know how he could do it.” She turned up to look at Julian again.

    “When you mentioned talking about your past, I thought you’d go a little further than that.”

    Lark flushed.  “What… what would you like to talk about?”

    "I may not be the expert but it sounds like to me this James was an ungrateful sonnuva bitch. He didn't deserve you."

    She shook if off when Julian didn’t answer right away.  Maybe she didn’t want to know.  “James…” she said as though his name alone weighed thousands of pounds.  “He… he wasn’t so bad.  He was actually just too good for me.  I don’t know what he saw in me, but for some reason he took me under his wing. He used to always say how I perfect I’d be if I lost 15 or 20 pounds.  Perfect.”  She smiled at the memory.  “How frightening is it to know that a man almost finds you perfect?  How could I resist?  He was so… and I’m soo…” she slumped forward.

    “But losing the weight wasn’t the only thing that bothered him after a few months.  I kinda all just started happening gradually.  He wasn’t cruel right away.  I’m not even sure if I would say he was ever cruel.  He just…I guess he just wanted me to be perfect.  And I wanted to be that for him.”

    "Perfect... well that's a trap. It's a goal you'll never reach. And... that's not fair to you." He felt like a phony giving her this advice, and could only hope some of it rang true for her.

    “The thing is though… it didn’t feel like a trap.  He always made it seem as though perfection was just around the corner.  It was just… that I wasn’t working hard enough for it.  He was always sending me helpful things… gym memberships, a new bike, a day at the spa, hair stylist suggestions.  The works.  I thought it was because he wanted me.”

    As she felt Julian gently pinch her hair between his fingertips to pull out the suds she exhaled loudly.  This felt… amazing.  But she still didn’t ever want to be this small again.  She remembered that Julian had commented on how tiny she was… so obviously he probably thought this size was a bit disconcerting… but he was still here.

    “I’ll finish up,” she said with a light laugh as Julian struggled with the bits of shampoo too close to her face.  She sat up and started to rinse the last of peach filling from her hair.

    "Trust me, you're better off without that dead weight. You deserve someone better." Julian eased her backward in the water till only her tiny face was above water, the shampoo spiraling out in the rinse.

    She shook her head.  “It’s not as easy for me to find a guy as it would be for you to find a girl, Mr… eh, Julian,” she admitted softly.  She looked over her head and saw the rim of the vessel sink hanging over her like a mountain and decided to try her hand at climbing out herself, despite Julian’s hand being so close by.

    “James was one of the few who saw my potential.  That’s the kind of woman I am.  Men don’t just take me at straight value and say ‘I’d like that that’.  It’s more, ‘she would be cute if’… or… ‘I bet I can fix her’,” she said with a grunt as her tiny feet slipped on the sink and she tumbled back into the water.

    “Dammit,” she muttered in frustration.  “I really am small.  A little help?” she asked, holding up her arms.

    Julian wordlessly swept her up in a gentle fist. The huge appendage unfurled upon the washcloth he had laid out for her, letting her disembark to towel off somewhat. No girl had ever confided in him like this... maybe he'd never had the reason to listen. But it put things in a new light for him, and he was forced to pause and reflect on his own actions for a few moments.

    Finally, watching the shrunken woman wrestle with the folds of terrycloth, he spoke again.

    "I don't see anything to fix about you, Lark."

    Lark snickered while she continued to work with the washcloth, drying off her hair and her skin before motioning for Julian to hand her back her clothing.  “That’s because you haven’t really seen me…” she trailed off with another laugh, “… I mean other than when I practically ran you over in the elevator.  I’m a little distorted when I’m this small.”

    “I’m like a little linebacker, trust me,” she said with a wink.  She was trying to play it off as though it didn’t bother her…but it was easier like this.  If she really thought about it… like really thought about how much it hurt that she wasn’t a size two…she was afraid she would end up just like she had last time with Julian.  She supposed there was some appeal with someone like Micro.  Not in how he treated her or in what size he wanted her, but the fact that he just used her…didn’t try to open her up and answer questions.

    But she had promised Julian.

    As she slid into her jeans and settled her shirt back over her head, her tiny red head popped out from the collar.  “I know James sounds like a monster,” she said.  “But you didn’t know him like I did.  He just…” she inhaled and exhaled loudly, “… he just wanted me to better than what I am, you?  And the way he made it sound, perfection was only a few changes away while you said that it’s simply not achievable.  Cruel or not… it was nice to think there was someone out there who thought I was only a few pounds away of being someone worthy.  Someone you’d want on your arm.”

    Julian's smile had faded. He was trying not to be impatient but he didn’t understand where he was going wrong with this pep talk. He was trying to make her more into HIM – not her ex-boyfriend.

    "If he was such a great catch, why are you alone?" he asked quietly. "Why is he still hurting you, even when he's gone? Call me crazy but that sounds screwy to me."

    “I caught him cheating,” Lark said quickly.  She flinched, not even sure why.  Did she think this would disgust someone like Julian?  To be hanging out with a woman who couldn’t even stop her man from straying?  “And you know what the worst part was?  He said it was my fault… he said if I had been working to improve myself more than it wouldn’t have happened.”

    Julian frowned. This poor woman had been through one hell after another. And this James jerk-off had brainwashed her into believing she would never be perfect unless she looked like the face of lust. But he was wrong.

    She shrugged it off lightly.  “He’s no hero,” she said, hoping that she would make it clear that she was still thinking of the giant man in front of her.  “He wouldn’t show up at someone’s house to save a distressed woman from a horrible experience.  He’s… he’s not like you,” she said, smiling shyly.  “And James is nowhere near as cute as you are so you must understand my dilemma.”

    As she finished dressing, she stood close to the edge of the bathroom counter and looked down.  Damn… that was quite a drop.  She tried not to think about it and brought her attention back to Julian.

    “I remember you said that you think you might want to be the type of giant who’s a hero,” she mused.  “Is that in general… or is there maybe…” she started to scuff her feet around on the counter like a nervous child, “… or did you have someone specific in mind?” She knew her question was daring, but curiosity about this beautiful stranger kept bubbling up inside of her.

    To her delight, Julian suddenly shuffled his feet and stared at the floor with slightly pink cheeks.

    "Well, I uh... I saved your butt from that Micro creep, so uh, that's a head start, right?" He stared down at her, wanting to say more.

    She warmed inwardly.  Already she wanted to say the words.

    You’re my hero.

    But Lark was too afraid of how he might take them.

M Academy: Lark's Encounters XII
Yeay!  A new chapter!  Hope you like it!
As always, thanks to :iconobsess-confess:  You are more talented than you'll ever know.
M Academy:  Lark’s Encounters XI

Lark’s eyes widened in fear as she saw what Julian was doing.  His shoes.  Oh God.  He was unlacing his shoes!  Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as being on the bottom but she… she screamed out in surprise and staggered to her feet.
“Nuh….no!” she shouted with as much brevity as she could stand.  “I… I don’t want to do that!  Not even to talk!”
She waved her hands around wildly in surrender as Julian pulled up back into a sitting position and she couldn’t even quite read his face.  Was he laughing?  Was he preparing for this the entire time?  As his lips parted to say something she quickly pulled her hands up to her ears, still staggering on the pillow, just barely keeping her footing.  “I… I don’t want to!” she shrilled.  “Please!!”
And then… she slid over the end of the pillow, landing in the crack between the pillow and headboard.  Completely trapped.  She pressed herself up against the backboard as she heard Julian sigh loudly and shift.  “Mr. Cameron,” she called, still managing to keep her tears at bay somehow, “I want to talk… but I don’t…. please don’t put me there again…. not again…” she trailed off as she sunk to her knees and finally Julian’s huge face loomed over the space she had stumbled into.
Julian gazed down at her quiet for a moment, drinking in her terror in its fullness. However, it brought him no pleasure like it did for some.
"Lark..." he crammed his hand down and felt around for her,"…I'm not putting you on my shoe. I’m just getting comfortable in my own home." Though she tried to evade him, he snagged her tiny body within his strong grasp and hoisted her out before his face.
"I know it's not easy for you to trust, but I'm just going to hold you until you realize I'm on your side," he announced.
“You… you’re what?” Lark asked in a confused voice as Julian’s face rose higher and higher into the air as he lowered her to his chest.  Her breath quickened…her heart pounded in her chest, but he didn’t lower her any further than his chest.  In fact…she was slowly pressed against the warm fabric containing his beautiful body.  She felt his every breath as he slowly inhaled and exhaled.  Damn.  The man was even mindful of his breathing with her.
Stiffening slightly, she realized that whatever had happened with Micro was not going to happen to her with Julian.  He was being kind
Everything that James had never been with her.  When she was scared, he didn’t hold her like this.  When she was upset, he didn’t soothe her with kind words.  No.
And then it dawned on her.  Julian might be different.  He might be kind.
For new reasons, tears started to fall but other than a few little shakes, Julian wouldn’t know that she was crying.  They were tears of relief.  She was with someone safe.  Finally.
“I’m so sorry,” she said into his chest.  “For everything.  For being so frightened… for calling the Academy on you… for making you feel like you had to see me again.  I’m so sorry.”  She sniffed loudly.  “It was just earlier… with Micro… and the shoe.  That made me so scared as well.”  She fisted the fabric of his shirt as well as she could… though at this size it was almost too thick.
“I’m sorry I’m broken, Mr. Cameron.”
"It's Julian," he corrected her softly. Another gentle chuckle, laced with pity. "Ugh, no. No shoes involved here... that's nasty. No way to treat a lady at all." He grinned at his own exaggerated gentlemanly stature, tipping his chin to his chest so he could see the top of her head. So tiny... smaller than a premature infant, and if fairies existed, she'd probably be shorter than them too.
She smiled widely against him.  Julian.  It was the first time he had corrected her to use his first name instead of the designated Mr. or Goddess pronoun that was supposed to be used with giants.  “I’m hardly a lady,” she couldn’t help choking out with her tears and a laugh.  She felt Julian’s thumb smooth across her bright red hair in reassurance that quite the opposite was true.
"I haven't been able to bring myself to sign up for anyone else. I want to finish what we started and I... I really want to be the one who fixes you, Lark." He continued taking deep breaths for a time, luxuriating in the stillness of the moment. However, he had skipped dinner and his stomach wouldn't let him forget that.
Julian pulled out Lark in his palm and bent his thumb to secure lightly across her lap.
"Hey... you hungry? I've got some leftover peach pie in the fridge calling my name."
Lark could feel him watching her and for once…she didn’t mind.  His words washed over her like a comforting thunderstorm and her heart warmed and struggled to keep pace with his much larger beating one.
“I’m starving,” she said, resting her hands on the knuckle of his thumb.  “But I’m sure you can tell that I’m always starving,” she said, half-joking, half-serious.  She wiped her nose with the back of her sleeve as Julian carefully stood up and started walking into the kitchen.  As he started to open the refrigerator he realized he needed both hands and gently set her down on the counter.  She was fascinated as she watched him work and as he went to the cabinet to get some plates, she gathered her courage and leaned over the pie plate to look inside.
The smell… it was overwhelmingly delicious.  Did everything smell so much better at this height?  She dipped a finger into the pie to taste the contents and brought it up to her lips.  Oh yes.  Everything tasted better at this height as well.  When she turned around she noticed that Julian was standing over her with a large plate and spatula, watching her curiously.
“Couldn’t help myself,” she said with a blush as he went to pull out a slice to warm up in the microwave.  “And… and you really didn’t think of signing up for anyone else?” she asked skeptically.  “Really?”
"Well, I thought about it," Julian said, pressing the buttons for a ten second heat up. "I just couldn't do it. All those girls had done this a million times and I'm still figuring out who I am... and what kind of, uh, giant I wanna be."
He wrapped up the remaining pie and stowed in back in the fridge. He brought the warmed slice over to the counter where Lark was and took a bite.
"Mmm. Perfect." He forked a much smaller bite and held it out a few inches before Lark. "I know it's kind of big, but are you able to get a bite off one of the prongs?"
“I can try,” Lark said with a hint of determination in her small voice.  She stepped forward and instead of trying to bite of a piece she just scooped up a glob of peach ‘stuff’ and held it up to lips and started to lick it carefully.  “Mmm…” she said with a smile.  “That’s really good… don’t even worry about the fork,” she said, growing more confident and walking up to his plate.
It was oddly pleasant.  Julian kept continuing to eat at the same time as Lark was but he was much more careful with his movements.  He made sure to keep the fork on the furthest side of the plate of wherever Lark was.  And she also watched his movements, listening to the click of the fork meeting the plate as it tore away another hunk of flaky crust and sweet pie.
“What kind of giant you want to be?” Lark asked, almost to herself as she dunked her hand into another glob of peachy goodness. “Are their options?”  She glanced up at Julian when his fork stopped moving and realized he seemed to be thinking this over.  He was thinking very hard apparently because he wasn’t paying attention to where his fork was going… and easily scooped her up with his next mouthful.
“Hey!” Lark squeaked, unsure if this was on purpose or not.  She felt so tiny on the bed of his fork, now almost completely covered with peach pie as he brought the bite closer to his lips.  More and more of him filled her vision and suddenly she wasn’t sure if this was a game or not.  “Julian!” she cried out again, making the fork jerk… and her tumbling off the side.  She landed right through the crust and into the fruit filling with a tiny plop.  She thought she’d be upset… but a small giggle escaped her when she emerged.
"Shit!" Julian's voice boomed. He dropped the fork with an ear splitting clatter and immediately pulled her out with a finger and thumb under her arms. Setting her down on the crumb-strewn plate, she was already accumulating a puddle of peach filling at her feet.
Lark quickly covered her ears at his outburst and then held up her hands.  “It’s okay…it’s okay!” she shouted up at him, hoping he would calm down.  The fork falling dangerously close to the plate made her jump again but to her relief Julian’s fingers quickly came down to retrieve her and set her aside.  She flicked some of the filling off her arms and legs and smiled slightly when Julian watched her curiously.
"I'm so sorry. I completely spaced out... I didn't even – you're just so small!" he hastily apologized, even if he too cracked a smile when he saw her laughing.
“It’s alright,” she said.  “I asked you a question… and you were thinking,” she said, daring to finally crack her first joke.  “Now I know never to expect you to do two things at once.  Very dangerous.”  Lark tilted her head slightly.  “I didn’t choose to be this small.  I’m lucky I’m not smaller,” she said in a low voice, hoping that he wasn’t too upset about this.  It wasn’t like she wanted to be practically eaten.  But those lips… it might not have been that bad…
Gah!  Her mind was heading into dirty places.  She quickly started to squeeze some of the peach filling out of her clothing when suddenly a large digit swiped down her center from her throat to her jeans.  Her eyes went wide to see Julian sticking a finger in his mouth.  
As he sucked it off, he suddenly laughed at his own private joke. "Guess you are bite-sized, though."
“I’m a walking desert,” Lark said with another laugh as she sat down on the edge of the plate, still swiping away the pie.  Her tiny eyes flashed up to his.  “But it seems to be a waste to just wash all of this off,” she said in a shy voice.  “And I’d like to still here about what kind of giant you want to be.”
Julian eyed her like the walking morsel she was – and more than that too.
"I'm still figuring that part out," he said. Julian lowered the same hand to swipe at her body again. He sucked it off and came back for more. "My cousin likes to be real edgy with his tinies. And I know that works for some tinies, but me... I just can't do that. Too much empathy sometimes. I think I'd like to be...  a protector. Some kind of giant hero...with a little room for improvisation."
She was listening… goodness knows she was trying to listen…but it was so hard when she kept seeing that finger dip down towards her body.  Days ago she would have been terrified but now she was looking forward to it.  He was so soft with her.  So gentle.  Edgy.  The word was obviously meant to provide a soft blow to what this mysterious cousin of hers was actually like.  Her curiosity bubbled and rose and then fell again when Julian’s face lowered to her level.
Now…the only thing she could think about was him.
Without warning, Julian gave up the finger -swipe method and swooped down in an instant urge. His soft lips pressed against her lower jaw all the way to her hip. He let his tongue dart out to swipe off the sweet peach residue on her body, and then pulled away.
“O-oh,” she gasped out in surprise when his soft lips met her body.  It wasn’t like they could actually kiss, she would drown in his lips before that, but the feeling of them covering her upper body… wow.  One of her legs kicked up in surprise as those lips pressed against her, gathering more peach filling.  And then… something else touched her and she gasped out in surprise again.  His tongue swept up and down her body and quickly retreated back into his mouth before she had a chance to react.
“W-whoa,” she said softly as she was able to see his face in its entirety again.  “That was…” she shook her little red head as though trying to find the words, “… whoa.”
Julian ran his tongue absently over his lower lip as a tentative smile took hold.
"I like the sound of that," he ventured to say. He paused, eyeing her up carefully. "You've got this big chunk on your back. D'you mind if I...?" He started to lean down again.
She swallowed loud enough that she wondered if Julian had caught it.  But no… his eyes and attention were completely focused on the warm glob that started between her shoulder blades and ran all the way down to the center of her back.  She shook her head harder than she meant to and hope she didn’t come across as too desperate.
As she turned around, she sucked in a gasp of air that she knew she was going to let out in an embarrassingly loud sigh if she wasn’t careful.  “S-sure…Mr. – er – I mean, Julian.  I said it would be a shame to waste a good pie…” she trailed off as she realized quickly Julian wasn’t going to hesitate.  An even larger, warmer, feeling brushed down her back, sending her shivers all way down to the tips of her toes.  She gripped the edge of the plate in fear that she would slide right off and into a puddle right on top of the pie filling.
How could he be so gentle?  Was it the training… or was it… that he was actually taking care not to hurt her?  She couldn’t help but wonder if his little accident was still weighing heavily in his mind.  With her being this small… he couldn’t make mistakes.  And he certainly was paying much closer attention to her.  As her back felt lighter and dryer, she realized that Julian’s tongue had just pulled away.
“That… that was cool,” she said stupidly, willing her face not to flush.  Did he have to be so attractive?  And so big?  It was a dangerous and very potent combination.  “I… I appreciate the help,” she said as she pushed some sticky strands away from her face.  “But I don’t even think your tongue is magical enough to clean this all off.”  She flushed furiously when she saw his reaction to her words.  “Do you think maybe I could use your sink before we continue… anything else?”
Julian's gentle chuckle was cut off by a more dangerous mischief that flashed through his dazzling grey eyes. A glimpse of something he never would have imagined possible; this girl... this tiny, healing girl...
And she thought his tongue action was magical.
M Academy: Lark's Encounters XI
Two chapters in one day?  Hazzah!!
Hope you enjoy it!  Thanks always to :iconobsess-confess:!


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